Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Delta League (June) ] Post-match reflections SST V Maestro FC @ 12 June

These are just guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive
1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10 and justify your rating
What I do well today?
What could have been better?
Did I apply what I have learned in training? If yes, how?
2. What did you learn as a player/spectator from the match today?
3. Do you think the team did well today?
4. How can you help the team to improve?
5. What do you think the team can do together to improve?
6. Who do you think is the man of the match today and justify your selection


  1. I was not played today but as a spectator I learnt that proper warm up is important as if you get a cramp and coach has used up all the substitutes, the team will be down to ten men. Therefore, to prevent cramps from happening, we must ensure that we warm up properly. I also learnt that watching the bounce is very important as there were a few times that the ball went behind the defenders because they misjudged the bounce but we were lucky that those mistakes were not very costly for the team. I also learnt that the players only have 10 minutes to identify the weakness in the opposition. The defenders have to identify the danger man and mark him tightly and the attackers have to identify the weakness in the opposition's defence and exploit that weakness. I think the team were doing very well in the first half and defended quite well. We also had a few attempts at goal and got 2 goals. But in the second half, the team let their guard down and conceded 3 goals and as a result, lost. I think the team can work more on the passing and the wingers can work on their crosses as we gave the ball away because of poor passing on some occasions and when we get to attack, the crosses are mostly not well placed and goes to the goalkeeper. I think Timothy was the man of the match of our team because he made a lot of important clearances and tackles. Without him, the scoreline would have been worse. Bennett and Jia Le were also outstanding because of their hunger and desire to win the ball and Jia Le also scored two goals, giving the team encouragement for a short while. In general, the team improved a little from the previous match but there are still lots of room for improvement.

  2. I would rate myself a 6 as I felt that i did well even though i had a bruised knee and made a few mistakes. I did several more passes than before and I became more confident on the ball. I should also start learning how to read the bounce of the ball. Their right wing managed to get countless number of balls because I mistimed my jumped and the ball just bounced over me. The right wing exploited this weakness and often stood behind me because he knew he would have a chance to get the ball.
    Yes. I turned my body sideways and waited for the pass whenever there is a goal kick. This way, my back won't be entirely facing the opponent and I would be able to see if anyone is trying to get me.

    I learnt that we have to mark their key players tightly, whether they are bigger or smaller than us. If we mark the key players tightly and prevent them from getting the ball, the opponent will have a tougher time to win. Possession is also important. Which ever team with more possession is usually bound to be the winner. Also, when asking for a through pass, you have to start running first.

    Yes, I think the team did well for this match but we could have done better.

    I, as a defender, can mark the relatively larger and rougher opponents when my other defenders are too small to handle them.

    The team can start working on our fitness first. We also have to make it a habit to pass to the flanks during training so that we can apply it during a real match or friendly.

    I think Timothy and Kang Xiong should be the man of the match. Timothy co ordinated the defense well in both halfs. Even though he was out of position a couple of times. Kang Xiong did quite a number of good saves and also he passed more to the flanks more often now. He also quickly co ordinate and tell who needs to mark who whenever there is a corner to defende against. He makes sure everyone is marked tightly and also he arranges who to mark who by their height and size.

  3. 1) I would rate myself 7.3. This is the first time I scored twice within a single match in any tournament. My first goal was a collecting a throw in by Tobias on the right, cutting 2 defenders and firing home with my left leg. It was a technique (maybe a trademark) I've practiced for awhile now and it helped me score quite a few goals. I felt that I wasted quite a few chances in the first half, one which was a quick taken freekick outside the box where I could have kept my composure by aiming first rather than trying to catch the keeper off guard. However, I think I did well at thinking quick by getting JQ to tap an indirect freekick the opposition conceded and equalising the game 2-2. Also, I tried to play the ball quicker now, finding pockets of space to play a through ball rather than trying to solo my way through.

    2) I've learnt that it's very important to keep our focus as individuals. The last 3 goals conceded were directly after individual mistakes. I clashed with Bryan after a cross from the left as I thought he was a defender and backed up against him. This made us lose possession and 10 seconds later, they scored. Another one was also a lack of communication between Kang Xiong and Tobias during a corner. Kang Xiong should have been more commanding in the air a collect the ball. Tobias clattered the ball out of his hands with his back facing goal and the ball landed to an opposition player who tapped into an empty net. The last goal was a miscalculated pass by Matthew to me as the weight of the ball was wrong and again, the ball ended up in our net around 10 seconds later. These show that we need to stay focus till the very last minute be it winning, losing or with the score tied.

    3/4/5) I felt that the team did well by staying calm while in possession. That was how we tried to create opportunities up front and it is always a positive thing for the team to attack sometimes instead of defending all the time. With that being said, it is noticeable that with sheer power and fitness, the opposition team were able to knock us off the ball and easily outrun us. Spirits were up though, with Bennett never giving up as usual and Tobias running rounds to harass anyone on the ball. Timothy was also seen commanding the defence well and made crucial interceptions. Yee Cher played confidently, passing well to Matthew on the left flank. Both JQ and Bryan did well with few attempts on goal and pressurising the opponent's defence.

    6) I would say the MOTM award should go to Kang Xiong. He did really well between the sticks with fingertip saves and better distribution to the flanks. He also organised the defence well during set pieces such as corners.

    ~Jia Le

  4. I would give myself a 6 for this match. This is because I feel that I did some what better compared to the last match, but as usual, there are things I need to improve on. During this match, I made a few clearances and prevented the opponents from scoring a few goals. But the mistakes I made had dire consequences as well. For example, when the opponent was right in front of goal and I was behind him. I could not do anything to get the ball away from him, which led to him scoring a goal. Another mistake I made was that I went too far right in the defence because I wanted to cover Sean, but this left a gap in the center for the opponent winger to cross in a few balls. The third mistake I made was that I had little confidence in my goal kicks since the previous match. I could individually tackle each of the mistakes. First, I can prevent the opponent from getting past me, or be faster so I can tackle him from behind. Another way I can improve is to communicate with the right back more, and get him to cover Sean instead of having myself going in for the challenge so I can cover the center. The third way for improving is practising my goal kicks more often, so I will have more confidence.

    I learned that I as a center back should cover the center more often so that the crosses that come in would not be as dangerous.

    I think that the team did fairly well compared to the previous match. This is because communication is better during the match. Also, passing and attacking is more prominent during this match.

    To improve, I think that the team needs to focus more during the match and do not let anything distract us from the match itself. During the match, after we equalised 2-2, we lost focus and the opponent managed to score against us.

    I think that the MOTM for this match would be Kang Xiong and Sean. For Kang Xiong, he really managed to save a few good goals, even though he needed to dive a lot in order to do so. For Sean, Even though this was his first match, he managed to perform very well, tackling a few opponents and intercepting passes and shots. Though the fear of bigger opponents was his weakness, I am sure that he can work hard to overcome this obstacle.