Friday, June 1, 2012

[Delta League (June) ] Post-match reflections SST V Gamebreakers @1 June

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10 and justify your rating
What I do well today? 
What could have been better? 
Did I apply what I have learned in training?
2. What did you learn as a player/spectator from the match today?
3. Do you think the team did well today?
4. How can you help the team to improve?
5. What do you think the team can do together to improve?
6. Who do you think is the man of the match today and justify your selection.


  1. 1) I would rate myself a 2, though I conceded 11 goals, I still saved some good shots. I was more aggressive on catching the ball and more confident with the ball. I also communicated more with my team-mates for them to strengthen the defence.
    2) I learnt to be more confident on catching the ball and to communicate more with my team-mates.
    3) Yes, I think so. Though all of us had to last for the whole match, we still gave our best to defend and attack.
    4) I could help communicate with my team-mates as I could see the field in a wide perspective.
    5) I think the team could improve tactically and more on communication.
    6) I think the MOTM is Ryan, as he kept trying to get the ball from his opponent and not giving up on that.

  2. 1. I would rate myself a 3 as I marked my man more tightly and communicated more with my team mates. E.g. Tell them if there was an open man, so that they could mark that open man and get ready to intercept any balls passed to them.

    2. I learnt to be more confident in defending, marking and in clearing the away when it is in our halve.


3. In my opinion, I think that the team did much better than the previous match we had as, this time round, we defended and attacked more aggressively.


4. I could help the team improve by communicating more with my team mates and alert them if our opponents are unmarked etc.


5. I think the team could improve together by marking our assigned man and communicating with each other all the time during the match


6. I think the man of the match is Bryan, as he did fairly well in marking his man and in tackling the ball away whenever the ball is in a very dangerous place.

  3. I would rate myself a 6 for the game. I feel that I've done well as captain to keep the optimism in the team and change the mentality, and also helped in the improvement of our performance, as a team and individually. I've also defended well in the game, becoming more aware of players around me, but can be better. I've also become a bit more aggressive, but I feel I can still do better. I also think I could've been more commanding in the air, and less hesitant to close down the player. I also noticed that when I go in to close down the player or challenge him, I don't tell my teammates, and they won't know to have to cover for me, which will form a defensive hole. I've played out to the flanks a lot, which is what coach has emphasized a lot during training. But I feel that the transition between attack and defense has to be faster and better, like when we steal the ball while defending, we should all automatically open up and provide options, instead of sticking to our opponents and making their jobs easy. In terms of the team, I feel that we've all done well as I didn't really see anyone giving up the game and fought on till the final whistle. I like this kind of attitude, one I find lacking in many players of SSTFC, so I hope you guys can help influence such players, and together as a team we will improve.

    In the game, I've learnt that we do have the ability to beat our opponents, but we have a lot of areas of improvements. If we want to win, firstly our defense has to be stronger, to concede lesser goals and put less pressure on our strikers. We were able to score 2 goals this game, for the Sec 3s it's our first since 2010. It's all about the mentality, if we are much more confident (not over-confident), we can beat our opponents.

    As for how to improve, I think the best way to improve other that training, is friendlies. With friendlies we are able to learn as we play, and with enough friendlies, we will sure to improve tremendously and our first win won't be far off.

    My Man of The Match is Timothy. Even though it's his first game with us, he was impressive individually, winning a lot of one-on-one with his physically stronger opponents, and very aggressive. Even though he started nervously, he got over it very quickly and showed me his true abilities and with much training, he will turn out to be one of the best CBs in the team.

    I would also like to commend Adil, Ryan and Bryan for their performances. Adil once again replicated his standards and worked ever so hard to defend as a striker. Even though Ryan started slow, he slowly gained his confidence, and was the result of both our goals, winning and converting the penalty, and winning the freekick. Although Bryan's performance wasn't his best, it was still a good performance from him, and the freekick just made it better.

    The performance from the team yesterday is much better, I can see the improvement, but I believe we can still do better. Some players, namely Markus, Wilbur, Gavin and Abiyyu, I believe you guys have much more ability than showed in the game, so I want you guys to reflect on your performances and give me a much better one in the next game. Yes, it has improved, but I believe you guys can do much better.

    Darius Low, Captain

  4. 2. I learnt that confidence in positioning and man marking are essential in the game as it helps to prevent the opponent from gaining or us losing possession easily

    3. Yes, the team did well today as both the attack and defense were more aggressive than the previous game.

    4. I believe I can communicate more with my defenders should I be playing so as to have a stronger defence and also to build up my confidence in-game.

    5. The team needs to have the proper mentality and not give up whenever there is a goal conceded or when they are feeling tired because this will affect the performance of the team as a whole. That being said, I think the team can build up morale and also apply what we have learnt during training without major penalties by playing in friendly matches.

    6. I think that Ryan is the Man of The Match as both goals more or less came from him. The penalty was won and converted by him, and the free kick was also won by him.

  5. 1)I will rate my self a 6. I did well today in terms of attacking the opponents goal and assisting my team in attacking. I should have dropped back more to help marcus in defence. I think i did apply what i learnt in training as I covered marcus well on some occasions and attacked fairly well.

    2. I learnt that we are always in need of improvement. No matter how good we think we are, there are always people better than us, so we must always try to keep on improving our skills, techniques and abilities. I also learnt that our team has the ability to do well but we go into the game with the wrong mentality.

    3.I think the team did much better than in the previous match, but I cannot say that we did well as we are still weak in defence and in midfield.

    4.I can help the team improve by helping those that make mistakes, by pointing out their mistakes and giving them constructive feedback to help them improve further and become better players.

    5. I think the team can try to organise more friendly matches and more training sessions. I know that academics comes first but if we do not try and push ourselves further, we will never improve and will only stay at our current standard or become even worse.

    6. I think the man of the match for today is Timothy. Though I have seen him play against other teams before, his performance today surprised me. I knew that he was a tough defender to beat as he was fast and strong, but that match, he went up against defenders that were much bigger than him and still he tried his best to win every ball, and for him, it is his first time playing with the SST team and I think he has done extremely well.

  6. 1) I rate myself 2 or 3 as I feel that I did better than the previous match. Although I may have caused some of the problems I did do my best. I think that I should have helped Ryan more when we were defending but we did okay.

    2) I learned that the harder I played the better I got. I saw the improvement from the last match as I tried to do my best. So despite the loss I feel that I personally gained more.

    3) I think that the team did well compared to the first match we played. But we still could have done better and improve more.

    4) I can help by playing even harder and do what I can of our team at the same time helping everyone else. I do not want to be the team's downfall so I should work even harder to keep up with the rest.

    5) I think we can improve together by helping the weaker ones but still not ignoring the best few. We can do it, we just need to work harder and push ourselves further.

    6) I think that the man of the match is Timothy as he defended well compared to the rest of us. I have never seen him play before but he really did his best in my opinion.

  7. 2^2, I believe this isn't my best performance ever, I have done much better in other matches. I believed I did my best in chasing for the balls and marking key opponent players, however, I felt that my lack of match fitness and my recovering flu has resulted in my lapse in judgement. My freekicks and some goalkicks weren't executed properly and I believed it was due to the fact that I was rushing. However, in the freekick that i converted to my first goal, i felt that it was due to my calmness and watching where my foot struck the ball was the deciding factor.

    During the match as a left back, i felt that the team really needs to gel with each other more. The team should know where our goal kickers can kick, yet they are always standing so far away. This will not help the team at all.
    Furthurmore, as a set piece taker, I realised that the team doesn't call for the ball. In tournaments, I had matthias/johannan or Ming En as a left mid and Niklaus as a Left Centre Back. We know one another play styles and when we always cover each other. But with juniors on my side today, I felt that it didn't gave me the security as a player and also the same for them. We had to shout at each other to get them to come back, while for the Senior team, it was second nature.

    I believe that lots of players didn't gave up. The attitude was the same. Towards the last 10 mins, we were able to win a penalty and a free kick which were both converted into goals. The last 10 mins was supposed to be the most tiring part of the game and since we made no substitutions, it should have been made worse, however, our team risen up to the challenge to continue to do our best to attack, and of course it paid off, it may not be much, but 2 goals are still goals.

    We really need lots of playing time together, our goalkeepers also need to learn how to take goal kicks. We are wasting an option to pass to when the defenders have to take goal kicks. Wasted

    Furthurmore, I think that the Sec1s should gel together and the Sec2s and 3s should play more together. If we would like to look towards next year's target of achieving something, the team must get ready early, know how each player plays and their habits.

    I think Timothy has done a good job as a left centre back. He was agressive in the tackles but never too agressive to concede freekicks. His positioning could sometimes be improved though.
    Darius again for displaying a good example to the juniors of a never die spirit.
    and of course everyone greatly improved compared to the match that i wasn't playing, seeing the attitude change tremendously is a good start.

  8. 1)I will give myself a 4 .This is because our team lost 11-2 and I did not really use what I had learned in training during the match.Not to mention my poor positioning during the match.
    I feel that I did not do anything really well except for when I manage to deflect the ball at the last moment.

    2)I learned that in a match , communication is very important, as poor communication within the team is one of the main reason we lost so badly. I also learned that physical strength and stamina is important.

    3)In my opinion , the team can do much better if there was better communication and the players had more stamina. But still , I feel that the team had put in much effort into this match.

    4)To help the team improve , I feel that I need to play more with the team as this will help the team familiarize themselves with each other. By doing so , we can improve our teamwork. I can also go jogging more frequently to improve my stamina .

    5)The team can actually do physical training together to improve on their physical strength and stamina. The team can also play other team sports to improve on the communication.

    6)I think that the man of the match should be Darius . Darius did a great job leading the defense during the match , not to forget that he did not falter even though we were against players much older and skilled than us .