Saturday, December 21, 2013

[All] [Match] Post Match Reflections SST V Predators @ 21 Dec 2013

These are just guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive

Comment on your overall performance of the whole day

1. Comment on your individual performance
2. What have you learnt?
3. Comment on the team's performance
4. How can you as an individual help the team? 
5. How do you think the team can improve together?
6. Who do you think were outstanding in their performance today? What made them stand out?


  1. 1) I find that my performance during this match was poor due to the fact that I was tired from playing the previous two matches, so I could not run much during the game. This allowed the opponents to easily get past the defence and score goals, and for the same reason, I could not focus well on the game and easily got angry at my teammates.

    2) Through this experience, I learned that focus and stamina are important in a game of soccer. Without good stamina, it would be hard to last throughout the game and this could be really bad when there are no substitutes left. Focus is important as well because focus is what keeps your mind on the game, which allows for better movement, and better reading of the game.

    3) I find that the team did well in the earlier two matches, but due to playing the two matches, the team was tired and the fatigue started kicking in, severely affecting their performance. Also, after the opponents scored a goal, heads started dropping and some players started to blame one another, which is something that should be avoided.

    4) I find that I could better motivate the team to win or at least fight for the ball all the way till the end. As for the method for achieving that, I am still trying to discover as time goes on.

    5) I think what the team really needs to improve on is the fact that they stopped fighting hard for the ball when the odds were against us, as well as the fact that some players started blaming others when goals were scored against. To do so, I think that the trust and bonds in the team should be deepened.

  2. 1) I think I was a bit too complacent as I knew they were old and we play with them a few times before. That made my performance drop and led to me being a bit taken aback by how experience and beat youth. Overall I think I played averagely. I think I should have made faster decisions and drop back more often to defend.

    2) I learnt that experience is as important as power. And also, fitness is really important to help you to play to your very best and help your team in all the areas that you should. Communication and quick thinking is also really important both to help and attacking and defending.

    3) The team was not bad as I can see people getting more confident and more communication starting to happen. Some of our passing has also improved in the sense of the linking up of play and switching flanks. Our defense has also improved its tightness and overall positioning and reading of play.

    4) I can help the team by improving in my personal skill and confidence as well as teach others the things that I already know.

    5) We can improve together by training our defensive work and passing as a team during recess and not just kick the ball aimlessly.

    6) I think everyone stood out in their own way. Everyone played a part in the success of the team.

  3. I think that i played well in supporting the attackers in my first and second match. I was supplying good passes to the flanks and the striker. i was also falling back quickly and playing aggressively against bigger players although i lose out most of the time.

    I learnt that i must always look around before making passes. There was a lot of instances where i did not make the best option when making the pass. For example, i passed to the striker without realizing that the left flank was wide open.

    The team played very well as a team. I saw more passing than usual and everyone was communicating. thus we were able to hold out in the first match. However, in the third match, everyone was exhausted and thus was not able to keep up the standard of the first one.

    I can help the team by being more aware of my teammates. i mentioned that i was not able to pick out the best option in passing. thus, i would like to train to be more alert and to have an idea of where my teammates are beforehand by increasing our 'chemistry'.

    I think that we can improve together by improving our stamina as we were evidently not able to hold out through the three matches that we played although our opponents shared the same fate.

    I think that everyone played very well as our play was mostly team play and passing. but yan zheng and timothy stood out more as they provided us with a lot of crosses and good passes as well as a solid defense.