Monday, June 3, 2013

[Delta League (June) ] Post-match reflections SST V Strybers FC @ 3 June

These are just guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10 and justify your rating
What I do well today? 
What could have been better? 
Did I apply what I have learned in training? If yes, how? 

2. What did you learn as a player/spectator from the match today?
3. Do you think the team did well today?
4. How can you help the team to improve?
5. What do you think the team can do together to improve?
6. Who do you think is the man of the match today and justify your selection


  1. 1. I would rate myself a 4. I thought that I did not have good control when the ball was coming towards no man's land and I was slow to react to most of the ball eg: headers because I was afraid to meet the ball. I think I can work on that like not letting the ball bounce before meeting it. I also think another factor that I should be working on is my sudden quick burst of speed and stamina . I believe as a centre forward, quick burst of speed away from defenders is very important and crucial. Also, stamina to last an entire game is important though I was still able to keep running for the most of the second half.
    2. As a spectator in the first half, I learn from bennett that it is very important to know whether an opponent is behind you waiting for a through ball to happen. He was caught by his opponent running behind him and led to dangerous attacks. As a player in the second half, I learn that turning away from defenders is very important as you can catch your defenders flat footed and dribble through. Stamina is also a very general factor required as well.
    3.I think after a long break without playing soccer besides the new C' div, our team performance was neutral. Quite a couple of mistakes that we can learn from.
    4. Practice more on passing and good control. These are the basics skills that all soccer players needs.
    6. I would not have any MOTM, I believe everyone in the team did both neutral and have lots to pick up.

  2. I would rate myself a 3 or a 4. I gave myself this score because there were a few times where I had managed to tackle the opponent and get the ball for him, and also because I had managed to cover the left backs Yee Cher and Jia Le. But one of the fatal mistakes I had made in the match was that I left the space in the center empty, thinking that Chan Hong would go up and tackle the opponent in the area. This lack of communication allowed the opponent to score a few goals. Another mistake I made was that my clearance was too weak and it only travelled around ten meters before it is taken by the opponent.I learned from this match that I have to communicate better with my team mates , expecially the defence. As well as that I have to make use of my clearance better, and not just kick the ball back to the opponent.I think that the team did quite badly today. The defence did not really cover one another. They also did not really put pressure on the opponent. I also feel that after the second/third goal. Some players kind of given up. The team needs to work on their mentality.I believe that no one should really be the man of the match as nobody deserves to.

    1. Timothy, you talk about the mentality and the spirit, how players have given up even though the game hasn't ended. That's your responsibility as captain. You need to talk to them, encourage them, make sure that they never give up. That's why I've been repeating myself about communication, to keep encouraging and motivating each other to keep fighting on.

  3. 1. I would give myself a 5/6, reason being I helped command the defense as well as the defensive midfields. I reminded the defending players to mark their men and stick close to them. However, I made mistakes quite a number of times, such as any how whacking the ball in a random direction just to clear it, oblivious that an opposing player is there. I also did a couple of mistackles and also I committed too soon for a number of times.

    2. I learnt that delaying a player and pressuring him so that he has a limit to what he can actually do is really important. In the first half, I did not pressure their left wing a lot and he managed to send a lot of crosses and pass. I also learnt that I have to turn around from time to time whenever i am defending. This is because the opponent with the ball might make a through ball to him or even a cross and if I did not mark him properly, he can just dribble past all of us and score.

    3. I can say the team did better in the second half in terms of marking and passing as well as clearance of the ball.

    4. The team needs a lot of speed and endurance training because our fitness is no match for the older opponents. They are much buffer and fitter than most of our players and we really have a lot to do in terms of fitness level. The team can also call out or remind someone whenever they are out of position. The team has also got to communicate more.

    5. The team can take the endurance training we have seriously if we want to improve and also we have to have the "never-give-up" mentality no matter how wide the goal difference is.

    6. I think the man of the match would not be anyone in particular. Timothy and Jia Le did well but they also made quite a number of mistakes. Our team has a lot of room for improvement if we want to win.

  4. 1. I would give myself a 6 as this is the first time I am actually playing on the field and my experience is not enough. But I would not give this excuse for not performing well in the match thus I think that I still have to improve on my skills when tackling the person and clearing the ball. Something that I did well is that I manage to chase down the person due to my speed and I think that is something that I feel is good. The training helps to me to be more stable even though I have only attended one training

    2. I have learn that communication is very important in the match as a defender and without communication with the centre-back, we would not know which guy we are actually marking and there will be a free man running without us noticing him. I have also learnt to tackle when the right timing comes and not continuously tackle so that the opponent will not have a chance to pass us and score.

    3. I think that the team performed better in the second half as they were more into the game and the subs like Pides came in to actually assist in the team play but there were not much communication when it reaches the second half.

    4. I think I can help the team by helping to defend better and also to clear the ball more accurately to the striker or the centre-attacking mid.I also think that I will have to communicate more with my team so that we will understand each other better in the game.

    5.I think that communication is the key as we do not have much communication during the match. I saw the other team helping each other and also communicating but this is the thing that lacks in our team. No matter how bonded we are, without communication, we cannot actually play to our fullest potential.

    6.I don't think there is any man of the match as we haven't really played to our level best and there are still things that we can improve on.

    Bennett Neoh (209)

  5. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10 and justify your rating

    I would rate my performance 4. The reason is that my speed and stamina could not keep up with the opponents. In the end, it all came down to my fitness level. I did well in helping the right back, Bennett in defending the goal sometimes. I felt that I needed to run a lot faster, and also my upper body strength has to be much stronger in order to go against these type of players. I did not apply what I have learnt in training as the whole game was like a mess to me and I could not react quick enough to apply what I have learnt when the ball came to me.

    2. What did you learn as a player/spectator from the match today?

    I learnt that communication is really important during the game. I saw a lot of miscommunications that led to some goals. Also, I need to calm myself down during the game because I lost quite a number of balls just because I was too rushed to dribble past the players.

    3. Do you think the team did well today?

    I honestly think that the team did not do very well. This is because the team was very demoralised after letting in a few goals. The team then did not try to play their very best. When we were attacking, the few forwards did not push up together with them. When we were defending, most defenders were not marking properly.

    4. How can you help the team to improve?

    I can help by dropping back to help the right back in defending, and also pushing up quickly to help support in the attack. In order for that to happen, I will have to train up on my stamina, as well as my speed. I can also help by keeping the spirits of the team up even though we are down by a few goals.

    5. What do you think the team can do together to improve?

    The team can play more matches together to make sure they know how one another's playing styles are. This can also help in allowing the players to communicate easier with one another. The team also needs to improve on their stamina and fitness level as I could see that most players were too tired to keep up with certain players in the opposing team.

    6. Who do you think is the man of the match today and justify your selection

    I feel that there should not be any player voted as man of the match because the team did very poorly. Even though we had different levels in our team, the team made a lot of mistakes.

  6. I would rate myself a 3. I was not really prepared to run whenever a through ball was sent from the left back or the CDM. I was also slow to fall back to help the defence. I should have been more aggressive and go for every loose ball. I also failed to clear a few balls due to my poor judgement of the ball. I learnt that communication is essential as miscommunication led to us conceding a few goals. Another thing that I learnt as a player was the importance of containing a player and not giving him any space to pass or shoot. We conceded one of the goals because no one was marking the player and he just tucked a shot under the crossbar. I think the team did quite badly. We were playing silently and there was no communication in the team (I am guilty of it myself) and that resulted in a lot of mistakes. I think I can help the team by improving my speed and stamina so that I can drop back quickly to help defend and also last the whole 60 minutes. I think the team can start communicating with each other so as to reduce the amount of error occurring in the match and reduce the scoreline. I feel that no one in our team deserves the title of MOTM as the whole team did badly, as Darius said. Although we got thrashed badly, I would like to praise Bennett and Dion for their effort as this was their first match and they tried their very best to perform and did not play too badly. I feel that there are a lot of room for improvement in our team and we have to communicate more to have a higher chance of winning any matches.

  7. I would rate myself a 5. My performance was not good enough as I was really unprepared for the match and I felt that I was not serious at all on the field. I did not do much well as most of the defensive work was done by Timothy. I did not apply anything I learnt from training. I learnt that I should be more serious and try hard to undo what I did wrong in a sense that I should chase the ball down after I lost it. I was also quite bad at some of the easy balls. For example, I missed a volley when the ball only bounced up to ankle height. The team should communicate more. I feel that no one should be named for the man of the match as we all did equally bad. However, I felt that Bennett's performance was a good start although he did not make it to the second half.