Friday, February 25, 2011

Reflections against Greenridge Secondary School (Lhu Wen Kai)

I rate myself 7/10, again based on demerit point system. This is quite a nightmare match for me as I made an error that caused my team to lose. So, that is 1.5 points deducted. I must improve on my jumping in the next few games in order to save high shots. The next 0.5 mark deduction was because a lack of communication from the start to the end and it caused a goal, which I deducted 1 mark for that, which makes a 3 point deficit from 10. I rate myself this high because I felt that although it was my mistake, the outfield player still need to shoulder some blame, so I could not really deduct much points on my part. What I did good was that the 2 saves that I made in the game. One of them was to dive to my right to grasp and parry a shot from the opponent. The other was the essential touch to change direction of the ball. I also managed to kick slightly nearer to half court. I felt that the penalty could be saved, if I moved slightly to the right. But since everyone told me I was standing in the middle, and not standing towards the left, I treated that as an impossible penalty to save.

The game was horrid from my angle, and the players will all over the place, and as a result, the players could not channel a pass properly as the anticipated position of the ‘being-passed’ player was out of position, causing the player to dribble towards goal and eventually lose out after 4 defenders surround and tackle him. There was always a terribly and shocking wide gap at the right (goalkeeper’s view), which Elgin Pat was not fully covering. Whenever we shifted or lose possesion, he will wonder about and ‘daydream’ and ‘do not know where to go’, leaving a gap for the opponent to shoot. The midfielders also left a terrible and despicable gap at the right (goalkeeper’s view), that allowed the striker to finish of from outside the box. No one was marking him.

Jia Le came mostly back to defend, which causes a major outcry in the offence of our team. Matthias was lost in the game, from my view. Eugene always lift his leg to control the ball when the ball can be controversially be controlled by the chest, which even players like Jia Le can commit this rookie mistake. The defenders at the side was quite okay, especially on the left, as many of the crosses came in from the right, and even if the crosses did come in, the defenders will clear it away.

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