Friday, December 31, 2010

My reflections

For me, I feel that this camp has brought the team much closer together. I think we have all understood each other a bit more ad this will help when it comes to the tournament. Also, I am very impressed with what you guys have shown. E.g. In the last training session of the camp, I was very impressed by the way the defense moved across the pitch together in a very organized way. However, I think that the rest have to work on it. Some observations and suggestions:

GKs: On the whole I don't think there is anything much for you guys to work on. Maybe Sean could start trying to dive to save, and Wen Kai could start anticipating the movement of the ball.

DFs: You guys should work on the movement across the pitch, some of you should take some time to teach Rayner, he missed that training session. Also I could suggest finding some defensive pairing, like how Elgin Low and Bryan seem to have formed that kind of thing, but you should not get sed to it, for you may not always play with the same player.

MFs: Midfielders are usually all around the pitch, especially the centre midfielders. So you guys (including me) have to start going up and down the field to support defense and offense constantly. Also, if you think your stamina is not good, start working on it. As I mentioned, you will have to run a lot, so stamina is very important.

FWs: Basically, I don't think there is much to work on. Just maybe on your finishing, dribbling, passing etc. For now, just keep doing what your doing now.

Overall, I think this camp has helped us in many ways. Let's plan one again next year, but with the juniors. Keep up the good work!