Friday, November 25, 2011

Post-friendly reflections St. Patricks School V SST @ 25 Nov

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
2. Explain your rating
3. What did you think you do well today?
4. What do you think should be improved?
5. What lesson did you learn today?
6.How can you help the team to improve?
7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
9. Explain your answer in 8


  1. 1. 5

    2. I felt that I played very badly today and I could have saved quite a number of the goals I conceded

    3. I think I did well in spotting open players on the opposing team and getting the defenders to mark them.

    4. I think the team's communication can be improved as we really were unable to effectively defend.

    5. I learnt that communication is key in order for a team to defend and attack efficiently.

    6. I think me and the team could do more drills to improve awareness and communication. (e.g. defensive shift)

    7. I think the team can try to pass the ball around more instead of panicking and pumping the ball up field.

    8. I think the MoTM today is Jia Le.

    9. He would often run into open space in order to create chances for the team to pass to him and continue the attack. He also came back to ask for the ball when I was starting the ball from the back through a goal kick.

  2. 1. 4

    2. I was not aware of my surroundings and was not able to perform well enough(not able to mark the right man, not in the right positions, etc).

    3. I think was able to mark the right man and position myself correctly with some 'advice'.
    4. I think we were unable to communicate clearly what we wanted our players to do. E.g. who is going after the ball, who is marking which man, getting support from our players.

    5. I learnt that clear communication is essential for our team to do better in future.

    6. I think I can help by taking more initiative to provide support when my teammates are going for the ball.

    7. I think maybe we could organise some activities to bond the team together like off the pitch because in future, the juniors may not like feel comfortable about 'giving orders' to their seniors in a match.

    8. I think Matthias should be the man of the match.

    9. Whenever he receives the ball, he will take some time to control the ball before either dribbling or passing it out. He rarely loses the ball while controlling it.

  3. 1. I would rate myself 7.

    2. I feel that I've given my all in this game and have done quite a good job as captain. I communicated and pointed out some mistakes by some of my teammates and corrected them.

    3. I think I did well in terms of communication, making clear calls, who gets the ball, who covers etc. As CB, I think I also commanded the defense well, conceding slightly lesser in the 2nd third.

    4. I think we should work on speeding up the movement of the back four, shifting left/right and also the defensie shape, who should challenge the player, who should cover. Although we learnt that, we did not effectively apply it regularly.

    5. Today I learnt about the importance of chemistry between the back four. Today, back four did not work as well as it usually did and there was lesser communication then usual. This led to many openings for our opponents to shoot and play through balls.

    6. As captain, I can plan maybe a soccer camp or some team-bonding activities to allow the team to gel with each other and be more comfortable with each other.

    7. Being the holidays now, I think players should take the time they have to practice more on different skills, high balls, one touch passing etc. We can also plan our own training sessions to work on our defensive shape and movement.

    8/9. For me, there is no one man of the match. I felt that everyone did well in this game. I could tell that everyone gave it their all and worked hard to stop conceding and even try to score some goals.

  4. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10

    1 i guess? :/

    2. Explain your rating

    It felt weird, very awkward. Lost myself back there, i got over-emotional i guess.

    3. What did you think you do well today?

    Being useless.

    4. What do you think should be improved?

    Control of rage, coordination of body and fast breaks

    5. What lesson did you learn today?

    Don't lose spirit.

    6.How can you help the team to improve?

    Become useful, i think i'm better at right back than center right.

    7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?

    I'll try to focus on myself before i can even fit to the team :/

    8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?

    Didn't really notice, perhaps darius.

    9. Explain your answer in 8

    He got the ball and tried to control to pass.

  5. 1. 2
    2. Minor communication, no control of ball, very unfit (cannot run to ball fast enough).
    3. Managed to block one shot at goal.
    4. Physical fitness, more communication, greater ball control.
    5. Communication is important to cover strategic locations (in the event of defensive gap)
    6. Communicate more with assigned portion of team (today was Midfield)
    7. Facilitate MUCH MORE communication within the team.
    8. MoTM = Darius Low
    9. Observed a lot of communication with Midfield & Defense, and has my position covered when I go up.

  6. 1. I will rate myself 1.5.

    2. I misjudged numerous passes and my tackling was wayward. My positioning is also called into question.

    3. My only contribution today was to cover my team-mates at times and make a clearance from a corner.

    4. I can improve on my passing, control, heading, positioning and tackling.

    5. It is vital to communicate with one another and cover each other wherever necessary, otherwise it will lead to misunderstandings and confusion in the team.

    6. I can communicate more and encourage my team if there is a need to.

    7. We can practice our defensive shape especially during set pieces, and also be more vocal while defending.

    8. The man of the match will be Niklaus.

    9. He defended very well and made some good interceptions.

  7. 1. I will give a rating of 4/10.

    2. I was not communicating well with Matthias, ODS and Niklaus, thus running out of position quite often and creating open spaces for the opponents' team. I also lost control for a number of times, once unexpectedly passing back to the centre towards the goal when I had intended for it to go forward.

    3. I felt that my response to a one-on-one situation with opponents were good today, as I had learnt to be able to perform sudden changes in direction and be comfortable with my footing around the pitch.

    4. We need to improve on control, as this was one main reason to why our opponent players today were gaining a huge advantage over possession of the ball (eg. high balls and throw-ins). We also need to improve on running in front of opponent players during support, as there was basically no free/open spaces for the ball during the throw-ins I took today, and balls which are 'tried to be thrown past the opponent players' just went to the opponent players in the end, because there was no running in to open spaces for support.

    5. I learn that a good team not only needs to communicate well, but also be familiar with each others' position well.

    6. I think I need to watch more carefully before I pass and better know where the players are, as for once or twice during the match, I mistakenly passed the ball straight to the referee (he was wearing an orange bib similar to the red-colour shirt of SST). I should also work on improving on my throw-ins.

    7. The team can move together during the game and learn how to cover or support for one another (as practiced in the defensive drill). As Darius had mentioned, I believe all of us need to make our own judgements during the match, and especially in fast-paced games, we need to know at any one time the roles which each of our players are carrying out.

    8. Though probably most of us probably played with a similar standard as compared to usual, I think for today's game, I would highlight Darius, Bryan and Niklaus to be some of the possible MoTMs.

    9. I feel that all of them were having the best composure out of rest during the game and were some of the many of us which are able to as a result bring out good performances in their role. Darius, as usual, was a good motivating player. Bryan played hard today and did not complain even though he got injured during a tackle. Niklaus stayed in his defence position well and tried to get me to do the same as well.

  8. 1. 4/10
    2. I wasnt too serious during the game and allowed many strikers to get through me with ease..
    3, I mostly did well in communication as I communicated the positions of the opponents well to the defensive line.
    4. Improvements should be made in control and communication. In the aspect of control, the opponents easily outmaneuvered us. In terms of communication, people in the team who did not know each other well had generally experienced less communication
    5. Communication is important
    6. I could communicate more, and be more serious about the match
    7. Even though the defensive shape has been improving, I still feel that we, as a team should work more along the line of defending and support play.
    8. I would say either one of the back 4 during the second third.
    9. I could see their effort put in to holding and making good tackles.

  9. 1) I would rate myself 5.3.

    2) After 10 mins, I lost my cool. That affected my performance and the team's morale.

    3) I've made a couple of through balls and used my head more than my shoulders. My control was better too.

    4) Our mindset. Look you've got the basics, but not applying it. Simple control, passes or even positioning were off during the match.

    5) Keep a highline in defence and compact, not allowing the opponents to shoot from far.

    6) As a vice-captain, I cannot be demoralised after making either a mistake or conceding a goal. I need to be more supportive of my teammates and encourage them to be more confident on the ball.

    7) If any of you even bother to train this December, here's my advice to you: find an open wall and pass the ball against it. One-touch the ball back to the wall and carry on for 1 minute.

    8) Lhu Wen Kai.

    9) He has done well in this match IMO. He managed to control passes and tries to look for open space or players to run or pass respectively. His goal-saving antics in the 2nd third also reduced the already heavy deficit.

    ~Jia Le

  10. 1)4
    2)I kept on moving back to try to receive the ball and was not in position
    3)I think that i did fairly well in moving in order to mark potential players to receive the ball
    4)I think my positioning should be improved
    5) I learnt that communication is a fatal flaw which will lead to teams being beaten
    6)I believe that more communication among the other players would help
    7)I think they too can respond to their friends as this would prevent miscommunicatons like some of them not listening for the benefit of the team
    8)I think the Motm is Wen Kai
    9)He was very communicative and also a good goal keeper

  11. I only can rate it 4 this time as i did not really get the ball much. The only time i got it and passed to Darius but he wasnt in a good position. The thing i did well was i used the dribbling and fainting we learnt during training.I think we should improve our defense as there is always a large gap in the defense where the strikers could just run though. I learnt that the defense is the most important part of the game as without defense we will be defending and defending. however good the attack is, we cannot use them. We should let ALL the defenders learn how to defend and close up gaps between them and how to close them down as i see not many people can do that. I think the Man of the match goes to wen kai. He played very hard in his positions as a goalkeeper and midfield.

  12. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    2. Explain your rating
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    4. What do you think should be improved?
    5. What lesson did you learn today?
    6. How can you help the team to improve?
    7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    9. Explain your answer in 8

    1) I will rate myself 4 when I am not playing as a goalkeeper while I will rate myself 8 when I am playing as the goalkeeper.

    2) I feel that when I am playing as a midfielder, I get very lost and often drift out of positions. I will also not get back in time when chasing loose balls. For my goalkeeping, I rate myself 8 because I managed to track back in time and manage to stay in position. Also, I tried to take goal kicks for the team even though I failed. The only thing I feel that I did not did well was the drop kicks. I cannot seem to kick far during the match.

    3) When I am playing as an outfield player, the thing I did well was controlling the ball. I feel that my touches was soft and light, and I can control high balls. I also managed to dribble past some players and shield the ball during some points of the match. When I am playing as a goalkeeper, I managed to track back and stay in position, which I feel is a good thing especially if I haven't train as a goalkeeper for quite an extended period of time. Overall, I was also the only player to play for the entire 90 mins match (along with Darius I think?) Also, compared to previous matches I also tried to give out more instructions even though most of them cannot be heard properly as I was quite tired to shout very loudly.

    4) I should look up when I dribble the ball because too many of (a) times I managed to dribble past one defender but end up dribbling towards another defender. Because of that, I cannot see my supporting teammates and I end up losing the ball. I should also improve my goal kick and improve my judgement because the 2 goals I conceded can have a higher chance of being saved if I made the brave judgement of coming out and punch the ball to safety.

    5) I learned that I have to stay in my position more and not overrun and waste unnecessary energy. I also learnt to have more courage in my desicion making and be more brave and challenge the strikers instead of relying on the defenders to clear every ball away.

    6) I should improve on my goalkicks because there was a transitional period where no one can kick the ball far and I was the only one who can kick slightly further. I need to step up for the team when there is need. My positioning should also be improved because I often run too much leaving the defenders behind me having to mark and cover 2 players. I should also come out and clear the ball and not let the defenders have a risk of giving away a penalty when they are defending.

    7) Sean and Wilbur have to improve on their positioning, and Wilbur also needs to improve on his goalkick because the other members of the team don't have enough stamina and energy to go all the way back and take the goalkick. The defenders also lost shape in the middle of the 2nd third as they were to panicky. The midfielders should also help by actually moving towards goalkicks and jumping up for headers. Many of a times my goalkick is not long, but it has enough height for the midfielders to come forward and use their heads to flick the ball away instead of standing there for the opponents to come forward and dash away for the ball. Overall, we should improve on our mentality and positioning, and also the concept of moving towards the ball and not away from the ball.

    8&9) I think the MOTM should be me, but for my goalkeeping performance only. Otherwise, I think it should be Ming En cause I feel that even though he is not as fit as the opponents, he did not give up and he actually listened to what I say and tried to do it. I feel that he should deserve this award for the effort he contributed during the match.

  13. 1.

    Despite the fact that my fitness weren't that good, i hadn't trained for 2 sessions and i was still on a MC, i managed to last for at least 2 thirds. At the end of the 2 thirds, i felt i could still continue, but i respected coach's reason to pull me out.

    Communication—Did well to communicate with the rest of the defenders, at times the midfielders and goalkeeper too.

    Goalkicks—I haven't took goalkicks for a long time, glad that i could still take them well, even though towards the end of the 2nd third, i couldn't kick that well as i sort of injured my supporting leg.

    Perseverance—Despite the fact that we were losing badly, and i had scraped off my patch of my skin during a slide tackle, i still continued giving my best, and personally, i felt that this was important.

    4. What do you think should be improved?

    I was off form, my control wasn't that good, although i managed to do some good passes. I need to learn to control more, heading wasn't that good too. I will need to train on my own more.

    5. What lesson did you learn today?

    SInce we are playing against a team that can shoot from far, we should pressure and close down anyone with the ball immediately and at the same time cover the player going for the ball, and be aware of who's around you, calling back players if needed.

    6. How can you help the team to improve?

    Being composed, at times i was panic-ing during the match as i had players closing me down and i am not sure what to do. More match experience could do me and the team well

    7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?

    Call for the ball, communicate more, defense had communication, i don't really think the midfield had communication. Sometimes the team also has to run more, even though the ball looks like it's going out, we shouldn't give up and continue chasing.

    8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?


    9. Explain your answer in 8

    How can there be a man of the match? everyone including me wasn't applying whatever we have learnt in training.

  14. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    2. Explain your rating
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    4. What do you think should be improved?
    5. What lesson did you learn today?
    6.How can you help the team to improve?
    7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    9. Explain your answer in 8

    1. 1 .
    2. I did not defend properly that match .
    3. Nothing .
    4. My man marking as I did not mark my man properly and sometimes I mark the wrong person allowing the opposition to pass a through ball and allowing the opposition to shoot and score .
    5. Communication is vital as Darius told me who to defend and if he did not do so, I think the opponent would have scored more goals .
    6. I must learn to adapt to which position coach decide to put me in.
    7. The team should improve on their kicking during the holidays as not many people in the team can kick that far thus the attacker do not have much opportunities to strike and score .
    8. I think the MOTM is Darius .
    9. He told me who to mark at certain times when I was marking the wrong person and instead of scolding encouraged the team which boosted the team's morale.

  15. 1. 4
    2. I was not as sure as my usual self when I have the ball and thus giving the ball away
    3. I supported the defense even after a run to the front
    4. I should support the players
    5. I must communicate more
    6. I can, instead of running up front to keep the momentum of the counter attack, support the player with the ball since we are not strong in counter attacks
    7. I think more players should go up front if we have the ball therefore we can have a safer variety of options to pass to.
    8. None
    9. None of our players have shown any quality. Even our star players made mistakes which they shouldn't have done

  16. 1. 5
    2. I did not drop back whenever I was tired.Although i knew that everyone was tired too.However I got one of the only few shots on target.
    3. I did well in attacking.However I had little chances to do that.
    4. My communication with other people other than ODS.
    5. I have to train to improve my stamina as as a winger,I have to drop back to support/defend and then push up almost immediately to counter/attack
    6.By either calling for the ball or going nearer to support the guy with the ball.
    7. Morale Support and Positioning and Supporting
    8. Lhu Lhu.
    9. He was able to block loads of shots compared to the other keepers(sorry sean,wilbur).If it was not for him,the result might have been 20-0.He also consistently dropped back to help out when he was playing as CM. However as a striker he has to learn to support upfield and not drop back...

  17. 1. 4
    2. Totally forgotten how to manage the defences, positioning was off and balls were easily passed throguh
    3. I played my all and tried my best
    4. Definitely the defense have to make better individually and as a group
    5. I learnt the importance of having a good backup behind you
    6. I can help by knowing what to do and being focus to make decision while defendng
    7. The team needs to have support play
    8. Lhu Lhu
    9. He did a great job in saving goals and bringing it out

  18. 1. 7
    2. I kept the team moral up, defended many shots and did not allow many of their passes to reach each other. I also played with a somachache :/ haha bad idea.
    3. I blocked many shots and tried to give others pointers.
    4. The defense. We need to close down more, not only watch the ball but watch the players. People also need to make decisions. many goals where scored as they were afraid to go in.
    5. Communication is still key and try to help your teammates out, tell them what to do and not say that they should be able to see it for themselves.
    6. Try to help them become stronger.
    7. We definitely can improve on our own physical fitness and we should know what to do.
    8. I think that the people that gave it their best are Man of the Match :D
    9. That is how we will someday be able to win. Do not give up

  19. 1. 4.

    2. During defending as a midfielder, I did not communicate as well as during training sessions and this caused some defend slips. This was probably because I was having a sore-throat at that time. Also, I did not manage to attack much as I did not get the chance too. I did not play well because my fitness to work for the entire 30 minutes was not there.

    3. Probably marking the attackers down the flanks, not allowing them to run freely.

    4. Support play should be improved.

    5. Communication in team is very important in the game. During this game, I rarely heard other teammates communicating with each other. Many of us did not communicate as much as thus I think this is the factor that made our team lose so badly.

    6. Work on support play with teammates.

    7. We can improve our overall fitness and train on our support play more efficiently.

    8. I did not notice anyone in particular but if I had to choose one, it would be one of the defenders in the 1st quater.

    9. Explain your answer in 8.
    The attackers did not have much of a chance to perform during the game. Though we lost quite badly, I still think that the defends put in quite a good effort.

  20. 1. 7

    2. Improved a lot compared to my performance in previous matches.

    3. I was able support team players when defending and attacking.

    4. I should be more aware of the players that are dangerous and those which I am supposed to mark.

    5. A players' first touch, possession and ball control is important for a good counter attack.

    6. Be more aware when is comes to defending and work on my ball control for better team support when it comes to counter attacking.

    7. Players have to communicate and support each other when necessary and guide other players if they make a mistake.

    8. Everyone who gave it their all during the match.

    9. Most of the people pushed themselves to the limits and kept spirits high despite the opponent overpowering us.