Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reflection—10Feb,SST V West Spring Sec

Questions apply to everyone including the reserves

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
2. Explain your rating
3. What did you think you do well today?
4. What do you think should be improved
5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
6. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
7. Explain your answer in 6.


  1. 1. I rate myself 7
    2. Others may think differently, but i felt that i was doing my best to help the team but i had failed to stop one of their headers which lead to a goal and also failed to mark their right winger.
    3.I think i had communiated more with my teammates which is a good thing but i felt that that could be improved.
    4. i think that i should train my long passes and goal kicks so i can kick them further so the midfield and strikers will get a chance to attack. besides that, accuracy is fairly important too.
    5. I feel that our team can actually shoot and pass well. but that is when not under pressure, we should train to pass and shoot even when under pressure so we will not like what Mr Lam said, anyhow kick.
    6. I would say that the man of the match would be Jia Le
    7.During a goal kick, free kick or a throw in did by me, he's the only one asking for the ball, he didn't shout, but i can see from his body language that he wants the ball.

    With best regards,
    Bryan Goh
    (School of Science and Technology,Singapore)

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  3. I think instead of playing long balls, the team should play possession and improve on their control first. We must also learn to play under pressure.

    We can support each other and piece together passes to gain a foothold in the match, so that we are one step in front in the match.

    The man of the match for our team will either be Jia Le or Bryan. They worked their socks out and were determined to help the team.

    P.S I rate myself -100.

  4. 1. I would rate myself 7.

    2. At times, I think that I have done well in my assigned positions but for the other times, I find myself walking around the field instead of chasing the ball etc.

    3. I think I have dribbled quite ok today, passing also quite ok, but I think my communication was the best.

    4. I think I should learn to keep cool and calm when challenged because I find that I tend to panic and when I panic I will just randomly kick the ball, just like what Mr Lam pointed out.

    5. I find that our offense and defense are fairly ok, but we are losing out due to the weaker midfield. So as a team, we should work hard to help out and improve the midfield.

    6. For me, my man of the match would be Bryan. I think he has done very well in left-back position and his throw-ins and defending is very well done.

  5. 1. Not applicable
    2. Refer to 1
    3. Refer to 1
    4. I should learn to control the more properly as well as pass more accurately and effectively. As Mr Lam said, I should also play more aggressive.
    5. We should communicate as a team more, there should also be someone controlling the defensive line so that there will be organized defending. I think we should move as a single unit
    6.MOTM should be either JiaLe or Mitchel
    7. They were the playmakers.

  6. Firstly I rate myself 4. As I think i did not perform in this match.In my opinion, I did not really do well today as i felt that i could be much better by chasing after the balls and running more. We could improve as a team by actually strengthening our defence. We are always being attacked by the opponents, the strikers like jia le and matthias cannot show their full potential. If we were better at our defence i think we can have more play at the midfield giving the strikers more chances to show their potential. The man of the match in my opinion is bryan as he had the passion and the mentality not letting anyone get pass him and to chase after every ball. I also see bryan communiting more to his fellow defenders to cover him.


  7. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    I rate myself a 5
    2. Explain your rating
    During the match, i did not fulfill my role as a defender and the "captain" of defense. I did not managed to communicate effectively and thus there were many goals shot by the other team. I also instructed many wrong commands and caused a penalty
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    I guess i dribbled the ball more confidently and at least communicate a bit
    4. What do you think should be improved
    I think that i should learn how to play and communicate as defender. I need to increase my Situational awareness and know who is where and thus make the right decision to do whatever. Also i need to increase my passing and high ball skills and dribbling skills to push the ball up ahead.
    5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    We need to be able to support each other and enhance our basic skills to stop and clear the ball ahead. Also i think that we need to be much more agile and be able to follow the player from place to place, if not they can easily get pass us with a feint. We should also have better situational awareness to know what's the right thing to do in order to keep our enemy team at bay.
    6. Wo do you think is the man of the match today?
    I think that person would be Bryan
    7. Explain your answer in 6.
    He did well in assisting the goal kicks and throw-ins thought he should improve his defending to get the ball from the winger

  8. 1. I rate myself a 6.
    2. As I was not feeling well I couldn't do my best, but at least I tried to perform at my best despite feeling horrible.
    3. I think I had done well in chasing after the ball and intercepting the ball in the right back position. Also less hesitation from previous match.
    4. I think my judgment needs work and positioning, I failed quite a number of tackles.
    5. The team can shift more as a team when having possession, all move up to attack, when losing possession all fall back and defend.
    6. Niklaus, Mitchel and Bryan.
    7. They did their best to defend and had the most pressure. Niklaus and Mitchel did many clears and Bryan did not give up chasing after the ball and was able to move up and help attack.

  9. 1. 5
    2. Way off balance when pursuing the ball and I couldn't recover in time to chase. Ran out of stamina after the first 5 mins. A headache, respiratory, knee, and back pains depleted my energy (not stamina). The knee is somewhat terminal until I take a long rest to heal it (maybe June holidays I will get the chance). Back & respiratory pains I have no clue how to stop it however, some other members in the team also faced respiratory problems after the match. Players should also do more player marking instead of ball watching.
    3. I think I did managed to recover quickly from the two falls in the clash with ESSS players. I think I communicated a little more today with not just Bryan but the other defenders.
    4. I think I can try to avoid hard clashes to reduce the chances of causing unnecessary injury to the opponents. I may also be able to reduce the chance of joint sprains for myself. I should also try to ball watch less.
    5. The team MUST communicate more. The game was practically silent except for a few people throughout the game.
    6. The MOTM is Mitchel Goh.
    7. He manages to stop quite a few number of balls going into our 18 yard box. Also, he managed to pull off a few high balls which cleared a large distance that the opponent team had made.


  10. 1) I rate my performance today 6.3

    2) I know very well myself I haven't done a good job fulfilling my role and targets, but I felt that I've pushed myself to finish the game. Even though I had a couple of chances and mistakes today, I'm relatively 'happy' with my control over myself in the second half.

    3) I've created chances like a playmaker and had possession of the ball for quite a few times. I also had a chance and shot at goal in the first half.

    4) As the vice-captain, I really feel that I should learn how to control myself whenever the team makes a mistake. I should also improve on my high ball control more.

    5) There are many points I think the team can improve together.
    - Communication. Stressed time and time, I feel that we have not been communicating very often lately during matches. It is not only the goalkeeper's job to organise the defence, but also the team's initiative to organise themselves by communicating.
    - PASSING. Maximum 3 passes a string. Great job guys, great job. NOW for the next match let's aim for 5.
    - Ball control. Without this, you cannot accomplish anything. Forget dribbling, passing etc. You need to get a hold of the ball before you can do any of the above.
    - Willingness to support. Self-explanatory, just a point of example. When Darius/Mitchel has the ball, why is everyone still sitting back at defence? Shouldn't you all continue to push up and assist in the attack?

    6) Mitchel and Wen Kai.

    7) If not for them, I think the score would have been something like the match against Hong Kah Sec.

  11. (1,2,3,4 not applicable)
    5. I think that our team really needs to train on our possession and passes. Plus we should also learn how to play high as so far the teams we meet have been playing high balls,and we are losing the ball most of the times as i see we do not like to do headers. We should also communicate more,as the game was VERY quite on our side as i could not hear any communication between our players(although it could be me as i`m a sub) . We should also try to put what we have learnt during training into our gameplay.
    6.The MOTM should be Jiale,ODS,bryan and mitchel.
    7. Bryan,Jiale and mitchel as they were the ones that worked the hardest.They always chased after the ball and defended it and always tried to push it up the field so that our strikers could get a chance to score. ODS as i see him as the player who had much more better play than the last match.

  12. The first three questions do not apply to me.

    I think that defense has to be coordinated in a much more orderly manner. The defense has to be disciplined and maintain constant communication in order to effectively close down and neutreulise any threats posed by the opposing team.

    I think the team can play a much more defensive game and that the midfielders have to help the defense. Better players in the team should also encourage weaker players and help them realise their hidden potential.

    I think the man of the match today is Elgin Low.

    Why I think that? Well, when he went in. He was hyped. He was determined. It was something our defense lacks. He chased down the strikers and he was noticeably communicating more with his fellow teammates. This helped us minimise our losses in the second half.

  13. 1) I rate myself 3/10

    2) I think that I still have a lot to improve on.

    3) I was able to challenge the opponent head on, but I still hesitate to defend when the opponent is shooting.

    4) My dribble & pass, ball control, staying calm & relaxed, stamina

    5) The should communicate more, the team should not be demoralized after the opponent scored a goal as the team would start playing recklessly, they should be calm and think about the strategy to use to win back the goal. Players should also encourage the others, despite the mistakes they have done. This will boost the Team morale and bring us closer to victory.

    6) The man of the match is Mitchel & Bryan

    7) Mitchel is the core of our defense, without him, our defense might fall and the number of goals the opponent score would increase. Bryan is also has a key role in defense. He is brave enough to challenge the opponent despite the risks. Despite the losses and the fatigue he is feeling, he continues to play hard and that is the attitude that all our players should have.

  14. 1. -
    2. -
    3. -
    4. I feel that anticipation of where the opponent is going to bring the ball to should be improved so that the passes made by opponents can be intercept in the same way they did for our passes.
    5. I feel that the team can work in terms of communication for all players so as to ensure that the ball can be kept in possession. Fast passes which are based on the situation should be constantly made so that the ball can travel away from the defensive third.
    6. The man of the match is probably Mitchel, Bryan and Wen Kai.
    7. This is because they held their determination throughout the game and took many risks in order to keep the ball shot by the opponents out of the net. The only thing is that they were probably outnumbered and were unable to block/save/clear the continuous shots by the opponents coming
    towards them all in the short period of time.

    Neo Wei Hong

  15. 1. I rate my performance 8/10.
    2. I did my best trying to chase for the ball and supported the team in defending and attacking. However, there were still some areas i lacked in.
    3. I think I did well today was that i was more agressive and I was hardworking in chasing after the ball and defended well.
    4. I should improve on my stamina and my attacking, I also must work on my control and supporting in attack when the game is in play.
    5. The team should work on how to bring the ball from defensive side to the attacking side faster and more accurately.
    6. Most probably bryan or darius.
    7. Bryan, he was most of the time in the right position in attack and in defence. Darius, he was the team captain, he was the one that I think boosted our morals in the second half and I think that that is very important.

  16. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10

    I have played two positions in the game. Therefore i would give myself two ratings. First half - 3/10, second half - 5/10.

    2. Explain your rating

    First Half, I think being as a right mid-fielder was quite tiring. Mainly I was almost jogging everytime. I found that I was behind the right defender when we are being invaded.
    Second Half, I think i did better than the other match. Communication was better too.

    3. What did you think you do well today?

    I think I excelled in communication today. Defense was better.

    4. What do you think should be improved

    I would think that attack did not have much of any communication. Defense was good, however it could be improve. There was many gaps there.

    5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?

    I think the team can practice more of control.(especially the attacks)

    6. Who do you think is the man of the match today?

    I think everyone did their best today, there ain't a best man here.

    7. Explain your answer in 6.

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  18. Gregory Chew

    1. I would rate myself 4
    2. I said so as feel i have to improve on. Firstly my personal fitness level. Secondly my ability to get the ball back after losing it, and my tackling.
    3. The thing i did well was that i was able to pass the ball accurately through the defense at times.
    4. I think i should improve on my stamina, as well as my defensive ability. I should improve on my tackling techniques so i can win back the ball when i lose it.
    5. I think that we have a lot to improve on. I feel most importantly we should pass the ball more often and try not to lose it. From looking at the past few teams we were up against, they were really organized and managed to pass the ball with ease through our defenses. For example farjar was not the best team but still they managed to beat us just by passing smoothly and playing together as a team. If we manage to string together more passes, i feel we should do better.
    6. I think it has to Mitchel considering his performance in the 2nd half
    7. Although he did not do so well in the 1st half, he made a great impact in the 2nd half, clearing balls and tackling in heart out.

  19. Not applicable
    4. What do you think should be improved
    I think that the comminication should be improved as there were no talking and i can hear only the talking from the opposition team or when there is a mistake commited by someone.
    5. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    I think that as a team the coordination should improve as some people were out of position and thus let the player slip through the defense
    6. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    I think the man of the match is bryan
    7. Explain your answer in 6.
    I think he is the man of the match as he should no hesitation and were more calm and cool than the others who were over cautious and loss the ball

  20. I would rate myself 5.

    I did not touch the ball a lot,hence I did not really have the chance to attack.When I saw the defence being attacked,I would naturally go back to around the midfield,hence Jia Le and Coach had to keep asking me to go foward.

    I feel that I could receive the ball at times but hope that I can keep the ball and not lose possesion.

    I feel that the defense should learn to communicate.They need to have VERY GOOD teamwork as Defense is the base of all attacks.

    I feel that Bryan and Mitchel were the MOTM

    Bryan did not give up tacking the opponent and his goal kick was quite far although it landed at the opponents feet at times.
    Mitchel defended and attacked,just like what he was suppose to do.

  21. 1. 7.5/10
    2. The reason is simple.Even though I was badly injured,I just continued playing the match.But now I don't think I'll recover in time for the next match as my injury has aggravated.I also did quite a number of good blocks and there was once,in an attempt to block at shot at the last minute,I dashed forward and sticked out my leg and managed to block the ball but I flipped and rolled.I was a quite fun experience though.
    3. Manage to save a lot of shots and defend quite well.
    4. Jia Le needs to cool down and seeing his comments I can see that he has improved.Wen Kai needs to think through thoroughly before he types anything and Jia Le,I thank you for that comment.I am not shooting you down Wen Kai but you need to be more understanding.If you think you can do a better job,you can give it a try.All that talk about you playing harder than the rest is pffft.
    5. We need to communicate more and pass better.We also should encourage each other during the match instead of scolding one another.We should continue improving.
    6. Darius
    7. He did a pep talk which encourage everybody and what he said to Jia Le for screaming at the rest of the team must have knocked sense into him.We played better after that.

  22. Oh yea.Thanks to all those who think I am the Man of the Match

  23. I rate my performance at 8/10 today. I shall explain why I deserve this mark. This was graded by de-merit, meaning I start of with 10 and minus everytime I made a mistake. I made a mistake coming out to block the attacker at the side. So making that mistake, I minus(ed) off 1 mark. If my position was correct for the match, I think I would have a slim chance of saving the two headers. So, for lousy positioning, I cancelled of another 1 mark. Since I never conceded any silly goals, and the defence was listening to me most of the time, 8 is a deserving mark for me considering the fact that most of my saves are near post, which add another layer of difficulty. Adding on, I felt that I improved on my catching and on my high balls, although the opponents did not threaten me with really high crosses. I managed to grab two far posts shots and did a full stretch to palm the ball into the pole, and recovering after that to do a double save.
    I think that I can have my positioning improve and for goodness sake, ask the attack to move like the defence. They were woefully out of position and no one has no one to pass to, causing a major havoc and miscommunication with the defence and attackers. We need to shift more to the sides. We are all crowding in the centre when all our opponents are camping at the sides.
    Attitude. The defence did not lack fighting spirit. The attack does. All the midfielders are basically just taking a stroll in the park camping in the center half waiting for a miraculously high ball being pumped and being chased. And, when defending corners, all of them are once again camping in the ⅓ of the attacking area. THERE ARE NO defenders there! Everybody has pushed up and many of us seem to lost our man fairly quick. All the goals conceded are basically terrible defending on part of the attacking players at the side as, firstly, they crowd in the centre, and secondly, they not bother to chase the ball after they loss it, allowing the opponents another option to pass to, and shows much of our ill-fighting spirit, and finally, only 2 midfielders came back to defend. And to add salt to the wound, the 4 attackers are staying in A SINGLE SPOT. It is not so bad if you guys at least spread out, but you guys are standing so close to each other like you are passing on energy to each other. This is not chemistry, so you guys got to learn how to spread out.
    Fitness. On many people Facebook accounts, I saw that many of them complained about leg cramps and stuff like that. When I asked them, they shoot back with a ‘great’ excuse that says ‘it was injured last match’. I told them ‘you guys got to beef up’ before that and they gave me this excuse. In my opinion, some people are just using ‘injury’ as an excuse not to represent the school, as you are ‘tired and exhausted’ and you have the ‘ankle sprain and knee break’. Tell you what, in the army you think they care!? If you want to be soccer players you need to know how to keep the pain to yourselves and not complain about it. I injured my ankle during the Fajar match, did I complain on Facebook. When I was going home with Jia Le, he was complaining that his groin is hurting. When we came to school tomorrow, he said his groin hurts too. I sort of injure my finger during warm up and did I tell coach that I am not going to play cause my hand is injured? We need to improve on this area, and half of our battle is won.
    The Man of The Match would be either Bryan or Rayner. Rayner improved drastically from last match and he has the same fighting and ‘never give up’ spirit as Bryan. In this game, both players demonstrate this ‘ability’ fairly well in this game, so it would be hard to channel in the MOTM. Bryan never gives up, even though his speed starts to falter as he continue to chase the ball, but Rayner became TOUGHER than last match and that could be blessing in disguise for us.
    Lhu WEN KAI