Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[C Div] [Friendly] Post Match Reflections SST V Zheng Hua Sec @ 24 Oct

These are guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10 and justify your rating
What I do well today? 
What could have been better? 
Did I apply what I have learned in training? 
If yes, how? 2. What did you learn as a player/spectator from the match today?
3. Do you think the team did well today?
4. How can you help the team to improve?
5. What do you think the team can do together to improve?
6. Who do you think is the man of the match today and justify your selection


  1. I think my performance was about 4-5. I think I managed to clear the ball but I know I can attempt to catch up with the Zhenghua players and not stray out of the defensive third. I think my fitness was okay and I should not be too nervous to head the ball. Despite using the one foot-cushion-the-ball-then-pass-with-other-foot method, I did not manage to do a proper pass and so had to rush to clear the ball.

    As a player/spectator, I think we should be observing how the opposing B Div. players play to have an idea of the C Div. I think the team had tried their best and managed to clear the ball fairly well, but what is still lacking, as Coach Vaira has said, are our technique, communication and what Ethan said, formation.

    I think one can try to encourage frustrated teammates instead of scolding them for their mistake. The team can help others who have problems attempting the skills to be learnt in training more often. We could also use the time we normally use to shoot balls at the goal to practice whatever we had learnt in the past. This is a good time, in fact, to allow the team members to learn new skills from one another.

    Personally, I thought that everyone had did their best but since I have to put somebody here, today’s man of the match would be Pides, because he was moving about the midfield, attempting at every moment to take possesion of the ball.

  2. 1. From my performance today, I would rate myself a 7. In today’s match, I contributed more by going in to help my team mates when they are under pressure. I think that I could have asked for the ball more often as I was quite quiet in today’s match. I think that I applied some of the things that I learnt during training, such as, playing one-two with my team mates. When Luke was under pressure, he passed me the ball, and I told him to run forward, and I passed him back the ball, playing a one-two with him.

    2. As a player from the match today, I learnt that communicating with our other team mates very well is important during a match. By doing that, there would be no problems with defenders trying to tell their fellow midfielders to help cover them, that the opponent is theirs to mark, that the ball is theirs etc. Teamwork is another aspect that I learnt that is important during a match. We must have team work so that we can move forward and attack as a team, and when we lose possession we can move back and defend together as a team rather than individually.

    3. I think that the team did better than during the match that we played against Zheng Hua at home ground. The team showed more team work and communication, and we were able to get the ball to the other half quite often, and there were not so much problems with the defense and midfield, although there was a bit of problem with the defense and goalkeeper. But overall, I think that the team did pretty well in today’s match.


4. I think I could call for my team mates more often so that they could pass me the ball more when they are being marked or under pressure. I could have also marked my man more tightly and not allow him to have too much space to move about, increasing his chances of receiving the ball from his team mates.

    5. I think the team could have done better by communicating together more well, especially the defense with the goalkeeper. The team could have also done better if we had more co-ordination, so that our fellow players know what to do after they passed us the ball, such as to move forward to receive the return ball, playing a one-two.


6. I think the Man Of The Match today was Wen Feng. He played very well today, and contributed quite a lot to the attack and his passing was also quite well done, so was the receiving of the ball played to him from the team mates. When the opponent started attacking, he also went back to our half and help contribute to the defense by putting the players under pressure and try to win the ball back by tackling them. So, I think that he deserve to be the Man Of The Match.

~ Gavin Ong ~

  3. From 1-10, I rate myself 6, because firstly, I was a substitute and did not play much and did not have much impact on the game. I think the only area I did well today is my effort. I think I tried my best to play and help the team but Afif and I went a bit too forward at times making the defence to deal with the attackers alone, so I think I should have stayed behind to help the defenders defend. I feel that I have applied some of the stuff I learnt in training like the drills for passing and running.
    I learnt that our team still has a lot of areas to work on, such as fitness and other areas. I also feel that we have to learn to apply the techniques and skills learnt in training in a match.
    I think the team has done fairly well and has improved in fitness wise since the start of the year but we still have to continue working on that.
    I could have stayed back to help the defence defend and not stray too far forward, leaving the defence open to the attackers.
    I feel that we need to improve more on our communications as there were many occasions when there were two people going for one player and in the end the opponent got away with the ball. Also, we should run into space after we pass and not stand there, as coach highlighted.
    I think Timothy is the man of the match as he was the one running around tirelessly and tackling the opponents, so I would vote him as the man of the match.

  4. 1. 5/10. I personally feel that I have improved a lot, but there is still room for improvement.
    2. Especially for today, I learnt that teamwork and communication is very important and without them, no matter how skillful you are, it is useless.
    3. I think the team has lots to improve and we still need to work on our basic passing and shooting. But now the team's passing is more accurate and firm now.
    4. Like what Mr Tan said, when we are hot-tempered and angry the best way to help the team is to correct our teammates mistake by encouraging them.
    5. We can call for the ball more loudly and I think we need to keep calm and not be nervous when we are in control of the ball as I realise that once the team has the ball, we cannot even attack due to nervous in the player.
    6. For MOTM, I have two in mind. First, Gavin Ong. I really admire him for his coolness and keeping calm when in control of the ball, his passes are accurate , I think out of 20 passes that i see, 18 of them he had them going to their teammate. Secondly, Lee Wen Feng, he was the inspiration of the team according to me and he kept applying pressure to the oppenent when he lose the ball and he never gave up. He listened to coach, play the ball down the flank etc.

  5. From the range 1-10, I would rate myself 5 as I did not really play as much as compared to some players, so I cannot really tell if I had helped the team greatly or not. I realised that my fitness has improved although the improvement can still be progress. I communicated with the flanks and the mid-fields for the ball.

    As a player, I learnt that we have to apply what we learnt in training during a match in order to get a chance to win. Communication is also very important during a match. Our communication was lacking and we have to be reminded to communicate.

    I think our team did better than our performance at home ground. Some of us sprinted furiously to get possession of the ball, some of full backs actually called back the defenders to close the offense down, and the defender’s communication was also quite good (telling each other who to mark and reminding each other who is their mark).

    As a mid-field, I could help the defence when the players of ZhengHua are doing a corner-kick or help pressure their offense. I could have also communicate more with the flanks and help them whenever they are pressured or indecisive of what to do.

    I think the team can do their own individual training like running or any other sports that can train our fitness when we have free time. I also think that the team can do more drills such as our shooting practice as we really need to build some people’s confidence of being a striker.

    For the Man Of The Match, I would put Ethan and Wen Feng. Ethan has contributed a lot to the team’s defending and I personally think that he should have credit. Wen Feng has controlled the left flank into making quick passes and also who to pass to. His ability to shake off ZhengHua’s defenders is admirable and his speed and his control of the ball is ought to be learnt from.

  6. 1. From the range of 1-10, I would give myself a rating of 7. It is because I did not really have to make saves. At max it was only catching a cross or picking up a loose ball. Personally, my kicking had improved a lot since the start of the year. I could kick the ball out to the flanks and my goal kicks had improved a lot and I could make successful passes to the left and right backs.
    2. As a player, I learned that everything we do in training will only pay off only if we have a correct mindset and fitness to do it. For me, the goal kick training paid off in this match as I improved significantly.
    3. The team had a pretty good performance. However, some mistakes from us did allow Zheng Hua to score, The outstanding part of the team is the defense without any doubt. They intercepted passes and blocked shots and made countless tackles to prevent one-on-situations.
    4. The team can improve on their passing and ball control. The team's fitness was pretty decent. The first touches were really heavy and poor. The midfield can really use some hard control training. Well, I can help them in shooting practice though.
    5. The team can really put together some passing moves as Zheng Hua literally tore the B div apart but luckily the Sec 1s could hold them up a little. The passing can be improved only if everyone puts their heart and work into the team.
    6. The MOTM are surely without any doubt Ethan and Timothy. At the heart of the defense they put together a really solid and inspiring performance for the team and handled the situations very well. They make great defensive partners.

  7. 1. I'd rate myself a 6.
    I tried to communicate more in this match and i did. I tried to implement some of the playing methods coach had taught us. I didn't do so well because my touches ween't always that good and my control when passing the ball too. I wasn't that confident of myself either.
    2. That communication in the game can help a lot because i remember Markus was being pressured by 2 defenders, and i quickly ran up to the site and asked him to pass to the left when he could not see me and it was perfect. Also, good control with the ball is very important because i gave the ball away several times because of poor control.
    3. Yes, i think we did well, i can see that everyone had a bit more confidence at the start, and the feel of the match was much better.
    4. I myself should practice with my ball control more as i had given the ball to the opponents a few times.
    5. Maybe we should practice on our ball control more because a goal was given away because of poor control with the ball in the air.
    6. I think everyone did well, i think we all had some improvements and i would have to say the Man of the Match would either be Ethan or Timothy as they were the two that held our defence together and supported the defence the most. They covered the left and right backs a lot in the game and were confident.

  8. 1.My performance in the match would be 3-4.
    I helped to take on the attackers on the opposing team and marked attackers.I also helped to block some of the balls when there was a corner.
    My stamina could have been better.
    I felt that I did use communication, of which Coach Viara did tell us to use,so as to help make passing and controlling the ball easier.I told Wen Feng to cover one of the attackers as I went to take my position to help the defence.
    2.I learnt the importance of fitness and marking as a player.As a spectator,I learnt the importance of the full backs to the defence.If the full backs could not block the attack,it will be up to the goalkeeper and the centrebacks to hold off the attack.Ball control is also very important.Without good ball control,the opposing team can easily tackle the ball away from us and score.
    3.I feel that the team did fairly well for this match.Most of the time,we had communication,and our team did try to score against ZhengHua quite a few times,but unfortunately missed the goal.
    4.I feel that I have poor stamina and I will be training to improve my stamina so that I can last longer in the game.I will also try to improve my ball control.
    5.The team can keep on praticsing to improve the ball control as well as communication and some ballwork.
    6.The man of the match would be any of the centre backs,Ethan or Timothy.They covered ChoonWee and I quite a few times,and that really kept the ball at a considerable distance from the goalkeeper.Without the centre backs,I would have a hard time trying to hold off the attack.

  9. 1) In a scale of 1-10, I believe my rating would be a 7. Although our defence was porous at times, I strongly believe many a time our midfield gave way too easily too often, causing us to be constantly battered. Often (and frankly from my view) you can see one simple goal kick from the opposing goalkeeper was all that was needed bypass 5/8 of the field. The only reason I feel that kept us in game was because of the defenders. Be it Timothy, Jerrold, Choon Wee, Wei Feng or myself, I really feel we all did the best job we could and did it well. I think I did well in the 1st half especially, covering the others if I could and getting away with a few great tackles. However I believe that my positioning could have been stronger, as I found myself caught in positions not favourable to our defence, requiring the others to cover a few times especially during the 2nd half. I feel that I applied a fair bit of what we learnt in training, in passing communication aspects.

    2) I learnt that a strong midfield is ultimately essential to all aspects of our game. Our midfield barely held most of the times, causing he defence to struggle and the attack to be useless. There were many times our midfield could have floated the ball to Wen Feng but they failed, often due to weak passes or bad first touches. Also, some people in the midfield just did not seem determined at all. Some chased the ball, but the moment the opponents got it they just slowed down/stop. Some of them seemed hesitant to go in for the tackle, some just seemed to be everywhere but not being able to get anything done. I'm sorry for being this blunt but this is how I see it and this is how I'll put it.

    3) I feel our team still did well, especially in the 1st half even though there were many shortfalls as above. We didn't give up and although our attack still lacked bite, it was good to see people like Pides even going all out to attack when the time was right.Also I think our fitness seemed better than that in our previous matches, despite this game being just after our exams.

    4) I feel that I can be more encouraging and serious during training, as this little bit more effort will help myself and the others make trainings more condusive. Perhaps I can also help the others if they need help more so we can all learn from each other and improve collectively.

    5) The team can get together more, be it to practice ballwork, control, shooting, passing, fitness or what not. This will defenitely do us some good in the long run although we'll have to put in alot more individual effort and spirit if we want to go really far.

    6) Lastly I think either Timothy or Pides as Timothy was great in defence, running about covering us and also being just plain solid in defence(despite some errors on 1st half ;) , and Pides was really working hard, both covering the defence as best as possible while constantly being available up front to help us in our attack. Also I think no matter what shortfalls we had, the entire team did great in the match and we should look forward to doing better as time passes.

  10. 1. I would rate myself as 1, i felt that I could have done a whole lot better. During the first half I could not attack at all as a striker although the midfield were ok. In the second half I could barely support Wen Feng as a midfielder. I also could not get my positioning correct and wounded up being an opportunity to attack for the opponents. I feel that I did not do anything good at all. I did not apply whatever I had learned in training as every time I had the ball of was defending against an attacker I fell a bit under pressure and panicked.

    2. I learned that communication is important but only when Pides passed that ball to me and I returned the ball but standing there like an idiot afterwards. I also need more aggression and less fear of both the ball and the opponent.

    3. I think we did terrible. The lack of communication caused poor attacks and even an own goal. Some of us, me as well, failed our first touch and our ball control, and our passing, we let ourselves down as all of this was thought during training.

    4. The only way I can even do that is to improve myself first. I became the team's weakness. I need to buck up more so that not only can I not fail the team but also help the team.

    5. We can start by each of us practicing and trying to cover up our weakness, after that we can work on our fitness as our stamina was also one of the factors that caused our downfall.

    6. I think Timothy or Ethan is that man of the match as that were the main defense supporting everyone else when we fail. Without them our defense would crumble. They are the backbone of the team but we also need to improve more and not take them for granted.

  11. 1. From 1-10 , i would personally rate myself 6-7.
    i think what i did well during the match was that i managed to make sure that the attackers do not get past me that easily. I managed to keep 1 ball away from getting into the goal. The ball was almost into the goal , but i managed to clear away so to make sure that they do not have a chance to score. And this time i think my fitness have improved. I was able to last for the whole entire match without getting that tired.I think what could have been better would be the ability to pass stronger. I tend to pass weak when under pressure.I tried to communicate as the coach taught us.Luke was the right wing , i tried to communicate with him when i had the ball, before passing to him.

    2. What i learnt as a player is that we should communicate more on the field I noticed that the Zheng hua players had a lot of communication between each other. I think thats the reason why they are able to score and why we werent able to score. Communication is very important as if there was no communication , the whole team would be just going after one single ball and with no communication the whole team would be in a mess, thus resulting in losing.

    3.I think that the team gave their best but we still had rooms for improvement.WE Should encourage our teammates instead of bringing them down.

    4.I think i must improve my ball control and the time that i take to pass the ball or shoot. I will practice so that i can improve myself. And i also must improve my stamina. Even though i am able to last the whole game now but i still must keep fit.

    5. we must put our words in action. there is no point just saying and doing nothing about it , we must practice what we learnt and apply it in the match. We should pay attention during training and not chit chat all the time.

    6. I think the man of the match would be Timothy or Ethan because they covered me when i was marking the player. And they made sure that the ball didnt pass them when the attackers had pass through the flangs. They cleared the ball so that the attackers wouldnt have the chance to score.

  12. I learnt that our team is really weak. Mentally and physically. We really have to buck up otherwise, we are all going to suffer next year when we go for future competitions. I also learnt that, our team thinks to highly of themselves, when they all really need to work harder.

    I think the team did well, occasionally clearing away the balls that were in the penalty box, but they still allowed the opposing team to capitalize on their defensive lapses.

    We can help by encouraging each other and helping each other realize that skill is not enough, as determination and hardwork is also needed for a good soccer player. The coach can teach us the best skills but we cannot use them properly if we do not have the hardwork and the determination behind it.

    The team can train harder. Thats is what i believe the team must do in order to even stand a chance next year. The team must also work on their mental ability, the ability not to give up even in the hardest of times.

    I have no man of the match for today. I feel that the team did not perform to its maximum. And also as i didn'y play, I will not judge the difficulty and hardships the team might have felt while playing the game, hence I will not judge as to who is the Man of the Match.

  13. 1. From a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate myself as a 5. I think that my fitness has improved since the last time I played a match and my decision making has improved as I did not kick the ball anywhere and learnt to pass to the sides. I feel that Kang Zhi and I could have been more aware that we were a bit out of position during the match. I think that I have applied what I learnt in training as I ran forward after passing.

    2. As a player, I learnt that communication is important as the Zheng Hua players used a lot of communication when they played with us. They usually informed each other on who to pass to when they were attacking and who to be careful of when we had a rare chance of attacking.

    3. Although we lost, I think the team did well as we had better stamina compared to the last time we played. We also had a better understanding of the game compared to our first match at home ground. Thus, we performed better.

    4. I think that I can help by encouraging team-mates instead of shouting at them when they make a mistake. I also think that I should inform team-mates of where they should go so that I can pass them the ball.

    5. I feel that the team can be more focused during training, as some of us do not take the drills we do in training seriously. We can also improve on our fitness and be more mentally prepared before the game as most of us were very nervous before the match and because of that, we did not get the result that we expected.

    6. I think that Timothy is the man of the match because he was regularly challenging for the ball from the opponents when they broke though the midfield.