Friday, December 21, 2012

[C Div] [Friendly] Post Match Reflections SST V Swiss Cottage Secondary @ 21 Dec

These are just guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive

1. Comment on your individual performance
2. What have you learnt? 
3. Comment on the team's performance
4. How can you as an individual help the team?  
5. How do you think the team can improve together? 
6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out? 


  1. 1. I think that my individual performance was okay, and definitely much better than the start of the year, as what Mr Tan has said. However, it is definitely my mentality that has been stopping me all year. When I had the chance to header a clearance, I hesitated and let the ball go to the fast right-winger. Another example was when the Swiss Cottage striker and Farruq collided, the former jumping over Farruq, having a chance of an open goal. Being the first to reach him, I attempted blocking him at the goal, but in the end that striker scored.

    2. I have learnt that nothing is really impossible unless we try, and even if we had the skill but no strong mentality to win, we would still lose.

    3. The team has definitely gotten better in the past year compared to January but we let our guard down when a goal is scored or we are tired.

    4. Everyone can personally try to push those who are starting to lose their mentality to get them moving again.

    5. The team can probably start to communicate and to encourage their teammates.

    6. Personally, I thought everyone had done well, so I shall just mention a few memorable ones. People like Wilbur, despite being a fullback, he managed to fend off the Swiss Cottage players well. Others, like Tobias and Ryan, were doing whatever it took to supply balls to the striker for him to score.

  2. 1.I think that my performance today was better than my performance on the 19th of December against Riverside secondary school. But it could still have been improved. During today's match, I feel that I committed too often and that is why I lost the ball a few times and had to depend on the other defenders too cover. Although I did my best to run back to cover after losing the ball, I feel that it would be best to not commit and lose the ball in the first place. One of the goals that was scored by the opponent today was because I depended on Farruq too much. I thought that Farruq would be able to catch the ball, therefore I didn't run after the ball.
    2.I learnt that I should try to contain the ball sometimes instead of committing every time I see the chance to. Also, I learned to play safe and always run after the ball even though I have confidence that someone else on the team can get the ball.
    3.I find that the team has improved a lot since I seen them play during the Delta league in June. But there is still much room for improvement,in terms of fitness and mentality. After we managed to lead by one goal, the team began to slack and that allowed the opponent to score and win the game.
    4.I think that I can better lead the team and defend better as I let a few opponents get past me.Plus, I can try to motivate the team when they are tired and I can be more aggressive in defending.
    5.Basically, the team is not communicating well during the game, so we could not play well, so the training camp next Thursday and Friday can help us build stronger bonds in the team, and hopefully, that will help us communicate better in the future.
    6.I think that the outstanding player in the C division match would be Ryan. He managed to get the ball a lot of times and run up along the flanks. Although I feel that he could have done better by calling for the ball more often, he did well nonetheless.

  3. 1) I think I put up a better performance than the match on Wednesday but there is a lot more that I can improve on like covering the defense and going forward to support more often.

    2) I learnt that mental strength is very important because that was what made us concede the 2 goals in the second half. If you do not have the skills but you have a strong mentality and the desire to win you can win.

    3) I think everyone has done their best but we let our guard down when we were leading which led to the goals we conceded.

    4) Everyone can understand their roles in the team more and work and their fitness.

    5) We have to work on our communication and start calling out to each other.

    6) I think the team did pretty well today but the more outstanding ones are Timothy, who led the defence and made a few important tackles, Ryan and Wen Feng, who tore down the right and left flanks respectively in the second half, creating many chances for the team, and Wilbur, who play quite well despite being played out of his usual comfortable position.

  4. 1. I think I have improved from my last game and that I have become a better player. I have managed to score a goal today as well as assist a goal which I think is not a very bad achievement. However, i still think that I can improve on my game and maybe take the chances I get down the wing more seriously and I still think that my fitness and stamina is very low and I will also have to become stronger to withstand the body strength of other players.

    I have learnt that, our team can win. We could have won the past few matches even the other friendlies. But what we do not have is the mental strength that will see us through to the end of the game, the thing that will help us win the game.

    I think the team did brilliantly today. But i think we could do better if we had better mental strength and also improve on our general game.

    I can help the team, by reminding them whats important when we are most tired and exhausted, which will spur then on to finish the game and maybe win.

    I think the team can improve by working harder during training and pushing ourselves to the limit, as this will make us stronger and also improve our mental strength and team bonding.

    I think Timothy and Wilbur were the best today, as they tackled relentlessly and were the only reasons we didn't concede more goals.

  5. 1.I think that i did better and had improve compared the previous games that i had played earlier this year and the one on wednesday , i had more stamina and was able to play a full game unlike on wednesday i could only play half. But however there is always room for improvements. I managed to control some of the on coming balls and managed to pass to our team mates or clear the ball when the situation requires me to do so. Although there was improvements , there would always room for more improvements.

    2. I have learnt that communication is very important in the team. And learn to shield the ball from the opponents even if it is hard to pass under pressure. I'd also learnt that our team can win , if we set our mind to it and have lots of determination and as what coach says , the desire or hunger to win.We should have a better mental strength..

    3.I think overall we did better and had a lot of imprvements compared to earlier this year where we have been losing very badly. However there would always be room for improvement , i think if we are determined to win we could do even better if everyone push themselves to the very limit.

    4.Personally i think i could communicate more with the team and that would improve our communication on the field.And also i could improve on my stamina so that i can play longer on the field.Also encourage team mates when they are tired so that that will spur them on to win the game.

    5. We should work hard to keep ourselves fit and maintain and improve our stamina and should encourage each other , pushing ourselves to the limits so that we could win the game. And also , Practice , practice so to improve our skills.

    6.I think Timothy , Ryan were the best as Timothy had tried his best and did very well at tackling the opponents , clearing the ball , and commanding the defense line. Ryan in other hand help scored for the team and he also did well as a flank but he should call out to other team mates and pass to them when he cannot pass the defenders.

  6. 1.I would say that I performed pretty well in the C div match, considering the fact that I scored one and got us a penalty which was converted into a goal which gave us a lead for a while.
    2.I have learnt how to time my shots and to create space, which are vital for making every attack a successful one.
    3.I admit that the team has improved, this coming from my second game after my suspension was temporarily lifted, in terms of defense and other aspects such as passing.
    4.For now, the only thing I can do is to score more goals, as I am primarily a striker.
    5.I think the team can work on giving harder passes, as there were several times where our attack was broken down due to slow balls.
    6.I would say Ryan was the best, having assisted me in my goal and scored our second goal, not to mention that he worked his way tirelessly up & down the flanks.

    Sorry if this post is too short,I don't have access to my computer; doing it on my TV via Xbox.

  7. 1) I do not think I did well because my fitness was down and I did not make decisions that are quick enough. I
    should have trained more during the holidays and I should have decided what to do before even receiving
    the ball.
    2) I have learnt that fitness is very important to win a match. How are you going to win a match if you cannot
    win the ball? Quick decisions are also very important. The opponent is not going to wait for you to make your
    decision before continuing the play.
    3) The team did better compared to other matches that I played with them. But the attack is still breaking down
    too quickly.
    4) I can help the team by encouraging during the match and during physical training instead of scolding them. I
    also can help people with their ball control.
    5) We can encourage each other during the physical trainings and whenever someone does well or needs
    encouragement during the match.
    6) Timothy. He ran tirelessly during the match to help keep the defense in place and applied his defensive
    heading techniques well as leant during training.