Friday, March 2, 2012

Post-match reflections SST V Hwa Chong International @ 1 Mar [C Div]

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
2. Explain your rating
3. What did you think you do well today?
4. Do you think you have applied what you have learned in training?
5. What do you think should be improved?
6. What lesson did you learn today?
7. Do you think the team did well today?
8. How can you help the team to improve?
9. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
10. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
11. Explain your answer in 10


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  2. 1) I would rate myself a 3.

    2) There was a shot in the first few minutes when I was playing that I could have saved if I had reacted quickly enough. Moreover, I went out of my lines twice and almost caused another 2 goals to be conceded if not for the crossbar.

    3) I think that I did relatively well in the 2 saves that I had managed to pull off but it would be better if I had held onto or grabbed the ball instead of merely sliding around and giving the opponent a scoring opportunity.

    4) No, I do not think so. I could have taken the goal kicks further if I had applied the shooting techniques taught to me, however I decided to pass the ball to Wilbur and this resulted in 2 lousy passes.

    5) I have to learn to clutch the ball and not just randomly knock it away with a part of my body. I also need to work on my diving because it is quite lousy.

    6) I learnt that communication to any player on the field is vital to the team’s success as poor communication can result to conceding goals.

    7) I do not think the team did well today because of communication breakdown and failure to space out when in possession.

    8) I could give them instructions from my perspective in the penalty box as the goalkeeper, or advise them when the team has switched flanks or are not running into space when they should or should not.

    9) I think the team needs to work on their communication skills since it is important for getting scoring opportunities (e.g. when the defender has the ball and the striker in in the box).

    10) I think that Abiyyu was the man of the match.

    11) He continued to try to help the team although he was injured, and he stopped many shots in the penalty box during the last third as well.

  3. 1.I would rate it as 2.
    2.I kept on going out of position and needed Jovan to keep on reminding me.
    3.I managed to mark a few players .
    4.Not so much,I did not use some of the things that I learnt during training.
    5.The co-ordination of the defenses.
    6.We should improve on communication during the game.
    7.The players playing at the first third scored 2 points.
    8.Stay at my position.
    9.Imporve on defenses of midfielders need not fall back to help defend.
    11.He scored the first goal.

    1. Darius already said to judge the man of the match by PERFORMANCE not by goals.

    2. 1) I would rate myself a 2.
      2)I did a terrible job and did not even do what I was supposed to do. All I did was to chase the ball and clear the ball for corners.
      3)I did nothing well as I was too nervous and scared of the opponent players.
      4)I applied nothing at all from what I've learned during training as I only chased and marked the opponent players.
      5)I think that I should improve on my fitness , passing ,dribbling and control of the ball.I also think that communication between my teamates and tackling should be improved as well.
      6)I learned that communication between the players, defending well and bonding between the players are very, very ,very important.
      7)I think the team did well especially in the first third of the game and I think that the team should perform at this level all the while! :)
      8)I can help the team improve by improving myself first. If I do not improve myself first, how am I supposed to improve the team??
      9)I think that the team should gel together like e.g go to east coast or west coast park etc. so that we can know more about each other.
      10)I would say that Ethan is my MOMT.
      11)He is my MOTM as even though he is of a smaller built than the HCI attackers, he still was able to steal the ball from the attackers and also he made a few crucial clearences.

    3. Chill, Yan Zheng, maybe he felt that Adil's goal was crucial?

  4. 1.I rate myself a 5 for today's match.

    2.I had many good chances and i really did not make full use of them, when chances are very hard to come by. And I did not really contribute to the team as much as I would have liked to.

    3.I think I did well in terms of helping my team by getting my team a penalty and allowing s to score a goal.Other than that I think the only other thing I did well was to drive the attack forward slightly.

    4.I think I did not apply a lot of what I have learned in training as I need to pass more and also I need to train on ball control and other aspects of football.

    5.Fitness is one, as many of us were not used to the duration of the game and because of that we did not have enough stamina to play our 100% in that game. Another problem is lack of communication. Though we scored two goals, we did not really communicate and that caused our defeat.

    6.I learnt that though we are leading that does not mean we will win the game. And that though we may think that we are very good, we must always keep in mind that there are players that are better than you and that you must always work towards improving yourself.

    7.Considering that this is the first friendly that our team played, we did well in terms of attacking, defending(maybe) and during the first half we were able to pressure our opponents and attack well, but saying that we still have a lot to improve on.

    8.I can help the team improve by telling my teammates what they can improve on and what they can do to improve through positive and useful feedback.

    9.We can play more together and participate in more games and friendlys together as a team to gel together.

    10.I think the man of the match today is Matthew.

    11.He gave his 100% and did everything to help the team.

  5. 1) I would rate myself a 6.

    2) Though some of my team-mates said I was the best player in the match, I thought otherwise as I did not command the defence when the opposing team was attacking and I have a lot to improve.

    3)I think I had done well when I caught a ball kicked by one of the opposition's player and did a dropkick which gave my team-mates a chance to attack.

    4)I don't think so. Though I am good in dropkicks, I suck in goal kicks. When I wanted to pass to Wilbur during the goal kick for him to clear the ball, I almost allowed the opposing team to get a throw-out by almost kicking the ball out.

    5)I should be more agile and maybe jump higher to save high shots as I am quite short.

    6)I learnt that communication is a big part of team sports as if we don't communicate, we will just run to mark every opposing player and leaving no one to defend or attack.

    7)I doubt that the team did well due to the communication breakdown.

    8)I could instruct my team-mates to defend or attack in my point of view.

    9)I think the team can improve their communication skills and know the strengths and weaknesses of each team member so that it is easier to judge who they can pass the ball to when a scoring opportunity comes by.

    10)I think Joel is the man of the match.

    11)Though he does not have the speed to outrun an opposing team's striker, he has the aggressiveness to tackle the ball from an opposing team player, and the tackle he did on the first third of the match was excellent.

  6. 1.i rate myself 3
    2. i think that i did do well because i could not make a clear when i had the opportunity and i could not close the attackers from the other team when i had the chance to do so .
    3.i think that i do well in doing my best. i tried to play the best i can but i know i can do better.
    4.i didn't apply what i learnt in training because i was nervous when the ball came i could not really control it and make a good clear.
    5.the communication between each player
    6.i learnt that winning is not everything the thing is to learn from our mistake .
    7.i think that overall we didn't do well because we let in lots of goals which should not have happened
    8.i think that i should do my best and remind my team mates to do so too and as wells as reminding them to communicate better and not cry over spilled milk .
    9.i think that we should have better communication
    10.i think its Matthew
    11. he did his 100%

  7. 1. I would give myself a 5-6.
    2. I was able to receive the ball and control properly, but I made too much mistakes, including the penalty one, and I lost possession quite a lot of times when attacking.
    3. I think I did well on ball control, and also working with my fellow attackers when on the field such as Matthew and Ryan.
    4. Yes, I would say, as training doesn't really emphasise on set pieces and penalties, and those were the skills that we had to learn on our own.
    5. The defending skills for some of the defenders. Most of them who were in the second and last thirds couldn't clear the ball properly, communicate properly, and hence resulted to free opponents roaming around in the penalty area without anyone marking them, and passes to the enemies which were results of their 'clearance' , as they only touched the ball to their foot and it went to the opponent.
    6. I learnt to be more aggressive, as the opponents included older boys which were way rougher and more aggressive, and I had to pressure them in return when they were trying to push me in order to remain possession.
    7. No. I wouldn't want to say much about the attack, as the ball didn't go to them as much as it could be, and most of the mistakes were in the defensive line, as the opponents could easily go through the players and stay in the penalty area without anyone marking them, even though literally the whole team was in there.
    8. I would try to work on my shooting, as the goal I scored, was not really a good shot, and it was more like a goal keeper blunder as the shot was a low powered one, and also corner kicks.
    9. Spread out. Spacial awareness.
    10. I would say Matthew.
    11. He tried his really best to manage the midfield and the attacking players, and I know, it wasn't easy, considering the size of the field and all the players were like clumped up all inside the penalty box for no reason, including the wingers.

  8. 1. I would rate myself at 6/7.
    2. I stopped many shots during the second 25 minutes but I did make some poor decisions which led to Hwa Chong's first and the third goal. I was also a little dizzy after the blow to my head and face so that could have affected my performance.
    3. I really made good saves denying Hwa Chong with around 4 to 5 goals and I was not fearful in the first 5-8 minutes pulling off a string of saves.
    4. Well, I applied the skill of catching the ball in a 'W' shaped grip. Other than that I do not think I applied any techniques except for picking up the ball from grounders.
    5. I believe that I could have improved my goal-kicks and passes to defenders which could have been firmer and longer. They were dangerous and could have led to extremely cheap goals.
    6. I learnt that communication was vital to win and as well as defending the goal. It is important to move forward and hammer the opposition defence.
    7. As a team no. There was minimal or no communication between midfielders, defenders, forwards and goalkeepers. It resulted in the goals which could have been prevented.
    8. I can tell defenders to move into position so as to defend the goal and become compact to prevent forwards from success to score.
    9. The team can communicate more and carry out less dribbles than passes because soccer is more than the measure of skill. It about the teamwork. This greatly demonstrated by teams like FC Barcelona and Manchester City FC.
    10. I think that Ryan was the man of the match.
    11. He showed some unbeatable individual skills down the flanks and created some excellent crosses which created some excellent chances. It also leaded to the penalty which was converted by Matthew.
    PS: I think that we all should leave this game behind us and improve in the future and eventually compete in the National School Games.

  9. 1) I would give myself a 3.
    2) I did not do well today because I was too nervous. I am sorry I shouted at some defenders.
    3) I cleared a few balls the could have led to goals especially when HCI was taking the corner kicks.
    4) No. As I was too nervous.
    5) I think my decision making and technique in kicking the ball could be improved.
    6) Communication is vital for success and soccer is not all about winning, it is about applying what you learnt during training and the past matches and enjoying the game.
    7) No. The defense was a total mess and our communication, or should I say the lack of it, was pathetic.
    8) I could help to develop the defenders' skills.
    9) The team could gel together more and pass more when playing during recess and not take on everybody.
    10) Farruq.
    11) He saved a lot of potential goals and commanded the defense well.

  10. 1) I would rate myself 6 to 7.

    2+3)I was able to dispossess 90% of the players playing at my zone and I felt that I played rather well in defense well, especially when partnered with Jovan and the rest of the First-Third defenders. In the short 3 or so minutes I played in the Second-Third, I honestly barely had any players coming through my zone, however, the opposing side seemed to rely more on crosses, which the left back, especially, was honestly unable to take most of the crosses out although he made a few nice blocks. I was also to blame as my performance were affected after losing my cool when the defense was uncontrollable and in a huge mess during the Second-Third period. During the last Third, when playing as CDM, I surprisingly felt out of place and was not much effective(After this experience, perhaps Darius putting me in to Central Defender was a blessing in disguise and I think I am definitely going to stick to it) However, after switching back to Central Defender again, I could play alot more naturally.

    4) A little. But I felt what Darius and Jia Le said before the match alot more effective than our usual practices.

    5) Our touches as some of them were not that good. Although Darius often said that Jovan was not marshaling the defense well, Jovan was actually consistently getting us to get back in place and covering us.

    6) I learnt that even though we might have a respectable lead at a point of time in game, it might just disappear with too much complacency. I also realized the importance of good substitutions as they might change the game.

    8)Perhaps, I can try to communicate with the CDMs more and get my stamina better although my stamina was not questioned in this match.

    9) We should stop playing disorganized games during recess and lunch time, instead, we should be more organized and play like we play during friendlies. We can also go for runs together.

    10)Either Adil of Jovan.

    11) Adil threatened almost all the time he was in play, and scored us a goal. Even after he missed the penalty, he still kept his composure and continued to play well. Jovan actually controlled the defense and got us to communicate. He also made alot of good tackles.

    1. weiiiiiiii I'm the one who put you in CB leh QAQ

  11. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    I would myself a 7.

    2. Explain your rating
    I could get pass the right back most of the time when I charge down the flank. Another thing is my crosses from the corner kicks. I think they were quite good one just that I know that most of our players cannot head it so I tried to kick it low instead with more pace. I know that none of my crosses were converted to goals but I truly think they were quite good ones. Despite those areas, I gave myself a 7 because I did not keep my cool in the match which may have demoralised the team so I am sorry to everyone which I may have affected.

    3. What did you think you do well today?
    I think I made some quality through balls to Adil and also some good throw-ins today so overall, my passing was quite good this match.

    4. Do you think you have applied what you have learned in training?
    I think I did not apply everything I had learned in training for example, I made some loose passes to Adil allowing the defender to intercept. In training, we learn that we have to do firm passes.

    5. What do you think should be improved?
    I think that I should try to go for the balls that Farruq or for that matter any keepers that does a drop kick. I always wait for the ball to bounce then I go for the ball but by the time it touches the ground, the defender has already charged for it and snatched it away. So, if I had tried to go for the ball, we could have pulled off a few counters and maybe even score some of them.

    6. What lesson did you learn today?
    I learnt that communication is very important both in and out the pitch. Apparently, we conceded 4 goals due to our lack of communication which caused some of our defenders and midfields to both go for the ball causing a collision which end up in the possession of the opponent and if I remember correctly, it led to one of the goals. For communication outside the pitch, there was a miscommunication between darius and some of the midfield which caused me to get very angry and lose my cool which may have lowered the team's morale which may have lead to the defeat which shows that communication is very important.

    7. Do you think the team did well today?
    I think they did not do that well today. There were a lot of miscommunication and bad man marking which led to our downfall.

    8. How can you help the team to improve?
    I think I should keep my cool and tell the team how to improve instead of being angry because if me as the vice-captain/captain loses my cool, everyone will get affected as the vice-captains and captains are the foundation of the team.

    9. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    I think we should have more composure when we have the ball. In the second half, whenever a defender got the ball, they would just clear without even looking which meant returning the ball to the opponent after winning it which does not make sense.

    10. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    I think the MOTM today was Rachit.

    11. Explain your answer in 10
    Rachit played a goalkeeper for the second half and for the second half, the defence, no offence, was horrendous and the opponents had many shots on target . But Rachit saved most of the shots even though he did let in 3 out of the 4 goals we conceded but without him, the score could have been 7-2 or 8-2.

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  12. 1) I would rate myself 7.
    2) I felt was able to tackle properly although I committed myself too early on too many occassions and I was also able to recover just in time to run back to cover for my other defenders. I was not able to clear the ball properly and was not able to issue clear orders when I was commanding the defence.
    3) I felt that when I was playing as the centre back, I was able to mark my man well and that I was able to deny my man a couple of good passes from his teammates.
    4) I was not able to use the defensive stance that coach taught us a lot during the match but once or twice when I was sure that my fellow defenders could and would be able to cover for me, I would try to block him off and force him out.
    5) I felt that our defence is very weak in terms of reacting to the opponents when they attack, marking the right man and covering up for fellow defenders.
    6) I learnt that no matter how the match progresses, we should never lose the drive to keep playing if things start going bad or not to our favour.
    7) I think the team could have done much better in terms of communicating to each other when he is open to a pass or when he could call for a player to move into space for a pass. (By calling a player into space, I mean like what Wen Kai does except you are the one signalling to the receiver)
    8) I feel that I can help the team by pointing out the weaknesses of teammates, find ways to help them get better and point out their strengths so we can work on improving these strengths.
    9) I feel that as a team, we should get to know one another better through bonding activities such as spending a day at West Coast or East Coast Park just to bond and have fun as a whole squad.
    10) I think the man of the match would be Matthew.
    11) I feel that Matthew deserves the man of the match because of his never-say-die attitude.

  13. 1) i would rate myself a 2.
    2)I was terrible and did not even protect the area i was assigned to protect. Every time i was about to mark someone from the opposing team someone else from my team will mark them so in the end i am marking nobody and i got i got scolded instead.
    3) I think i only did well the first few minutes into the second half when i basically managed to get the ball many times and pass the ball to my teammates.
    4)i managed to get some good passes that i learned from the training that i got in SST but i did not manage to do anymore good passes after 5 minutes into the game.
    5)i think that i should improve in stealing the ball from the opposing team as they kept on dribbling pass me.I also think that the communication was very terrible as no one was asking for the ball and the person with the ball had no time to think and as a result,he may lose the ball or pass the ball to the opposing team instead.
    6)i learnt that communication is very important as i will help the teammates to bond well and work well as a team.
    7)mostly there were some good chances to score some goals and we took two of them to score two goals.we tried to communicate (even though it did not work) with the defenders.
    8)Some people left their posts (assigned spots in the field) and went back to help protect but there were no one taking over their spots so it was empty and open for the opposing team to move in.
    9)Yet again.communication. There were none in fact so it would be better with some communication.
    10)i think that Adil was the man of the match.
    11) even though he missed the penalty he still did not fall to his knees or something like that but he still moved back to continue the match.He also tried to get the team organized even though it failed but he still tried.

  14. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    I would rate myself a 2.
    2. Explain your rating
    As my first time playing a friendly, i was quite nervous and when i got the ball i immediately pass it,afraid that i would lose and my teammates would scold me.
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    I think what i did well was when people like Jovan or Abiyyu asked the defenders to mark somebody and they didn't and i 'shouted' at them to mark a open person.
    4. Do you think you have applied what you have learned in training?
    No,example: Darius say if we are going to take on a opponent who has the ball,we need to stand in a boxing position which i did not and i was very disappointed for not following cpt's 'orders' and if most of us do that.....maybe we could prevent them from shooting more and even letting them score goals.
    5. What do you think should be improved?
    Man-marking.Because when we shout to out friends on the field to man mark,they just find a guy and just stand at a distance like 1meter away from them, we should like get v close to them not to give them space and if they run forward,we dont just jog after them,WE CHASE THEM!
    6. What lesson did you learn today?
    Without commutation, even the best team can lose.
    7. Do you think the team did well today?
    I cant say that the team did very well but what i cant say is that whenever we are on the losing side,we try our very best to win the ball and when we got the ball we push it forward trying to score and level the score or maybe even winning.
    8. How can you help the team to improve?
    Encourage them when they made a mistake that let to a goal and and tell them when we are 2-4 or even 2-8 down,"COME ON THERE IS STILL LIKE 50 MINTUES OR WHATEVER TIME IS LEFT. WE CAN GRAB A POINT OR A GOAL,WHO KNOWS,WE CAN TURN THE TABLE AROUND AND WIN!"
    9. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    Keep ball possession,control and make a firm pass to a teammate.Most important see not just who is near to you but also unmarked then make a pass.
    10. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    To me,everyone tried to play their very best in the game but the one that stood out is Adil.
    11. Explain your answer in 10
    Yes,when the 4th goal for HCI was scored,he ran over to the defenders and scolded them why arent they marking etc but he made a good point,as what i have said in my earlier answer marking means blocking the opponent,not standing at a distance from him thinking that we have marked already. Missed penalty,of course everyone was sad as the score could have been 3-4 or maybe when 3-3 we would not have let in 1 more but look everyone makes a mistake,shot not on target or even like Adil miss penalty.He tried to payback on his missed penalty by trying to go pass 3 defenders etc.

  15. 1. Overall, I would rate myself 1 or even 0
    2. I did quite well in the first third as compared to the other third. if i was only playing the first third I would have rated myself 3 but since I did much worst in the other rounds my rating was pulled down
    3. I did well communicating in the defense in the first and third thirds. I managed to 'gell' the first 11 and make them attack and defend as a team. the match could have been worst if the first eleven wasn't the ones chosen as the fist eleven.
    4. Not completely. I was able to pass to a player in good space but unable to go to space myself. furthermore I was not able to control the ball as well as in training. this might be because that i am nervous and injured
    5. I can improve on my passing and receiving the ball. I can also improve on my physical strength
    6. I learnt that building up to the front is not as easy without experienced players
    7. NO. absolutely not.
    8. We can improve on spacing, passing, physical strength, quick thinking and a whole other lot of -ings
    9. I can help them by correcting their mistakes or getting their soccer spirits up
    10. Rachit
    11. He performed extremely well because he saved alot of shots and was very brave and precise at going out of his line

  16. 1) I would give myself 4.

    2) I was not a good marker as i thought i would be. i realized playing defence was not as easy as i thought it would be. I also had a little confusion with Wun Feng. I thought i was the center back but he said he was. I also wasn't fast enough to get the ball and thus the ball rolled to the opponent. I realized my markers were very tall and fit and so they block me totally and thus i couldn't get clear to call for the ball.

    3) i was able to pass to Mattew , Pides and Wun Feng a few times despite the fact that 3 of the opposing team players were hot on my tail.

    4) I didn't apply what Darius told us, the technique to pressure the wingers of the opposing team, but i was able to intercept a few passes between their wingers and their forward.

    5) Our teamwork, communication and stamina have to improve a lot in order to win other teams in the future.

    6) I have to push myself harder if i want to win. We have to correct each other's mistakes instead of being angry at him for it.

    7) Yes, but there is a lot of room for improvement. Communication is one of the things we have to improve greatly on.

    8) We could practice different positions against the B-division boys and see which position we are the weakest at. We could then do everything we can do improve that position.

    9) I feel that the team could work on our speed ball and control. That way, we would not lose the ball that easily. We could also pair up or use the buddy system and have a test such as : If it is a pair, the two players play a 1 on 1 match and point out each other's flaws. If it is a trio, the two C-division players play a 1 on 1 while the senior points out our strength and also what we can improve on.

    10) I think the MOTM should be Jovan or Mattew.

    11) They tried their best to guide the team during the second third. Jovan was guiding the defenders while Mattew was guiding the forward and wingers.

  17. 1) I would rate myself a 2.
    2) At times when I got the ball, I would whack it away instead of passing the ball to someone and when I tried to tackle somebody, the ball would still be with the player most likely because my tackles were weak.
    3) I think I had done well when I supported the attack and defence as I would run back to the defence when Hwa Chong International were attacking and whenever there was a corner to SST, I was usually around the penalty area.
    4) I don’t think so. I did not communicate with my other teammates and did not make good decisions in the game.
    5) I think that our positioning should be improved because there were times that we were totally out of position and it may lead to conceding a goal
    6) I learnt that communication and mental thinking are very important in a match because if we don’t communicate well, our teammates will get confused with our instructions, and if we do not have the right mentality, for example, when we were leading 2-0, almost everybody (including me) thought that we were going to win but in the end, we lost so we have to keep thinking that the match is not over.
    7) No. We were too complacent in the second period.
    8) I can help by trying to create spaces for my teammates and pick out good passes so that we can create opportunities to score a goal.
    9) I think that the team can gel together in order to know more about their teammates’ strengths and weaknesses
    10) I think that Joel is the MOTM
    11) Even though he is not that fast, he has the confidence to tackle players who are faster than him, as demonstrated by the tackle he did during the first period.

  18. 1. I would rate my self at 2.
    2. When Hwa Chong's strikers and come forward towards our goal i wasn't able to get the ball at all when i tackle them and one or two times when i got the ball my ball control was weak and i lost the ball within seconds.And my kicks where also very weak and i wasn't able to clear any ball.And i was a bit afraid of the ball too.I was not able to communicate well with my teammates too.
    3. I think i did well when there was a corner to SST i marked the Hwa Chong's players well and prevented a few goals.I did tried my best and did not give up even when we were very disappointed.
    4. No i do not think so as i did not have enough ball control and i am very weak at my kicking too i could not kick any ball too far but i think i did apply some of the tactics Jia Lie and Darius said before the match like shifting together to the right when the striker's from Hwa Chong are striking from the right and for the same for the left.
    5. I think my ball control and communication should be improved a lot as sometimes our communication was so bad that we did not know what are we doing and i need to control the ball well too.
    6. I learnt that communication was one of the most important point of all as we must communicate well to plan the attacks or the defends to let each other know what are we doing or not they will be confused.
    7. I think our team did well in the first period but when we scored 2 goals in the first period we let our guard down and because of our complacency and little communication we lost.
    8.I should move back to the position i was assigned to and not ran all about the place I can also make some good passes and confront the opponent and ball with no fear but not to be scared of the ball and hesitate to tackle the opponent.
    9. We should encourage other players when they did a mistake and not blame them for everything and start arguing and not concentrate on the match.
    10. I think the MOTM is Rachit.
    11. Ashe did save a lot of good goals in the 2nd period of the match and despite he was injured in his head he continued playing and did not give up and with out him we might have lost very badly.

  19. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10

    I think I would rate my performance a 6-7

    2. Explain your rating

    Although I was able to tackle the ball from the opponent and prevented them from getting pass me, I did not try to dribble the ball forward and merely cleared the ball in the defense sector of the game.

    3. What did you think you do well today?

    I did not commit too early and managed to tackle the ball well from the strikers of the opposing team. I was able to find open space and moved more often than during CCA training.

    4. Do you think you have applied what you have learned in training?

    Yes but for some parts. I managed to move more and be more aggressive with the boxing stance. I did not commit too early and I think I should have maneuvered the ball better and passed it to someone else on my team.

    5. What do you think should be improved?

    I should improve on my physical so that I can run faster and pick myself up easily and better than this time's performance during the match. I think the defense positioning should be improved so that we can expand and be compact easier and faster for a better result in the next match we play.

    6. What lesson did you learn today?

    That we need to communicate more often and expand and be compact for the positioning of the players.

    7. Do you think the team did well today?

    Yes with a certain perspective as we have gained a lot of experience especially for the sec 1s.

    8. How can you help the team to improve?

    I think that we should work on the positioning of the players and what players' roles are like what they are supposed to do when getting the ball, like dribbling forward, clearing the ball or just straight passing right away.
    9. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?

    We can work on communication and probably play more 2-sides for a better understanding of gameplays.

    10. Who do you think is the man of the match today?

    I think the man of the match is Adil.

    11. Explain your answer in 10

    He was able to dribble pass players and control the ball very well.

  20. 1) I'ld rate myself at 3 out of 10.

    2) I thought I had not helped much in defending the goalpost and I kept shooting towards the penalty box, making it dangerous for us.

    3) I thought I had snatched the ball away well, because I usually did not do so.

    4) Not really much, I could have been a tad too nervous. I did not apply the aggressive stunts against the HCI players.

    5) I should improve on my stamina and speed. I should also try to be less afraid of the better HCI players.

    6) That we need to communicate and work more on our weak points.

    7) Yes, I believe we were just a little too disappointed or nervous, that was why we did not win. We also got to learn more from our fellow footballers.

    8) I think we could take turns to lead the team in exercises that could actually be useful.

    9) We should try two-side matches more. It could make us feel more at home during matches.

    10) I think from my perspective that everyone could be the man of the match, but since there can only be one, it would be either Joel, Jovan or Matthew.

    11) Joel went on to defend even if he fell during the match, Jovan managed to keep the ball away from the goalpost, and Matthew kept trying to create opportunities for the attacking players to score goals.

  21. Many of you are under-rating yourself. I would've rated many of you higher than you rated yourself. All of you need a little more self-confidence, but make sure you don't become over-confident. It's your first game as a team, let's just learn from this experience and move on to become better players :)


  22. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    i would rate myself as 3

    2. Explain your rating
    i kept getting out of position and my defender got past me twice pretty easily for once or twice i believe i could have done better by paying closer to his attention and his movements. I had a hard time because i did not have the upper body strength compared to the people from Hci. I had problems with the defence as i was not used to it and i don't mean to point at you but the centre back did not take his man therefore had a hard time.

    3. What did you think you do well today?

    i think i had done well as i had the speed to catch up with the defenders to prevent him from scoring a goal. I believe my defence was pretty poor i did not do a good job.

    4. Do you think you have applied what you have learned in training?

    i did apply some stuff that were applied during training for example control and the boxing stance for defence.

    5. What do you think should be improved?

    when under pressure i should take my time try to relax and analyse the situation get a step ahead from the defender. I need to work on my crosses while under pressure my clearance did not have enough power in it as i panicked.
    6. What lesson did you learn today?

    i have learnt that on the field our team is not good in terms of fitness everyone needs to work on our own fitness to ensure that we can perform better in the next few matches.
    7. Do you think the team did well today?
    no i don't think the team did their best, i believe that they could have done better. I think it may be because it's their first match they would be feeling slightly nervous.
    8. How can you help the team to improve?

    i believe that if we work on our fitness level and push ourselves harder we will be able to achieve better results.
    9. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?

    we can try to gel together by making some time other than training to go out work on our communication have a stronger bond as it is a team game not an individual game.
    10. Who do you think is the man of the match today?

    i believe that abiyuu is the man of the match.

    11. Explain your answer in 10

    In my opinion, the defence was weak. Abiyuu constantly went back to support jovan and joel. He was the one that activated the defence. Allowing fluid motion at the back.