Friday, February 25, 2011

Reflections against Chestnut Drive Secondary School (Lhu Wen Kai)

I rate myself 10/10, which is quite obvious as I was flawless and it is the first time that I communicated so well with the defenders and midfield, and they listened to me, which was quite enlightening. I managed to catch 2 straight efforts at goal. And one of them was the defenders mistake in communication. I asked the defenders to head the ball which was traveling to the near post. The near post man missed the ball, but the ironic thing is that the defender which was supposedly standing beside the near post man never attempt to jump at all, causing major confusion to me as I asked for defender’s clearance. So, I leaped (literally.) to get my fingers on the ball which prevented a ‘banana kick’. After that, Bryan controlled the ball at the far post, and then passed it to Darius for the spectacular volley clearance. Again, I managed to kick closer to half court, and although 7/9 times, the attackers could not control it, it was because they did not anticipate the movement and flight of the ball and where it would land.

The game was played with fluidity, but will kind of delay from midfield as Jia Le tries to wriggle his way pass the defence, which Matthias controlled pretty well and managed to whip in a cross. However, JQ did not anticipate the cross and made a howler of mistakes that can be converted if it was Jia Le. For example, Matthias whip in a ball which the goalkeeper narrowly missed it. That time, just before the pass, the defenders was in front of JQ by almost a yard, so it is a pity of JQ did not run early and tries to head the ball in. It was the perfect height for him. However, seeing that JQ do not dare to head the ball, it would take something special for him to convert the second chance. Matthias amazingly divert a half chance through pass in for JQ, and JQ was standing there ‘admiring Matthias’s amazing’ pass.

The other players at the side was playing pretty well, but the only weakness was only that Bryan get fooled too easily, so is Elgin Pat, by the defenders 90 degree turn and move skill, and luckily the angle was pretty closed down, so they managed to fluke a ball away from the goal. The central defence was compact, instead of being wide, which causes quite a problem with the opponents when the try to shoot as they cannot find space for the ball to fumble pass and to hope for an own goal by me. (LOL.)

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