Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reflections on Soccer Camp (Sean Phua)

This is my reflections for the SST Soccer Camp.

I felt that this soccer camp has greatly strengthened the team bond and improved my physical endurance. Why I say this? Well, first off. The whole team had to come together in order to overcome the physical challenges, e.g. the passing drills. This will strengthen our team chemistry and allow us to play at a higher level of skill and teamwork. Even though we were exhausted by the vigorous training. We sticked to the schedule, carrying out the wake-up call at 6.45am and not leaving the other players to wake up on their own.

Furthermore, I felt that the discussion after watching "Remember The Titans" was meaningful even though it carried on late into the night. We managed to learn from the movie and voice out how we can relate the movie to our training.

Overall I feel this has been a very meaningful camp and I hope we will have the chance to have another one in 2011.

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