Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cap and Vice Cap and Mr Lhu,LOOK HERE.

Yesterday,from the front lines,I noticed that whenever the opponents take a corner,one out of the four or three defenders would move up to attack,leaving three or two defenders.

When such a situation happens,one part of the field will be VERY open.There are times when Wen Kai gets the ball after a corner(either tycoo or by skill),he usually will just hold on to the ball and wait for everyone to push up slowly before kicking the ball away.When Wen Kai gets the ball,most of the opponents will still be near the penalty area.At that time,I would not be mark by anyone and my area is mostly defenders-free.At that time Wen Kai should try and find me,if he saw me not marked and no defenders around me,he should throw the ball at me and we do a fast break.Darius and JiaLe and the others attackers should then run up to support me for the fast break.I did this successfully once(I dribbled past one defender and out ran the other one) in the previous match out of one times.I can bring the ball forward to near their penalty area but then nobody was supporting me at the previous matches,hence this is where Darius and Jia Le come in.They will support me at the opponents penalty area and wait for me to pass/cross/shoot whatever.I will TRY my best to cross nicely for you guys.

-I might fail to bring the ball forward and instead let the opponent attack.(But on the other hand,all the midfielders and defenders should be at our own half defending already which would mean that it would be pretty safe to do the fast break.)

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