Thursday, February 21, 2013

[C Div] [Match] Post Match Reflections SST V Chestnut Drive Sec @ 19 Feb 2013

These are just guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive

1. Comment on your individual performance
2. What have you learnt?
3. Comment on the team's performance
4. How can you as an individual help the team? 
5. How do you think the team can improve together?
6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?


  1. 1. I think I have done relatively well for this match, although I can still improve as usual. My sprinting, ball control and communication still has areas for improvement.

    2. I learnt that once you lose possession of the ball, you cannot just stand there and watch as the opponent dribble past you. You have to at least show aggression and try and fight and steal back the ball. I also learnt that we must not give up, especially when it comes down to the last 15 minutes or so.

    3. The team did rather well. The mid-fielders done their jobs well. The defenders have to communicate more though. Many a time the opposing attacker or winger managed to slip away because there was miscommunication on the defence. If we keep this up, we will surely win a match some day soon.

    4. I can help by reminding the team to communicate and also to give words of encouragement whenever a player is feeling down or frustrated because we are losing or are making silly mistakes.

    5. I think the team can continue the running laps exercise coach gave us as it was put into good use during this match. Many of our players are much fitter now.

    6. Ethan, Timothy, Kang Zhi and Pides are the most outstanding players in my opinion. Ethan managed to save a few shots made by the opponent and Timothy had many good clearance. Kang Zhi was performing well even though it was his first time playing in this tournament, although we only had 2 matches. He had excellent control over the ball and managed to dribble past Chestnut Drive's left flank a couple of times. Pides is always ready to receive a through ball made by either Gavin or Yan Zheng, but still has to sprint faster if he wants to reach the ball before his marker does.

  2. 1) I felt that my game was pretty good, I believe that I have put in good effort into the the match with regards to the circumstances. It feels good working cohesively as a team for the most part of the game, defending well in context and keeping Kranji out for the most part.

    Into perhaps the first 5 minutes I managed to slide a ball off the goal line and thus we didn't concede as early, obviously it felt good and got me in the mud but it was no problem. It however became a problem as it stuck into my head, not in the sense that I got proud and conplacent, but because it really contributed into making me get in a really bad mood and ruining my spirits as into the game, twice after had I missed getting the ball of the line by just split-seconds or centimeters.

    I also felt that my clearances were alright, although with a few patchy moments. I did my best covering my fellow defenders and managed to dispossess their strikers and wingers for the most of parts.

    I must admit, I had moments of perhaps unsporting and careless play, and as the opponents' players in the striking department were physically smaller, there was the occasional elbow flail or intentional bump with a push intended to get opponents off the ball, plus a really bad (but accidental) stomp that got their winger substituted off, and a high boot which made contact but the referee did not catch. I'd like to keep play clean as possible but honestly I would do it all over again if it was to help the team out.

    Also I got a little distracted from the start of the game after having a pretty bad cut due to some really bad abrasion from a tackle. (It was bleeding a bit even when I reached home)

    Otherwise, this was one my more confident plays, with 1-2 good tackles on players who broke through everyone and was onto the goalkeeper, a goal saving tackle and I suceeded in most clearances.

    2) I learnt that this team we have can actually hold in teams for periods of time as long as we don't lose concentration and I learnt that constant practice will eventually reap results seeing the improvements.

    3) The team's play was good, we saw alot more attacking football than our previous match against JVSS and defence was pretty good, conceding sadly from the common lapse of judgement or lapse of concentration.

    4+5) I could motivate my team more, and as usual, working together more often with physical exercises whenever we have time will do even more good, and better communication, more understanding, and more seriousness will get us better results.

    6) My MOTM would probably be our Sec 1 Raven. Compared to the previous match I played beside him, he has mustered alot more confidence and made some great clearances and put lots of pressure on CDS wingers despite the fact that he had little experience and was outrun by some to the faster ones. Elsewise the whole team deserves a mention for the match today.

  3. 1) I think that I have done better compared to the previous match although there is always room for
    improvement. I should have been less soft when defending against the opponents and close them down
    quickly. I should also have been more confident when I have the ball and not panic and fumble.

    2) I think I should be braver to face the ball and not shun away once the person raises his leg to pass or
    to shoot. Confidence with the ball is also very important as no matter how good the person is, he will not
    trust himself that he can do it.

    3) The team had many obvious improvements in defense. Firstly, we were better prepared when the crosses
    came in. Secondly, we were more compact when the opponents attacked from the centre. The keepers have
    to be more confident and firm when handling the ball. Many chances were given to the opponents because of
    this. The defenders have improved a lot. The balls are still coming in from the sides more than it should.
    When the opponents are coming down from our left, I think Ethan should let Ravern handle it by himself
    instead of rushing directly behind Ravern. By doing that you will create a large gap in the centre of the
    defense for the opponents to pour in. The midfield is doing okay but should be more confident with the ball.
    The midfield has to constantly look out for options and the rest should call for the ball. We should pass once
    someone is open. The striker has to work on his control and finishing. No matter how good the through pass
    or the cross may be, a bad touch will ruin a chance.

    4) I can help by being and example to guide and coach the Secondary 1s.

    5) We can cheer each other on during physical training. The keepers should also have a much tougher training.

    6) I think Kang Zhi had an outstanding performance. This is his first full match and he was dying to start a
    game. Given that, he might have little or no game experience. Despite that fact, he was much better than
    many of us that have plenty of game experience. He chases down every ball tirelessly and is confident with
    the ball. He takes and makes chances instead of waiting for them. His ball control was also better than many
    who started the game previously. We should follow to be confident (but not overly) and have much more ball

  4. 1+2) I think I need more confidence throughout the second half which I played. Also, I need to learn how to conserve my stamina. I ran too fast sometimes and felt tired after that although i tried my best not to let that affect me.

    3) During the opening of the game, Ethan made a few extraordinary "on-the-line" saves. I thought that really made the team have confidence in the defense. Thus, we could pull a string of attacks, not needing to worry so much about the defense. After the first half, even though we were down 2-0, I felt that we could still win. During the opening of the first half, we let in a goal almost immediately. While Yee Cher, me and a few of the other subs were warming up, I wanted to help the team win really badly. Now for the cause of the goals. I felt that we gave them too much space although we knew that the opposition had players who could dribble very well. It was too easy for the number "9" to score the 3rd/4th goal. Also, there were too many holes in the defense but i felt that overall, we did better than how we did against jurongville when we lost 11-0.

    4) I think I could have open up a bit more to allow more options for the person with the ball. If I had done that, we would not have lost the ball as easily as we could pass around.

    5) I think everyone need to improve on their stamina. We tire out easily and that was costly. If we had more stamina, we could have let in fewer goals.

    6) I think the MOTM for me would be Ethan or Timothy. They allowed the team to be a little more focused on the attack by defending really well. For Ethan, it was the awesome saves. For Timothy, it was the outstanding pace and amount of stamina he has. He cancelled out countless attacks and made good clearances too.


  5. I was too slow and lacked confidence. I also let their wingers run loose on the left wing which I was in charge of. I also was not confident and I did not jump to head for corners.

    I must work on my pace and my aggression. However match experience is also something I must gain.

    The overall team performance was great as coach said, we worked together as a team. Ethan made some outstanding saves and Faruq looked more solid in goal than in Jurongville. He had more of a presence. Timothy also defended really well.

    I can help by preventing crosses from coming in from the wing. Thus this will not pressure Timothy and Ethan as much. I can also try to communicate more with my teammates.

    We can work more on our ball control and also communicate more in a match. We also need to work more on our stamina.

    I think the MOTM are both Timothy and Ethan. Kang Zhi was also outstanding. It was his first match in this competition and he gave it his all. Timothy headed most crosses away and Ethan threw his body in the path of the ball when it went past Faruq.


  6. I think that my performance during the match was better than before,because I was able to mark the opponent much more closely than the previous matches. I think what I can improve on is my clearance. My clearance during this match was not powerful enough and the opponent managed to get the ball almost every time after I cleared it.

    I learned that need to start training to clear moving balls without a run up, because I find that in the match, there was not much time and space for me to clear the ball.

    I think that the team performed much better than previous matches, in terms of defence and fighting spirit. But at the start of every half, there would be a period of time where the opponent just snatches the ball away from us, run past everyone and managed to score. I think that this is because when a new half starts, the team is not alert enough and they are standing flat footed, so when the opponent started their attack, our reactions were to slow and they managed to score.

    As coach said, I need to be more commanding, in order to control the team well, so that there is better communication between team members.

    I think the team can improve together, by playing more matches, to gain more experience so that we know what to do in certain situations, as coach cannot talk about all the possible scenarios during briefings or training sessions.

    I think that the man of the match would be Kang Zhi. This is his first time playing in this tournament as well as playing as the left wing, in my opinion, this is a splendid performance for his first time as the left wing. I think though, if he wants to improve, he would need to practise more often so as to gain more experience.

  7. 1) I think I did pretty well as it was my first time playing a competitive match. I managed to beat the right-back a few times and brought the attack forward quite well. And managed to make some clearance.

    2) I learnt that communication is very important. It was because of miscommunication between Ethan and Farruq that they collided with each other while trying to clear a ball off the goal line. I also learnt that we have to stay focused throughout the match. A lapse of focus can cost the team a goal, but of we can stay focused we can win games.

    3) I think the team was quite good. The defence and the defensive midfielders were better as compared to the Jurongville match. The defensive midfielders are covering very well and the defence is making more tackles and clearances. The attack also had more chances, including a freekick, as compared to the Jurongville match where the ball hardly went into their half. I think it is a great improvement.

    4) I can improve on my decision-making skills as there was a chance I lost because I hesitated in front of the goal and when I wanted to shoot, I got fouled.

    5) I think we can work on our communication, stamina and focus. If we do not have enough stamina, we would tire out easily and the opponent can exploit the gaps we leave and it could cost us a goal.

    6) Although I think the whole team was outstanding, Timothy and Ethan were the most noteworthy ones. Ethan made a few goal line clearances and vital tackles. He was also very willing to throw his body into any balls. Timothy also made many vital tackles and made a lot of clearances and together, they kept the scoreline down.

  8. I think my performance was better than the previous match against Jurongville. I was more confident and aggressive in saving the ball. What I can improve is my goal kicks as they did not go very far and Coach had Timothy do the goal kicks for me.

    I learnt that I need to move faster in saving the ball and I should not just deflect the ball and catch it as not to give the striker a second chance to shoot and score.

    Our team's performance was better as we were more confident with the ball. Our defence was tighter and our set-pieces has improved a lot. We had a few opportunities to score but we didn't score, which is quite sad.

    I think I can improve on my commanding for my defence, so I can organize it better.

    I think the team can improve more on communicating and the defence. And we should also play more friendlies to gain more experience.

    I think the man Of The Match is Timothy as he was commanding in the match and also tried to motivate the players when they made a mistake.

  9. 1. About my individual performance,I do not have much to say,given that I was not playing during the match.

    2. Something I have learnt about is to cover our teammates tightly.We also cannot ballwatch and let the opponent get to the ball first.Although I heard from Coach Vaira that Chestnut Drive has 2 players which come from soccer schools,I felt that our team put up a good fight.

    3. The team improved a lot.We did do some of the things Coach Vaira told us to.For example,at one instance when the opponents had the ball,our players did move behind and try to tackle them when he was beaten,whilst the player behind moved forward to try and delay the opponents.

    4. I could perhaps try to play during the matches to get more experience in playing competitive football.I should also work on my fitness.Although I fell that my fitness has improved,there is always room for improvement.

    5. The team could be able to try and communicate.At one instance during the match,the ball was heading towards our goalpost.Farruq and Ethan mis communicated ,so both of them ran towards the ball and nearly conceded a goal.If they had communicated properly,Ethan would have let Farruq get the ball.A simple 'Mine' would work properly.
    6. For this part,it would be Ethan and Timothy.During the match,he willingly slid and got the ball many times.He threw his body into the balls.Timothy did a lot of vital tackles and clearances,saving Farruq from a lot of trouble.Without them,the scoreline difference would be a lot more different.

  10. 1. I was an used substitute.
    2. I have learnt from my teammates mistakes that I should have my hands clasped over and under my hands so there is no way it can slip. I have also learnt to communicate with my teammates more appropriately. I have also learnt to dive faster and react more quickly to the incoming ball.
    3. The team's performance was much better offensively and defensively. The full-backs controlled the game well but a few lapses in concentration led to the goals. The sprinting down the wings was also effective and kept the opposition defense on their toes.
    4. I can help the team during shooting practice and giving them more commands
    5. We all can work on the ball work and fitness. After goalkeeper training I will definitely join the activities coach is doing with the team.
    6. The MOTM would be Kang Zhi. He was exceptional down the flanks and dummied defenders. He was almost a replica of Ryan. His defensive work rates kept the scoreline less as well.

  11. 1) I think i had done alright. I had tried to dribble once, but i made a turn to the wrong side and instead i dribbled down the middle which had a lot of opponents and i think i could have gotten the ball much further if i had made the right turn an dribbled that way. I believe that my first touch was good in the match, i managed to control the ball right on the ground from farruq's high passes to me.

    2)I have learned that we cannot let our guard down for even a second which had happened right when the 2nd half started and the opponents got a quick goal.

    3) I think the overall team performance for good. Unlike the match against Jurongville, we held possession of the ball more and even had a couple of chances to cross or shoot.

    4)I should improve on my dribbling and try to keep the ball close to my feet more often and to pass accurately to my teammates.

    5) I think we can work on our positioning even though coach tells us often not to ask for passes behind a defender and to stay in a triangle and make space.

    6)I would say Kang Zhi did very well. He dribbled well pass defenders and got to the goal before losing it and did well in playing as a winger and midfielder.

  12. 1. I think that I did better compared to the Jurongville match, because I was able to dispossess that opponents more times. My speed and communication could be improved so that I would do better the next match.

    2. I learnt that to cover our teammates if they get out of their position or leave to make a tackle. I also learnt that communication is important as there was once when Ethan and Farruq clashed together because of a miscommunication and that resulted in a goal. The last thing I learnt was to never give up even though we were losing.

    3. I think that the team improved a lot since the Jurongville match. We had managed to work together as a team and covered each other so that the scoreline was lesser. We also managed to attack and pressurise the opponent. I feel that if we can keep this up, we can surely win against the other teams.

    4. I can remind my teammates to never give up although the match was going to end. Also, I think that I can improve on my strength when clearing the ball as I cannot kick very hard.

    5. As a team, I believe we can work on our focus because the goals that were conceded were usually because we did not focus at those times and they managed to dribble past us and score a goal.

    6. I think that Kang Zhi was outstanding. He repeatedly caused trouble down the right flank of the opponent although he did not manage to get the ball into the penalty box. Ethan also had an outstanding performance today as without him, a lot more goals would have been conceded.

  13. 1. I was an unused substitute.

    2. I learnt to not just stand there watching if I/my teammate is beaten,and to fight for the ball.Also if the ball is in neither team's possession, I should go for the ball if I am the nearest person to it.

    3.The team did quite good.The defense and midfield was great and Farruq seemed to be much stronger and solid in goal.Communication should be improved.We also managed to put pressure on the opposition quite a few times.Improve just a little bit more and we might as well win in the next match.

    4.I could improve on my fitness so that I might last longer on the pitch.My passing as seen from my training isn't so good so I could try to improve on that and benefit the team.I should also try to play in the matches and get more experience.

    5.As a team,there could be more communication on the defense.During a match,if someone does something that could have changed the scoreline to our side,we could cheer them on.

    6.I will say Ravern,Ethan,Timothy and Farruq. Ravern managed to stop some crosses from happening and also cleared some balls.Ethan and Timothy defended the balls well and if not for them the scoreline might be different.Farruq performed much better and stopped some balls from entering the goal.

  14. 1. I think I did better as compared to the match against Jurongville and I defended better and created some chance for an attack. I also communicated better with my team mates and cleared a few balls in the penatly box.

    2. I learnt that we should not ball watch as it could costs us goals. Instead, we should go in for the ball if its a 50-50 or try to delay the opponent or better still steal the ball away from them.

    3. I think the team did quite well for this match as we communicated very well and the defence was very compacted, and we also covered each other when the opponent started attacking. We also put pressure on the opponent quite many times and launched a few attacks.

    4. I think I could improve on my fitness so that I can last the whole match and still feel not tired and could also improve a bit on my passing and defending, so as to benefit the team.

    5. As a team, we could have better communication although in this match we did quite well, and we could improve on our fitness as we could not outlast the opponents and also lost to them in a 50-50 ball.

    6. I would say Timothy and Ethan were the Men Of The Match as they defended very well and commanded very well too. Timothy covered many of us and cleared away many of the balls that were played into the penalty box. Ethan made two goal-line clearance and that was outstanding. His defending was also very strong and stole away a lot of balls from the opponent.

  15. 1. I think that i did okay only and could have room for more improvement. I feel that i could do better in a way that i could clear the ball better, i wasnt able to clear that well as the opponent was blocking me at times. As one of my team mate pointed out to me that i ran in a curve manner instead of straight for the ball. I think i would have to work on that as well.

    2. I have learnt that we should not just watch the ball and expect the opponent to miss the shot. We should try our best to tackle them and if there is a 50-50 chance we must make sure we win the ball.We also should communicate more even though there was a slight improvement in communication , we could do even better

    3.I think overall we did not a bad job for this match compared to our previous matches or friendlies. There was better communication in the team and i could see that everyone is trying their best to get the ball and try to score. As coach had said on that day , there was better covering during the match and i think we should keep it up.

    4. I think that i could do my part by improving my stamina and control of the ball. I think that i should practice and train even harder and put in my 100% during training in order to improve and help benefit the team as a whole.

    5. I think that as a team we can start by getting to know each other's limit better in order to make the right decisions on the field. Other than that we can improve on our fitness and ball work as a team by giving our 100% during training and during a match we should also communicate alot more.

    6. I think the most outstanding one would be Ethan. Knowing that he would be injured , he went after ball and tried to tackle the ball and i could see him trying his very best. He managed to save a few balls but however the opponent just took a rebound shot and the shot was in. However what im trying to say is that Ethan gave his best during the match and i think that we should learn from him and do the same , to give our best not only during the match but also during training.

  16. 1) I was a substitute in the game.

    2) I learnt that we should not ball-watch but should be more aggressive while defending and that we should communicate with each other better.

    3) The team was better when defending and was more aggressive when going for the ball and therefore created more chances compared to our previous game. I think the team could have communicated better.

    4) I think that I can try to improve and play in the upcoming matches.

    5) I think that the team can improve is if we can communicate with each other and obtain more successful passes and crosses into the opponent's penalty box.

    6) I think that Kang Zhi did the best in the match. He managed to dribble past a few defenders and was the foundation of our attack.

  17. 1. Comment on your individual performance
    I would rate myself a 4 for the first half and a 5.5 for the second half. I personally feel that I couldn't get into the game in the first half. My touches were bad and could not linked up with my other teammates. In the second half, I got into the game a little bit more and made some attacking chances.
    2. What have you learnt?
    I have learnt from this game that team spirit from both the bench and the players on the field is very crucial in the game as it can affect the performance of the team. With the teammates on the sideline cheering you on the whole time/ most of the time, it will surely boost up the players' morale and who knows what will happen next.
    3. Comment on the team's performance
    I am pretty amazed that the team recovered brilliantly from the 11-0 hammering by JVS, though we lost 5-0, the team have displayed their never-say-die attitude in this match. Most of the players were pressing down the ball all the time, the hunger to win the ball like what coach had taught us, was displayed in the game.
    4. How can you as an individual help the team?
    I personally think that for myself, i need to be clinical in front of goal. There were a few chances where we were just outside the penalty box, I believed like what coach had said, if you are confident then go for the long shot. For our team, its very rare that we enter the opponent's penalty box so we should make use of whatever chances we have to score. If I can really help something in attack, naturally, the rest of the players will want to shine as well.
    5. How do you think the team can improve together?
    The team can improve more on communication and commanding the defense. With more firm communication, even passes will be guaranteed to be successful and anything can happen after that. The team can also work on set pieces defending and "going in for 50-50 balls" With more aggression, the team can definitely craft something out. Even a clean sheet.
    6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?
    Honestly speaking, no one deserved the MOTM for this match. By being very fair, from playing for 50 mins and watching the last 10 mins on the bench, all the players who played did good and bad at the same time. There's no one that really did not make less than 3 mistakes. But having said that, I think Kang Zhi deserved some praise. He was causing trouble on the left wing and he stood out a bit more than the rest but still, everyone has room for improvement.


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  19. 1. Comment on your individual performance
    I was an unused substitute.
    2. What have you learnt?
    I learnt that technique is very important. The goal where the ball bounced over Farruq was because his technique was wrong. I also learnt that the ball should go to the flanks as much as possible.
    3. Comment on the team's performance.
    The team did very well. The defence was compact and Ethan did an awesome job, especially delaying the CDS players before the first goal. Everyone got muddy in one way or another, but they didn't really care about that. Also, the team suddenly felt the desire to win.
    4. How can you as an individual help the team?
    I can try to play more with the ball whenever I can, and overcome my fear of highballs and getting injured.
    5. How do you think the team can improve together?
    The team can encourage one another during training and guide them.
    6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?
    I think there were many outstanding people today. Ethan was very determined to prevent goals and was very aggressive. Kang Zhi was very outstanding too. He volunteered to be left winger and then striker, his ball control was great as well. Timothy did many clearances, escpecially that header. Gavin was also outstanding. He played aggresively against CDS and for most of the first half, he was sort of the driving force. Afif also did well. He was more confident and had a few slide tackles and could chase the CDS players.