Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[C Div] [Friendly] Post Match Reflections SST V Riverside Secondary @ 19 Dec

These are just guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive

1. Comment on your individual performance
2. What have you learnt? 
3. Comment on the team's performance
4. How can you as an individual help the team?  
5. How do you think the team can improve together? 
6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out? 


  1. 1. Given that I have been out of action for a long time, I know that my fitness and fundamentals have already disappeared. Therefore I could not follow what Coach had taught us and almost let the Riverside players have a chance to score.

    2. Supporting your team is a sub's main role and not chances for us to talk about irrelevant stuff. Regardless of whether we are tired or not, as long as we are not playing, we should observe the match and find out more about our opponents. Even if it is the holidays, we should be working on our weaknesses.

    3. I think that the team has done well today, having had a 2-0 lead in the first third, but there are still some mistakes that we have already made countless times, whether it was in training or in previous matches. These mistakes led to the 4 goals Riverside scored.

    4. I think that as an individual, one can try to come for every training and match. Not only does the person learn more, he might even become a role model for the rest of the team.

    5.The team can improve together by playing together more often, which can help as everyone will gradually know one another's playing habits.

    6. I think everyone were trying their best to play, but people who stood out were people like Ryan, who was manning the right wing in the first and second third, even defending with the back four at one time, or Luke, his performance today was really surprising as I had not seen such good playing from him until now, pushing the ball forward as the CAM in the first and second third. Overall everyone had done well in their different areas today.

  2. 1. I think that my performance was average because I did make a few interceptions and tackles but I also made a few mistakes in marking and supporting. My stamina and fitness has also restricted me from running back in time to help the defence.

    2. I learnt that when we lose the ball we immediately try to win it back. I also learnt that the substitute's main role is to support the team and observe the game and spot the opponent's strength and weakness.

    3. I think the team did pretty well today leading 2-0 in the first third but due to poor man marking and containing, Riverside managed to score the 4 goals against us.

    4. I think that as an individual, one can try to come for everyone training session and match, so that he can learn more from coach and apply the techniques and skills more easily and efficiently.

    5. We can improve by communicating to each other more often as that is what was missing when we conceded.

    6. I think everyone was playing pretty well but I think one outstanding performer is Wen Feng because he was running up and down the left flank tirelessly, helping the left back and then running forward to support the attack, providing the assist for the first goal until he was subbed out.

  3. Today, I felt that my performance could have been better in terms of leading the defence, and one on one. This is because the first and second goals scored by the opponents were partially my fault. The first goal was scored as I gave the opponents too much space and they managed to score. The second goal would not have been scored if I had reacted fast enough and blocked the shot of the opponent.
    I have learnt to lead the defence better in terms of positioning.
    During the first third of the match, the team was doing well in terms of passing and receiving the ball. But as we progressed into the second and third third of the match. The team got tired, therefore passing the ball with too little force and accuracy. Plus, the team members would not run towards the ball to receive the pass, thus letting the opponent get the ball easily.
    As an individual, I can improve my fitness and stamina, this can allow me to last in the match longer, so I can further support the defence by covering more.

  4. I think I didn't play to the best of my ability. I feel that after not running and training for such a long time, my stamina has dropped severely and I couldn't last through the second third of the match and I feel that in the first third, the goal I scored was due to a defensive mistake and in the second third I was just dragging the team down.

    I have learnt that stamina is a very important part of the game. It is almost as important as skill and tricks. I should improve on my stamina and that will help me further improve my game.

    I think the team did very well today. I think they played exceptionally well, and they have improved much since the last game. They are playing more like a team and the team is bonding well together. I believe that after more time and training, I think the team will excel and be better.

    I think I can help the team by improving myself like my stamina and skills, then I can work towards helping the team.

    The team can improve by identifying they're weaknesses and then working on improving they're weaknesses in which will make them stronger.

    I think the one that stood out for me today in the C'Div boys is luke, as he was playing very well and going past defenders easily, and for the B'Div, Wilbur was the one that stood out as he played like he never did before displaying superb tackling and skills.

  5. I think my individual performance was alright, till the near end of the second half where I lost my breath. However, I realized that I improved tremendously as compared to start of the year. Unfortunately, my fitness went downhill during the holidays and thus that caused the downfall of my performance today. In today’s match, I often call out to my teammates who have the ball and give support when he is on the verge of losing possession. My passing was weak a few times and thus the opponent was able to intercept it easily.

    I have learnt that our team has the potential to win, but our mental desire to win is not strong enough. After we were leading by one goal, we started to slack a bit and that’s why the opponent was able to equalize and won in the end. We have to at least prevent them from scoring or if possible, score more.

    The team’s performance was great although we can push ourselves a little further to win. We have improve tremendously as compared to the start of the year. We have gained much experience this year after participating in a few friendlies and Delta League.

    I can help the team by reminding them to form triangles and to give support when needed.

    The team can improve by having that desire to win and communicating more. Hopefully during the upcoming soccer camp, we can form stronger bonds with one another and communicate easily in the future.

    6. I would say Farruq and Timothy did fantastic today. Timothy control the defence well and always reminds his fellow defenders to get back into position. His clearance of the ball was also very well-timed. Farruq commanded the defence well too when Swiss Cottage had corner kicks. He told who to mark who and also reminded the defence to watch out for the running man.

  6. 1. I think that my performance is alright. , i felt that i could have done better and could improve more towards the end , i was already very tired and losing my stamina. However i find myself improved alot. I had better control of the ball compared to the start of the year. However i realised that often i couldnt control the power of my passes when under pressure , sometimes it could be very soft and some times it could be too strong for my team mate to control. And my fitness went down during the holidays.

    2. I learnt that we couldve win if we had the mental strength to and determined enough.I realised that after scoring the first goal and taking the lead , we started to be complacent , starting to slack and not do as good , getting tired easily. thats why the opponent were able to penetrate through the defenses and acle to score and win in the end.

    3.I think the team's performance was alot better compared to the start of the year where we would lose badly. But however i think we could've done alot better if we'd push ourselves even further to the limits.

    4.I can help my team by spuring them on when they are tired or feel like giving up. I can also improve and build up my stamina so that i can last longer in the match.

    5.I think that the team can improve by practicing more and communicate more on the field so that we would know what to do on the field.And the team should have better and stranger mental strength , the desire to win. Hopefully we could improve more and finally win in a match together. I think that would be acheiveable if we work hard together.

    6.I would say Timothy did very well. He commanded the defence line well. He cleared the ball well when the opponents tried to score. Farruq also did well trying to save the ball coming from the opponents. He also commanded the line of the defence well ,telling them who to mark and who to watch out.

  7. 1.I think my performance was alright. I didn't have much confidence in the match like most of the time. I got tired later in the match. I communicated a bit more with my teammates i think. My first touch wasn't always perfect. I think i've improved from before.

    2. I learned that support was very important. Darius told me that i had watched if my teammate was in trouble then i would help and he told me to support before he gets in trouble.

    3. I think the team's performance was really good. There was more communication and more people seemed to have improved. Though i do not think we did our best, i think we had more potential in this match.

    4. Giving good support would be important and trying to correct all my mistakes and problems. Like my first touch and control. If i improve myself i help the team too.

    5. I think if we play in more matches we would be better. Maybe a win might be nice to spurs our confidence. We just need to practice more and be confident in ourselves and our teammates.

    6. I would say Wen Feng did very well he was a great winger, dashing past defenders with speed and trying to cross the ball in to the box.