Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post-Match Reflection New Town Secondary V SST @ 17 Feb 2011

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
2. Explain your rating
3. What did you think you do well today?
4. What do you think should be improved
5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
6. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
7. Explain your answer in 6.


  1. First three not applicable
    4.I think that the team spirit should be improved as there were no communication
    5.The team should be trained into kicking passses over the head
    6.I think the man of the match is Rayner as he went into overdrive for the team and put in alot of effort

  2. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    Ans: I rate myself a 7.

    2. Explain your rating
    Ans: I did well in bringing up the ball, my control was better than the previous match. But I still lacked stamina and also made a couple of mistakes such as losing the ball and also mis timing on my challenges.

    3. What did you think you do well today?
    Ans: I was able to bring up the ball and also defend better. And I worked very well with ODS. We were covering for each other a lot of times and helped each other out throughout the match. Therefore that is a plus in communication.

    4. What do you think should be improved?
    Ans: My dribbling and endurance and probably more communication.

    5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    Ans: The team could encourage each other and have better communication. Sometimes there were moments of mis communication and we lost the ball.

    6. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    Ans: Wen Kai, Bryan, Niklaus, and especially ODS.

    7. Explain your answer in 6.
    Ans: Wen Kai made a couple of good quality saves and was able to pump the ball up high and past the center of the field. He created quite a number of attacking chances for the strikers. Bryan and Niklaus both worked hard and were good in defending the ball and clearing high balls as well as bringing the ball forward. ODS and I worked very well and we kept communicating, therefore we were able to clear confidently and without much hesitation.

  3. @K.Chua: LOL overdrive... Thanks btw :)

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  5. 1. It is impossible to rate myself, as I only played for 10 minutes.

    2. I only played for 10 minutes, therefore it is impossible to rate myself.

    3. I only had a few touches of the ball today; however, I was more defensive-minded than usual and thus my willingness to drop back and defend.

    4. We should improve on our passing, which is getting better every match. By being more proficient in keeping possession, we can gain a foothold in the game.

    5. We should encourage each other and refrain from yelling at one another, which will affect our team dynamics. The team must also communicate more, so that we can be more organized.

    6. I feel that either Darius, Matthias, Bryan or Wen Kai should be the man of the match.

    7. I chose Darius because he is the one who tries to string passes together and to make things happen. Matthias ran his heart out at the opposing defenders today, thus he should also be the man of the match. Bryan also did quite well in his left back position, while Wen Kai, on the other hand, kept a clean sheet today with a series of saves to earn us a vital point.

  6. 1. I would rate myself 4/10

    2. I improved quite a bit, compared to the last match.

    3.I did well giving the opponent pressure by challenging them.

    4. Communication! The team is still not communicating enough but there is noticeable improvements.

    5. Wenkai/ goalkeeper should tell the players where to go when he is delivering the goal kick. The defenders will then have to organise their defense to suit the goal kick.

    6. I think the man of the match is Rayner.

    7. Rayner is confident when challenging his opponents with the "no man shall pass me" attitude. He is also calm, he reads the movement of his opponents and dodge or challenge appropriately. He also has good ball control and uses this skill against the opponents.

  7. 1. 6
    2. i feel that i didn't play as well as the last match, although i felt that my passing had improved.
    3. My throw-ins. i only had one foul throw compared to many others the last time round.
    4. My situational awareness, and marking.
    5. Again, we should learn to pass and shoot under pressure.
    6. Jia Le
    7. Like the last match, i can only see him asking for the ball

  8. 1. I would rate myself 7.

    2. I have done slightly better defensively and have gone in for challenges more often which is good, but still lack willingness to drop back after attacking.

    3. I think I have done better in all aspects especially defensively and quite well offensively.

    4. I think I should work on my mentality and fitness as a lot of times after I attack I do not have the stamina to drop back and defend despite being a midfielder.

    5. Overall, I think the team has improved and have done better than other matches. One aspect I would like the team to improve on is communication. It was better against New Town, but we can still improve. Also, for the strikers should not hesitate so much in front of goal. Another aspect we should work on is positioning. Quite a few times, players were out-of-position, which could be costly in the game.

    6. For me, everyone is MOTM.

    7. I could tell everyone had given their all, even for those who did not play long, like Ming En and Wei Hong. Everyone did just as well as they did in training, and some did better, which was good. So for me, everyone is my MOTM.

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  10. 1) I would rate myself 7.3.

    2) Whatever I'm going to say now is purely based on my perspective. I deserve this rating as I have fulfilled what coach told me to do, but still did not neet my target. However, this was really the match I've given my 100%. Dropping back to defend and trying to orchestrate play. I've also done well by not strolling on the field anymore and not shout so much (I think all of my shouts today was necessary to wake the team up).

    3) I felt that I have done well in my playmaking, defending and commanding. Nuff said.

    4) I feel that I should be able to trust my team mates more especially the strikers and midfielder. I admit, my bad that I din't cross fair enough, but really who crosses in the penalty box - -

    5) I really feel like copying and pasting my previois comments answer to this. Although there was a fair bit of communication up front and the defence especially Rayner and ODS, more of it is needed to count ourselves as a team. Nuff said, rest is technical.

    6) ODS, Matthias and I.

    7) ODS was the pillar of defence, Matthias was the one who took the chances and I felt that I was the main playmaker across the field. Goalkicks (receiving and taking), defending and long passes, was my main strengths I utilised today.

    ~Jia Le

  11. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    I'll give myself a rating between 2 to 3.

    2. Explain your rating
    - I was overhesitant during some parts of the match and became blank of what to do.
    - I lack lots of confidence and as a result became so nervous I couldn't pass or dribble well when being pressured.
    - I was not calm enough to think about how to apply important techniques/skills taught by coach.
    - I was not listening well to instructions during the game.

    3. What did you think you do well today?
    - I watched and marked my opponent most of the time.
    - I stayed around my position most of the time without running off like for the previous matches.
    - I communicated with players around though this can still be much better improved.
    - I improved on not being too over-committed when defending

    4. What do you think should be improved?
    I feel that the reaction based on the situation can be improved. This can be done by improving on positioning and fast, accurate passing upon receiving the ball. This is what I feel should be the most important thing that can be improved as by knowing how to react to different situations fast confidently, speed and possession will generally be improved as well.

    5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    - Team players should constantly support one another during the match by moving into
    available open space fast so that it is possible to pass the ball without getting it intercepted. For me, I feel that communication specifically for the direction to where the players/ball should go (eg. left/right, up/down etc.) can be included during the game, as this would make it easier for players to pass more confidently towards a specific direction, without having to worry about where the players the players they are going to pass to will run. This is especially for most players who are being opposed as they would usually be focusing on the ball and the actions of the opposing player in order to do skills/tricks to beat them. As they will not be able to look up and pass the ball away to open space with less opposing players, I therefore feel that it would be necessary to run closer to support the player with the ball and call for the direction so that the player with the ball can be sure of where to pass to. This reduces the risks of losing the ball when more opposing players come in to try and steal the ball, as observed in previous matches.

    6. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    - I feel that the man of the match for this match against New Town includes everyone who went for the match.

    (Continued Below...)

  12. (Continued from above...)

    7. Explain your answer in 6.
    - Many of the players were really focused in the game. This is the first time it has been seen in the match that everyone tried to put their heart into the playing of the game, although, applying for everyone, there have been quite a number of mistakes here and there. For the defense, most of the players are able to keep up the pressure and bring the ball away from the goal at all times, even when there were times when the ball was just a few steps away from the goal. Midfielders have come back to defend and support fellow defenders almost for the whole of the match. And forwards have tried their best to make use of all opportunities possible to score and win for the match, despite some of the failed attempts when trying to pass the defender and create open space for shooting. Goalkeeping has also been done well such that no shots from the opponents had been allowed to enter the goal. And not only for the players who were playing, those who were sitting on the bench had also done a good job by encouraging continuously players on the field who were playing while recording down the statistics at the same time, even going to the extent of getting sore throats and lost voices after the match. This is what I feel kept up the team spirit for the players, allowing them to have enough motivation, confidence and courage to continue playing their best despite major mistakes during the match. This is therefore what makes everyone the man of the match for this game.

  13. I rate myself 7.

    I was able to hav a few chance to shoot compared to my previous games.And I was able to pass a high ball to Mitchel once with my left leg.

    I feel that I should learn how to shoot with more strength to change from a saved shot to a goal.

    I feel that the team needs more COMMUNICATION and SUPPORT PLAY.Darius is one of the main people who was always supporting me when I attack.

    I think that the MOTM is Rayner.

    During the 1st half,he got the ball many times after defending and he was able to move up to counter attack and pass the ball though the defense,leaving me and Jia Le chasing after the ball and getting a chance to shoot.But after he was subbed out,the team deteriorated.Hence he should train to be more physically fit and strong.

  14. Question 1 to 3 do not apply to me.

    I think our team should learn how to link passes to another as there is always one thing that is true. The ball moves faster than the person. So passing is more effective than dribbling.

    I think the team can carry out more passing drills in order to improve our passing.

    I think the Man of The Match is Darius.

    He was actively running up and down the field, defending when necessary. He could even turn defense into attack by pumping the ball out.

  15. Q4 Our team should play a simple game of more passes as we really lack the passes. If we could string more passes, we should get more possession.

    I think our team should try to apply the passes in pressure situation. we DO NOT need passing drills as most of the players can already pass. it is just that they do not know the riight time and the right moment to do it.

    MOTM: Rayner

    Rayner have drastically improve every game. when he loses the ball, he chases until the ball gets out or if some other defenders are marking other player. He displays a really good spirit that many of us including me, should learn.

  16. I rate my performance 5/10.

    In this SST VS New Town match, I feel that I did not play well at all. I feel that I was not focused on the field during this match. I de-proved from the previous few matches, I can do much better in many areas.

    I was energetic throughout the game and supported the team during attack and defence.

    I should work on my control and how can I help to support the team during attack and defence better.

    We should work more on our passes, how to bring the ball from the defending zone to the attacking zone more efficiently and also how to hold on possession when attacking.
    As seen in this match, we are usually defending rather than attacking. We do have some attacking opportunities, however, whenever we attack, we usually lose the ball quickly and the opponent would clear the ball and they would counter attack. Thus we should really work on this 3 skills to make the team better.

    I think the MOTM is
    Darius or Rayner
    I choose Darius because he was a strong midfielder during this match. He was always supporting the team during attack and defending. He also always motivates the team and he should be applauded for that.
    I also choose Rayner because he defended well during the game, he also brought the ball from defend to attack many times, and the team needs the ball to be pushed up during play.

  17. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10

    I would say, 4/10.

    2. Explain your rating

    I think I did not improve much, just that I have more touches with the ball. I realize that I was clearing the ball more than charging up.

    3. What did you think you do well today?

    I thought I was able to have better support for Rayner and I could work better under pressure.

    4. What do you think should be improved

    I think support from me and center left should be better and the communication in attack.

    5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?

    Passes, skills, communication and kicks.

    6. Who do you think is the man of the match today?

    I think the man of the match would be Nik, Rayner and Mitchel.

    7. Explain your answer in 6.

    Nik went berserk chasing the ball and saved a goal.
    Rayner had skills to overcome attackers.
    Mitchel had the courage to carry on the fight.

  18. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    I rate myself 6
    2. Explain your rating
    I think that there were times where there were communications, but others, we let the other team go pass our defence, but luckily they did not score
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    I think that we had better communication
    4. What do you think should be improved
    Our communication and our defences as a team
    5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    I think our team can help out with the defences for example the midflider help the defenders
    6. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    I think it would be Rayner
    7. Explain your answer in 6.
    He managed to clear the ball ahead

  19. 1. I would rate myself 8
    2,3. I was injured from the previous matches but still continued playing.I supported in attacking and came back to defend.I also played hard against people that were way bigger than me. My foot got stepped on by a big sized guy after he kicked it so I won't be able to play later.
    4.I think I should train my left leg more.
    5. Communication is one thing and we should not boast of ourselves but boast about the team's effort about what a good job we have done.
    6. Jia Le
    7. He came back defend and did quite a few good passes.He also managed to improve on his anger thingy but much more can still be done.