Saturday, January 1, 2011

Neo Wei Hong - Soccer Camp 2010 Reflections

Basically, though I wasn't present for part of the time during the camp, I would like to say based on what I feel that this soccer camp has not only been made to be enjoyable, it has also helped us to gain more learning experience on our techniques as well as reinforce on what we have learnt from Coach Tan for the year. The programmes and trainings as planned have therefore helped me (and for many others I believe) to strengthen the bonding and trust between SST soccer players through all the fun and also to learn important things from each other at the same time.
And so, here are some of the things which I feel we have learnt from Coach Tan during these last trainings from him. As a defender, here are some things listed to improve on based on the trainings:
  • 4 things learnt for defenders
    • Always be on your toes and try to keep in a position such that you drive the opponent away from your goal (as demonstrated by coach). It is best to never drive the ball towards your own goal or even pass back to the goalkeeper. The mentality should be of not letting any opponent pass you to get close to the goal.
    • Shift from left to right along the line of defenders by judging based on where the ball and the opponents are. Mark opponents and support other team defenders by moving up and down appropriately. Otherwise, stay in line to continue forming the 'wall' for the opponents (as taught and practiced during 2nd training)
    • Pass around between defenders when it is safe enough to do so. Whenever there is the opportunity, direct the ball forward away from the goal. Otherwise, aim before clearing the ball or just whack the ball out to the side (also as mentioned during 2nd training)
    • Move up to support when team members are in possession of ball. Immediately move back as quick as possible when opponents win the ball. Never 'sleep' during the game (as observed by coach)
  • 3 things learnt for midfielders
    • Stamina is needed to be trained for this position as running up and down the pitch is usually required.
    • Try to possess the ball for longer periods of time when needed and train techniques such as long passes. Move and change direction fast away from the opponents to push the ball forward quickly to forwards whenever there is the chance to do so.
    • Move to support both defenders and forwards appropriately using techniques taught by coach (eg. triangle).
  • 2 things learnt for forwards
    • Use fast passes to pass quickly between other forwards and move appropriately to support one another (as often trained by coach and during last training). Never try to force your way through. Delay and call for team players until there is unmarked support safe enough to pass to (as mentioned by coach during last training). Skill may be needed.
    • Until it is safe enough, try to keep the ball in possession. Be observant and look out for possible chances to shoot. And when the chance comes, hurry to make space, aim and finally shoot towards the opponents' goal immediately without any further delay.
  • 1 thing learnt generally for all players
    • As a general learning for all players, it is best to learn from previous mistakes based on what coach has taught and pointed out. Simple drills coach taught for the year are not to be forgotten and can still be practiced when there is the time (eg. during recess) as they can still help make differences in a game. One example is the mastering of the simple passing as coach mentioned.

And besides these learnings, other things learnt like determination can also be learnt from the camp to even be applied in our daily lives as well (eg. in homework).

So...well, that is about all for my own reflections based on how I feel about it and the many things I have learnt from it. Overall, this camp is great and has allowed us to be able to learn so many of the things as mentioned above (including values) as well as to have fun at the same time. For my opinion as well as feedback, I would say that it is possible to organise another camp like this in the future.

With that, here is something you can play with by moving your mouse over it XD...

Last but not least...Have a happy new year 2011! :D

Neo Wei Hong (right back),

With special thanks to Mr Lam and Coach Tan.

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