Thursday, January 31, 2013

[C Div] [Match] Post Match Reflections SST V Jurongville @ 31 Jan

These are just guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive

1. Comment on your individual performance
2. What have you learnt?
3. Comment on the team's performance
4. How can you as an individual help the team? 
5. How do you think the team can improve together?
6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?


  1. 1. Comment on your individual performance

    My individual performance was pretty decent-good. The plus points were that I think in the 1st half especially, myself and Timothy were commanding and managed to stop JVSS rather well. Even the the 1st half score was 4-0, however, 3 of them came from set-pieces, while only 1 came from the main part of the game itself. The negative points were that I could have made some better clearances as whenever the ball came to me, I lost it due to missing the ball due to bad control or mistimed kicks. Also another negative takeaway was that I was again occasionally drawn out of the centre due to the fact that I was covering and trying to stop the crosses for Raven, allowing them to put in balls to the open centre before I got to even stop it.

    2. What have you learnt?

    I have learnt much today, firstly learning the playing styles, strengths and weaknesses of our new S1 teammates. Also I found out that holding in teams like JVSS wasn't impossible, as we demonstrated in periods of time in the first half. However today I have also experienced firsthand how giving away so freekicks and corners could destroy us. I believe 70% of goals came from freekicks/corners. that singlehandedly destroyed us. Also without a single player, evident today without Choon Wee, our right back was exposed due to the lack of experience which cannot be blamed on anybody.

    3. Comment on the team's performance

    I feel the team's performance was rather good. In contrast to the scoreline, with our play, minus the set-pieces we'll have to improve on soon, we should have deserved only losing by 3, 4, or 5 at most. We stuck to the plan, cleared, and defended as a team. However we could have communicated alot more as I felt that 70% of the calls were from the defence. Obviously parking the bus in every match is not something to be desired but I feel that we all did our best despite our differences in styles of play. If such a style of defending is to be maintained, we should be able to control most teams offensively, however we might be shorthanded in the attack, and the only way attacking playing this style is to require quick and precise passes to get the ball straight to the attackers. We were also exploited on both flanks allowing damaging crosses. But we did try and contain, and we all were part of the plan. I honestly think we all did well regardless of contributions, there was alot more hnger and conviction than on our Tuesday training so I feel we have improved alot.

    4. How can you as an individual help the team?

    There's little one can actually think of much less do to help the team but if we all push each other forward and set aside time for each other to help, we will improve greatly.

    5. How do you think the team can improve together?

    As above, motivating, helping one another out, also if everyone could be just this little bit more serious during training, we could probably do alot more and improve alot more collectively.

    6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?

    This is the first time seeing so much unity in the team in defence and it's really great that everyone regardless of position came to to help but if I have to choose, it would be Yan Zheng or Pides. Even though both didn't have many chances but they took it to their stride anyways. In them I saw the occasional burst of skill and control, beating that one or two defenders on them. Elsewise everyone did their part and were all good whereever they were.

  2. 1) I did not play.

    2) I learnt that when marking someone, you must stand behind the opponent so when the opponent tries to turn, he will turn into you and cannot get pass you easily. I also learnt that if you are beaten, the next nearest teammate closes the opponent down and challenge for the ball and you get up and cover your teammate, in case he also gets beaten.

    3) I think the team's performance was relatively bad as reflected on the scoreline but I believe it is because of the lack of experience and the competitive spirit.

    4) If I am playing I can apply the thing I learnt in training in the game and give my 110%. But if I am not selected in the starting lineup, I can support the team from the bench and be ready so if coach needs a substitute, he can pick one anytime.

    5) I think firstly the team has to improve on defending set pieces as mostly of the goals conceded today are from set pieces. And secondly, we have to motivate each other and cheer each other on instead of blaming them for their mistakes.

    6) I think Wen Feng was outstanding because he was consistently fighting for the ball even though he lost it and he tries his best to carry the attack forward when he gets the ball. I could see the effort and commitment he put into the game.

  3. 1) I did not and was an unused sub.

    2) I learnt that against every team we play, we must go for the ball even if it is a 50-50. Also, stand behind your opponent so he cannot turn away from you. Stay in close contact to them and never ball-watch. Cover your teammate as well.

    3) The team played pretty badly and half-heartedly. The scoreline reflected was actually very real. Lack of experience and commitment let the team down.

    4) If I play, I can always apply what I learnt practicing and in training to apply it on the pitch and give it my all. However, if I am not selected, I can give words of encouragement from the bench.

    5) We can always defend our set pieces better and I would recommend more focus on defensive play. No offense to anyone's tactics though. Also never argue as it will lower the team's morale.

    6) I believe that MOTM will be either Timothy or Ethan were the two people who put in their best efforts as captain and vice-captain. They cleared many balls and made good tackles so the scoreline would not worsen. They also ran tirelessly too.

  4. 1. Comment on your individual performance

    I think my overall performance was the worst I have ever performed before, and I feel like I am in the field, not because I am committed to win the ball, but to just make up the numbers for a team which I hope that I won't do anymore.

    2. What have you learnt?

    I have learnt 2 very simple things that coach have been mentioning to us at almost every training. First, we should not be ball watching, we are no difference from a dummy if we just stand there, watching our opponents getting the possession and a lot of us are at fault because of that and I am one of them too. If every match we keep on ball watching, I dont see why we are worth it to represent our school team. One major excuse whenever I ask people why are you ball watching, they always reply " Oh, my fitness is poor, can't last a full game" So I always wonder, if your fitness is poor and why dont you care about it and work towards improving your fitness? I always see people moaning saying that they don't want to do the 60x40 yards run, running 10 rounds the basketball court, if thats so, that I am no surprised you are lacking of match fitness (30 mins only each half) and ball watching. Secondly, coach always say, 50-50 ball, why not try to make an effort to go in? Sometimes, even the opponent is further from the ball and you are nearer to the ball, but because you see your opponent charging towards you for the ball that is 50-50, you dont go in wholeheartedly to win the ball, and eventually, the opponent, who was at an disadvantage first, manages to get the ball. By saying these 2 stuff, I am not pin pointing to any of you because all this errors that coach have pointed out after the game, I did them too and I am very sure most of you too.

    3. Comment on the team's performance

    To be honest, there wasn't any team spirit in this game at all, no hunger to win/rob the ball from the opponent, though some of us during parts of the match had 'sudden surge of energy' to pressure the opponent. All this leads down to having match fitness, our team really need to build up on their fitness to last at least one half which is 30mins, from there, we aim to last throughout the whole game. To sum up, I was not please with the team's performance and neither was I pleased with my own as well, I knew I could do a lot better than in the game.

    1. 4. How can you as an individual help the team?

      I really honestly cannot do much, the most I can do is the urge the team to take training seriously, stop with all the rubbish moaning on fitness exercise..and do give my very best in my game, on my role. But, I think as an individual myself, I am not up to standard yet, I lack the hunger to win all the balls if possible ( and I think a person who has inspired me to keep on being more hungry is Adil) and up till now, I am still learning from him. I also need to work on keeping my shots on target, my shots need to be more deadly (like Jia le and Wen kai).
      5. How do you think the team can improve together?

      One thing our team has always been lacking is team spirit, down at 1-0, the team still encourged each other, but after the score began 7-0,8-0, the team totally gave up on supporting each other, though at times there were "sparks here and there" the team is like on the other side of a shooting practice, and like coach said we need to have team chemistry.

      6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?

      Honestly speaking, no one, was outstanding in their performance. I am need to be frank with team, each and everyone that played did badly, either ball watching or timid to challenge for the ball, speaking so much about the team doing bad etc, you people might think I am blaming the team while saying that I did my best that I could and you guys suck, but no, I need to be frank so that you will take in my comments seriously and work hard for the upcoming games, I said before, we need the mental strength, do our best in the game, not just 100% , but 200%! So, for this game, all of the players is responsible and no one is to take the blame alone, be it farruq not jumping thus opponent got free header etc, all of us are to blame, from the least defending position (the striker,me) to the gk, all is responsible and hopefully the hunger to win the ball can be seen in the next game.


  5. Even though I did not play and was only a spectator, I feel obligated to complete my reflections on this match.
    Honestly though, the team was playing terribly, and I'm pretty sure I've seen the team play better especially in the last few friendlies of 2012. The defense was especially horrible, although I can't put all the blame on them, as Yan Zheng kept passing the ball straight to the opponent defenders even though Pides was no where near the opponent and gave away possession after almost every kick-off. Some players were out of position, especially Pides, as he is a striker, but he kept staying back with the defenders. This way, whenever someone clears the ball away, there'll be no one to receive the ball and the opponents will start their attack again. It's a vicious cycle. There was a big lack of aggression in everyone, and the opponents took full advantage of it. The defensive players weren't chasing for the ball, and many of them just stood there and looked at the ball once they lose possession instead of going to win the ball again, and this is something that must change, just like what coach says, if you lose the ball, just go back to the guy and keep pressuring him. Even if you never get the ball back, the pressure will usually affect his play and another defender can then just easily clear the ball away. Pides was also a little too soft. Everytime a high ball comes towards him, he will jog to where the ball will land, but by the time he gets there, the opposition defenders would have cleared it away. What he needs to do is to sprint to the player about to receive the ball and fight for a header. It doesn't matter if his header doesn't go to where he wants to, as long as it moves in the general direction, he can turn and start the counter-attack. Honestly though, no one actually stood out, but if I had to pick, I would choose Timothy. Timothy was the only player seen running and chasing for the ball after he loses it. He's the only player who actually listens to what coach says, unlike the other players. But then again, the opponents are one of the national powerhouses, so let's just get ready for the next match.

  6. 1) I think my performance was the worst I had in my years in SST. Firstly, the starting. I did not know who to
    pass to as the defending players have weaker control and might lose the ball in a dangerous area in our half.
    I tried to pass to Wen Feng but most of me passes never make it. Maybe it the pitch that I am not used to or
    my form but I only have myself to blame. Secondly, the defending. I was horrible at it as I was ball watching
    and afraid o the ball. I did not dare to go to challenge the opponent but instead kept a huge distance from
    the opponent. Lastly, set pieces. My man marking is bad and either looked at the person too much until I do
    not know where the ball is or looked at the ball too much and let the opponent have too much space to be in.
    I confess that the first goal was caused by me watching the ball too much that the opponent ran past me.

    2) I have learnt that we have to be adaptable and be able to play both on artificial pitches as well as grass ones.
    I also learnt that we have to attack as a team and not just to let the attacking players attack. What I mean by
    this is that the defending players can join in the attack or provide a passing option incase the attack cannot
    proceed without passing backwards. But, if the defenders come out and attack, do remember to go back into
    position as quickly as possible once the attack ends. I also learnt that no matter how good you are, you must
    be able to play in a team. Look at England for example. Their players individual skills are good but they have
    very different playing styles. This makes them unsuccessful most of the times. Now look at Spain. Some of
    the players have different playing styles but they are able to work together with their teammates. That is why
    teams and countries like Barcelona, Spain and Brazil are successful. They have their individual flair but can
    play as a team. Eric Cantona said, "You can sing like a canary. You can be a virtuoso. But you only make
    beautiful music if you know how to play in an orchestra".

    3) The team is under performing. It may be because the Secondary 1s may not be used to our playing style but
    it is no excuse. Every position has its mistakes. The keeper makes too many mistakes, the defense is not
    solid and the clearances are weak, the midfielders are not defending well and the attack rarely crosses the
    halfway line. The players are out of form and most of us are nervous. We have to relax and keep calm.
    Practice passing during recess and not randomly ramming the ball into the net. Yes, you may be practicing
    your shooting, but can we even get a chance to shoot if we cannot even go into the opponents half?

    4) I can help by trying to keep the team's morale up by encouraging and not criticizing. Let us not dwell on the
    pass but move on and strive to improve in the next match.

  7. 5) We can work on a few things. Firstly, the keepers training has to be more intense. Next, the defense has to
    work on man marking as well as defending as a unit. The midfielders and strikers have to work on their
    passing and containing. The whole team also has to work on their control and heading. During training, the
    defenders have to defend as though their playing in a tournament. This way you guys can learn how to
    defend and the attackers will learn how to attack against a strong defense. The teachers always say put in
    your over 9000% during tournament but I disagree. Putting in effort does not only refer to during tournament
    matches. We should also put in our over 9000% during training.

    6) I do not think anyone was outstanding as everyone was not performing well. Almost everybody was scared to
    challenge the opponents and most of us were ball watching. Everybody has their own wrongs in the match.
    But if I had to name someone it would be Wen Feng as he was obeying what coach said and challenging for
    every ball, closing down the opponents and giving his best. But overall the whole team did horribly. Lets
    learn from this match and apply what we have learnt on our next match.

  8. 1) I think I could have done much much better as a defensive midfielder. I always stay with the defenders and sometimes I became a last man, when I should have covered the area in front of the defenders/ the penalty box. I have to work on clearing the ball when the opponent takes a corner or comes with a cross.
    2) I learnt that I have to watch out for the running man, and stand behind my man when they do a throw-in. That way, I can pressure him and turn around to clear the ball in time. I must also communicate more with my fellow midfielders. As a defensive mid, my position is suppose to be right in front of the centerbacks, but I was often in line with the defenders and thus there was a big empty space in the middle, and the opponent were exploiting that. I also learnt that we have to be really aggressive and try to steal the ball everytime we lose possession. Once we lose the ball, we have to fight back and win back the ball. Even though you might not be confident that you might win the ball back, at least make the opposing players regret playing with you. Show them what we are made of. Our hunger for the ball has to improve too. Many of us were ball watching and thus the opposing strikers can just take possession of the ball and work their way to victory. If we can delay or if best tackle them or clear the ball, they might even have a hard time passing or crossing. Coach said about covering, about how a player would challenge the opposing player with the ball and with a defender covering you, so even if the player got pass you, he has to get past the second defender. I saw a few players doing this once or twice, but after the chain of covering was broken about thrice, they just stood there ball watching. The cover must not be broken at all times. Continue delaying the opponent and delay the ball as long as possible.
    3. I think the team did really badly for this time's match, but it was Jurongville. Although we were told they were the best in the group, and although we were mentally prepared for the lost, we still have to be a little emotionally affected when we lose to them. We can't still be happy-go-lucky when the match was over. However, this match against Jurongville has taught us many things, and also shown our weaknesses. We have to work on these weaknesses we have so that we can minimize our score gap if we lose to other schools, or if best, win them.
    4. As a defensive midfielder, I have to help the midfielders, whether or not they are the attacking midfields or the left or right mid. Support has to be given if we are to create an attack. I can also help by covering the defenders when they are challenging for the ball. So even if the opponent got past the defenders, they will always have another person to get past to score. I also have to run after the ball and stop ball watching so frequently. I have to stick to my man really really closely so that they cannot successfully receive the cross from their flanks and score. Pressure should always be there.
    5. The team can improve starting with being more serious in our training. Many of us always talk and don't listen to coach when he is explaining what to do. Sometimes he gives advice and strategies but because we were talking, we didn't register what he said.
    6. Honestly, nobody was performing their best that day, but if I have to choose somebody, I would choose Bryan. According to him, it was his first ever tournament and I think it was a good experience for him because he got the taste of defeat and he can improve and work on his mistakes. Although he could have applied more pressure to the opponent, he did rather well for his first match.

  9. I think that during the match against Jurong Ville, my performance was not one of my best. I did not mark one of the opponents tightly, and that ended up risking a goal scored by the other team. Also, I feel that I was running too slowly and I cannot catch up with most of the opponent players. One of my worst mistakes during the match would be that my clearance was very weak. I did not communicate with my team well, neither did I control the defence well enough.

    I learned that we must have hunger for the ball, when there is a 50-50 chance to get the ball, we must take the chance and at least try to get the ball, if you cannot get the ball, you must quickly run back to support and try to win the ball back from the opponent. Also, I have learned that no matter who we play against, whether is it the top team of the zone, or the worst team of the country, we must always give our best, that way, we can leave the field with our heads held high, even if we lost. Not to mention, I have learned to better control the defence and the defensive mid-fielders, for example making sure that the defensive mid-fielders never go behind the defence and that the full backs run back quickly so as to support when they have lost the ball.

    The team's performance was poor during the match against Jurongville. There was no hunger for the ball, no one had taken the chance to take the ball away when there was a 50-50 chance of getting the ball. Most clearances were weak or they had went straight to the opponent, allowing them to rapidly counter-attack and score. I feel that the way we were playing was pretty much digging our own graves, we were clearing the ball to the opponent players,which let them score goals, we could instead play a passing game, this would actually prevent the opponent from getting the ball as often if we had done it well, but I think, if we factored in the way we passed during training, the score line would more or less be the same or maybe even worse, though that is the case , I would still prefer to have played that way because I saw that the only way they got the ball was through our own poor clearances.

    I think a way that I can help the team improve is through training my own speed and leadership.I have googled the ways to train my speed and I will try to implement it into my training schedule over the weekends. For leadership, I think that those skills must be learned over a period of time and experience, the only way to get that would be more practice matches.

    I find that a way that we can improve as a team is get the experience together, as in more friendly matches. Also we can further improve by attending training more regularly, so that we can train together more often, so that we get more experience together. I find that the team can actually do some individual training which includes ball control and stamina, so that the coach need not bother about these during training and focus on more advanced things such as tactics and set pieces.
    I find that the most outstanding player for the match would be no one, this is not because I think that you all played badly today , but because of the was because of the way we cleared the ball after getting it allowed for no chances for most of the players to prove themselves. But if I had to choose, It would be Bryan. For his first match with us I considered him to do quite well, though as I said not many chances to prove himself. Though I find that he lacked confidence at times , he was able to open up to the sides well enough to get the ball. I hope that he will further improve and work better with the team.


  10. 1. Comment on your individual performance
    For this section,I do not have much to say as for this match,I was a reserve player.

    2.What have you learnt?
    Although I did not play for the match,I learnt that ball watching can cause the team to concede goals.Also we must have hunger for the ball.For example,if the ball is rolling towards the other team's player,we must try to delay him from passing or tackle him and get the ball.If we ballwatch, we allow the other team's players to get the ball and score goals.That was what caused us to concede 11 goals.If we did not ball watch,we could score some goals.

    3. Comment on the team's performance
    The team was doing well initially.However,something that I did not understand was when our I team was starting the ball,we shot the ball straight to the goalie instead of playing by possession.Raven(I hope I spelt his name right) should be more aware of his surroundings and he could also sprint faster.He should also learn how to mark the man properly like Coach Viara taught us.I feel that Gavin should keep his arms lower,such that his shoulder was blocking the other player,instead of his elbows.Our team should also have more competitive spirit.

    4.How can you as an individual help the team?
    I can improve my stamina by finding time to run every weekend.I can also do some fitness excersise every weekend,to keep my body ready for the upcoming matches

    5.How do you think the team can improve together?
    We could have a full attendance for every training,to ensure that everyone is staying fit for any upcoming matches/friendlies.We can also train our passing and juggling for those we cannot do it well.We can also practice set pieces and ball control.

    6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?
    In my opinion,there were no outstanding players.Everyone had their negative points.But if I had to choose a player,I would choose Bryan.He did very well for his first match.In fact,his standard is well beyond my standard,or what I will ever be.Even so,he needs to learn how to work better with the team.Sometimes,he ends up getting shouted at,but other than that,he is a fine player.

  11. I think my performance in the Jurongville match was the worst so far as I wasn't confident with the match at all. I felt ashamed with myself after the match and felt obligated to apologize to my team-mates for my bad performance. I should have jumped for the ball when a player kicked a high one, but instead I stayed on the ground, vulnerable to the opponent players heading it in mid-air.

    I have learnt that communication, like in every match is very vital as every player, including myself must try to inform our team-mates when we are confident to get the ball. Hunger for the ball is needed which is not evident in the Jurongville match when some of our players did not go for a 50-50 ball and just let the opponent players get them and try to score. With the loss of an important player on that day, Choon Wee, the responsibility of being a right-back was pushed to Gavin, though Jerrold has the capability to also play a right-back.

    I think to the contrary of the score-line, we did quite well. We stuck to coach's plan and defended well, though we need to improve on the set-pieces, which cost us a few goals. As I mentioned above, no hunger for the ball was evident during the match and no team spirit was shown during the game.

    I think I can improve as an individual by being confident with the ball and pass more accurately to my team-mates.

    We can improve by defending during set-pieces, communicating more and have more hunger for the ball. I say these 3 things as they are very for us and the scoreline could have been reduced if not for these.

    I think the MOTM would be Afif, though he was subbed in for a few minutes, he was aggressive in getting the ball from the opponent and clearing the ball when he had gotten it.

  12. 1. I think that I could have done a lot better, be more aggressive to the opponents because most of the time, when the opponents gave me a slight push, I leaned forward and gave the opponent more space. I also have to work on clearing the ball, as most of my kicks are weak and do not go too far up the pitch.

    2. I learnt that defensive midfielders should not stand in line with the defence because that would give the opponent more space in the centre. I have also learnt that we should not be ball watching, and when there was a 50-50 ball, we should go for it. Finally, we should cover our teammates when they miss a challenge, as that would slow the progress of the opponent.

    3. I think that the team did well for the first 10-15 minutes as we did not allow them to score goals and I feel that if we had played like what we did in the first 10-15 minutes, the scoreline would be reduced greatly. I think that the lack of experience in the competition also put the team down, as most of us have never participated in a tournament before and were just playing football for fun.

    4. As an individual, I can help the team by giving them words of encouragement and continue to do my best. I can also apply what coach has been teaching us in training and also be ready in case coach wants to make a substitution.

    5. I think that we could be more serious in training, as most of us are usually talking about other things that are unrelated to training. I also think that we could start practicing how to defend set-pieces, as in the Jurongville match, most of our goals came in from corners or free kicks. We could also have more practice matches, in order to simulate real matches.

    6. I think that none of us were outstanding, but if I had to choose, it would be Timothy as most of the time, he was chasing the opponents and marking them tightly. He also did his best in getting the ball and clearing it as far as he could.

  13. 1. Comment on your individual performance
    I do not think i had played very well. I can't rate myself because i didn't really play my position. I believe we were all just defending. I remember 1 bad touch, when i was near the line and the ball went out, but i also remember when i had controlled a good drop kick from Farruq with my head and directed it straight to Pides which i feel was good because i'm usually a little scared to head a ball that was kick as strongly and high like that. I managed to successfully clear the ball everytime it got near or in the box but i did not defend very well as the opponent's wingers were able to accelerate faster than i could and were able to dribble pass me.
    2. What have you learnt?
    I have learnt that i still do not have much confidence in myself. I think i need more experience playing and have my touches with the ball to help me get the feel of playing and boost my confidence as i felt quite tensed during the match.
    3. Comment on the team's performance
    I do not think we did good. Our defending was pretty solid during the first half but i believe we either lost confidence or lacked commitment in the second half as i had even seen multiple people unmarked in the box that could just tap the ball in unlike the first. I do not blame my teammates for not making the opportunity to attack for ourselves because of coaches' orders which was just to clear the ball whenever we had it, but i believe we could, if we all had confidence in attacking, we could ( in my opinion) as we managed to get pass the half-line once when we did a little passing.
    4. How can you as an individual help the team?
    I have to first believe and have confidence in myself to be able to be of good use to the team because i already believe in the team.
    5. How do you think the team can improve together?
    I think we need to play more matches, get more goals, and a win, to have that feeling of success to be able to understand and reach for it. Everyone looked very tensed when we were playing and the atmosphere i feel is different when we do good (in other matches).
    6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?
    I would say it was Markus because i believe he has improved a lot and i was impressed when he pressured his opponents and managed to head the ball and keep pressure. He was a good defender.

  14. 1. I think that I did very badly in the game. I was pushing too much, and awarded freekicks too easily, allowing them to score. Looking at the team, I think that I did the worst, because I lost the ball too easily and was ball watching.

    2. Through this game, I learnt that we should not ball watch and if we lose the ball, we should try to get back the ball and not give up so easily, and if our team mates lose the ball, we should not just stand their and ball watch, instead go in and fight to win the ball or try to delay them at least. If it is a 50-50, we should go in and challenge for the ball, and not be scared and just stand there, allowing the opponent to reach it first. I also learnt to not push or pull the opponent too much as it can result in a freekick, and eventually lead to a goal.

    3. Overall, I think the team lack communication and there was no hunger to win the ball. There was once during the match where I saw three person going for one ball, and ended up allowing the opponent to steal it instead due to the miscommunication between the three players. After losing the ball, only a few players never gave up and tried to win back the ball, while the others just stood there ball watching and did not try to win back the ball. The defense was not solid and most of the clearances are very soft, the midfielders did not defend too well, and our attack rarely crosses the halfway line. The players are also not confident when they have the ball and they rarely call for the ball. The Sec 1’s are also too nervous as it may be their first time playing a match, resulting in them losing the ball too often or not having confidence in getting the ball.

    4. I think I can help the team by not pushing and pulling so much, and causing freekicks unnecessarily, resulting in the opponent scoring 3/5 of the goals. I can also help by calling out for the ball more often and stop ball watching.

    5. The team can improve together by motivating each other, and covering each other when we lose the ball, and we should also learn how to defend set pieces and not be afraid to go in for a 50-50 ball.

    6. I think Timothy and Ethan were the most outstanding in the match as they both helped the right and left backs a lot and covered for them too. The also commanded very well, and if the players were not in position, they would tell them to get back in formation and also when they lose the ball, they would not give up and try their best to get back the ball.

  15. 1. Comment on your individual performance
    As I played for around only two minutes, there isn't really much to say about my performance. All I did was to chase for the ball and caused the Jurongville captain to trip on the ball.

    2. What have you learnt?
    I have learnt that we have to stand behind the opponent to make sure we have an advantage when it comes to drop-kicks like throw-ins or a cleared ball, as well as to prevent drop-kicks from bouncing. I also learnt to focus on the game and not ask irrelevant questions. Finally, for goalkeepers, two hands should be used to punch the ball away and they have to squat instead of leaving a gap between their legs where the ball can roll through.

    3. Comment on the team's performance
    The team was quiet and there wasn't much hunger for the ball. The team were not so confident attacking but neither was the defence. The Sec 1s could be forgiven for it is their first competitive match despite being rather new to the team.

    4. How can you as an individual help the team?
    I think I can try to header the ball more often as it could be more effective than clearing with my legs. If an opponent falls, and the ball is safe for me to take without hitting the opponent, I think I should just take the ball and clear it. Also, I have to stand much nearer to opponents during throw-ins to prevent them from turning to get the ball.

    5. How do you think the team can improve together?

    6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?
    I think everyone tried their best and everyone would have their strengths and flaws during the game, but the outstanding people would be Timothy, Ethan, Gavin, Wen Feng and Bryan. Timothy and Ethan were helping out to cover the fullbacks and tried to clear the balls that came to them. They also guided players who were out of position. Despite playing in an unfamiliar position, Gavin was fine but he should try not to push opponents so hard. Bryan was doing okay for his first match but he can be a little more confident. Wen Feng did well to clear the ball away when the Jurongville winger came to him.

    1. 2. I also learnt that whatever Coach has for our training are to help us overcome the difficulties we face in matches so we can do better.

      5. The team will have to try to encourage their teammates to be more confident and more aggressive. Everyone will have to take every training as a match itself.

  16. 1. Comment on your individual performance

    I feel that based on my individual performance that match, I was playing terrible after the first goal I started to feel discouraged and my level of performance started dropping from there, and I was also panicking till I forgot what I have learned.

    2. What have you learnt?

    For that match I learnt that I need to be more aggressive and the hunger for the ball is required. Also I need to stop ball watching and gain more confidence in myself. I also learned that I should stop being afraid of the ball and the opponent.

    3. Comment on the team's performance

    The team was silent and I think most of us panicked under pressure and wound up ball watching. We were also terrible at marking. Multiple times we let in headers and shots. I guess we were intimidated by the face that our opponent is one of the top three.

    4. How can you as an individual help the team?

    To help the team I have to improve myself first, starting with winning the ball and the hunger for winning. I should also be more aggressive and less scared.

    5. How do you think the team can improve together?

    We can improve by taking training sessions more seriously and listen to coach's instructions instead of goofing off.

    6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?

    I feel that that day there were no outstanding performances at all but we can stop criticizing and start trying to improve ourselves first.