Friday, December 31, 2010

Camp Reflection

As the vice-captain of the team, I would like to reinforce my point of committing yourself to the game and improving yourself at the same time. It is important for all of you to have this mindset of achieving your goals and targets to push yourself and your limits. What you can do is plainly every now and then hit the track or field and train physically, because like what Mr Lam said, to play soccer, your gotta be tough.

Next thing is to realise your own strength and weaknesses, and put them into good use, because the team is as strong as our weakest link. You should know by now which position you're playing, and how you should work on it.

Defenders: I hope you do not forget what Coach Tan had taught you in camp and use it during the tournament.
Midfielders: Same goes to you. Remember how to play possession football, and how to support your teammates etc.
Forwards: Find AND create space for yourself AND your teammates. If you have a chance at goal, take that opportunity.

Most importantly, what everyone in the team has to master is communication. It is extremely significant and I hope we can all gel together as a team and support one another before the tournament starts next year.

Have a great day and happy New Year's eve (:

Your vice-captain,
Chio Jia Le S2-09

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