Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post-match reflections Kranji Sec V SST @ 24 Mar

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
2. Explain your rating
3. What did you think you do well today?
4. What do you think should be improved?
5. What lesson did you learn today?
6.How can you help the team yo improve?
7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
9. Explain your answer in 8

1 to 5 also applies to spectators. 


  1. 1. 2

    2. I have not done well as CB. I let in the first three goals and did not make a big difference to the match. I had played much poorer than usual and did not act as a captain at all.

    3. I don't think I did anything well today, maybe a little bit on closing down of opponents, but basically, I don't think I did much, not even motivating the team as captain.

    4. I think our mentality should be changed. After many matches, we have constantly been defending in all those matches, and when we have the chance to attack, we do not make the effort to push up and support.

    5. I have learnt that as captain, even when losing badly, I still have to motivate the team and prevent the opponent from scoring more. Also, I have learnt that I have to adapt when I play a different position and contribute to the team from my position.

    6. I think as captain, I have to constantly motivate the team no matter the score. Also, I have to set an example that the team has to follow. For example, if I want the team to close down the player, other than telling them to do so, I must also not be hesitant and challenge the player for the ball.

    7. As a team, I think we should work on our defense. I noticed that we have been relying a lot on the few of the better defender. Thus, when one of them are unable to play, the remaining defenders may not be able to match up to that missing defender. Therefore, we should train our defense and make everyone of similar standard. (This statement was not meant to put anyone down.)

    8. My MOTM today would be Niklaus.

    9. He has been a good defender and is a good player to control the defense. Being CB today has made me realize the importance of Niklaus. He has been giving me a lot of instructions and have constantly been pushing me to challenge the player.

    Darius Low, Captain

  2. For me, being the first time on the bench, I found the difference of the view from the bench and the view in play.
    I would rate the play as 6.
    It is good that everyone is marking. However, there was only 6 attackers, 10 defenders. I think misconumication is the concept here. So is awareness. I find that the strikers are the ones that are always near the line and unmarked. Knowing their skills are better, 2 defenders and 1 attackers marking seems common sense then. But the problem lies with marking the wrong man. The center are decoys, the ones near the line are the people calling checkmate.
    I think awareness should be improved and so does 1v1.
    I think that Nikaluas is the man of the match.
    I see him covering the whole defense as a whole.

  3. 1. 6
    2. I felt that i played better than the Jurongville match, i didn't commit too early or go in to challenge which i thought was the right thing to do even though Niklaus keeps on "ordering" me to challenge. I continued on, despite the fact i was very tired. And i myself was surprised that even after that hard knock, i stood up and still continued playing for the team, as if nothing happened at all.
    3. Not committing early, pushing the ball up forward. And for the first time, no foul throws.
    4. length of throw-in?
    5. Never give up, fight till the very end
    6. Motivation, like Mr Lam said, there was little motivation or none at all.
    7. Stamina? that's one thing we are lacking now
    8.The midfielders
    9. They constantly dropped back to help defend, although not always

  4. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    2. Explain your rating
    Today's match i was not able to anticipate the ball fast enough to instruct the other defenders to block. I also got tired towards the end of the match which made our defense weaker
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    I think that i did well in trying to anticipate the ball and also instructing the players.
    4. What do you think should be improved?
    I think that we got to be more mentally strong to allow us to play hard all the way. Also the anticipation of the ball and being more aggressive to get the ball.
    5. What lesson did you learn today?
    I learnt that i should not be too committed and also sometimes i should not wait and give the opponent space to let them dribble the ball as they like. I also should learn how to encourage other players.
    6.How can you help the team your improve?
    I can by telling them what to do and why they should be doing that so that they will understand and thus learn from that.
    7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    I think the team can communicate more, be more encouraging to each other
    8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    I think it will be Jia Le
    9. Explain your answer in 8
    He is the one consistently kicking the ball for goal kick and running up and down the field

  5. 1. 2
    2. I was not situationally aware and always conceded myself too early.
    3. NOTHING
    4. I have to improve on my agility and anticipation of play.
    5. I learnt that we should not commit too early as it would cause a problem in the defensive line and we would have to work extra hard.
    7. We can get to know each others playing style more and communicate more.
    8. MOTM iz Niklaus
    9. He managed to hold the defence for a long time and did not give up.

  6. 1. I will rate myself 4.
    2. I played quite badly in the first half; however, I still cannot pull off proper headers and tackles. My passing is wayward and my first touch is not as good as expected.
    3. I attempted a few one-two, which failed.
    4. I can improve on my headers, tackling, passing, control, first touch and communication. Besides being situationally aware, I must also show more desire in the game, and I can also be stronger to prevent being injured.
    5. I learnt I had to call out so that the other person knows that I want to play one-two with him.
    6. I can encourage and motivate my team-mates.
    7. We can try to adapt to each other, and voice out more to call for the ball, or pass it.
    8. It will be Niklaus.
    9. He fought very hard to get the ball, and he was always determined to win the ball by closing down the defender. He also communicated with his team-mates, thus he would be the MOTM.

  7. 1. 2
    2. I feel that I did not play well at all during this particular match.
    3. -
    4. My stamina and how to not commit too early.
    5. Not to commit too early. In this match the kranji players were relatively skillful at passing and dribbling, so they usually waited for us to charge in and they would simply pass the ball. I have seen many players charging in and the Kranji players passing the ball simply. Another thing is communication. As I was looking at play from the bench, I saw that the defence did communicate BUT they did not communicate with the midfields. Sometimes the opponent were free in the game and they were not marked at all, if they communicated they would definitely get him marked.
    6. Communication with defenders and midfielders. Encourage your team-mates.
    7. Communicate.
    8. Niklaus
    9. He fought hard through the game and was the pillar of defence.

  8. 1) I would rate myself 4.8.

    2) My goalkicks were lackluster and I had one chance but din't convert it.

    3) Made a pass that opened up space on the right for Darius and dribbled quite a few times.

    4) Receiving of goalkicks and covering.

    5) Communicate properly.

    6) One person can't really help the team, because each and everyone of you have to be responsible of yourself. However, we can train receiving highballs, passes and support play.

    7) Not to be so defensive-minded when we have the ball and learn how to attack as a unit.

    8) Elgin Patt. He never gave up chasing for the ball.

    ~Jia Le

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  10. 1. I would rate myself 9 out of 10 cause this is by far my best performance EVAR! YAY! I made some incredible stops in both halves but I should have saved the 8th goal, but the sun got in my way :(

    2. As I said earlier, this was one of my best matches ever played, and after the first 3 stops, I became extremely confident throughout the game even after conceding so many goals.

    3. I saved nearly all the low balls, apart from the 2nd goal and the one on one goal, which both of them are unstoppable. I also saved 3 free kicks and 5 low shots, and not only that, I caught them the right way. Also, 90% of my drop kicks when towards my teamates, but they didnt go run towards it, like Darius. He asked for the ball thrice, and I fed him the ball THRICE, and he amazingly led a short guys ran in front of him and head it away.

    4. Yo COURAGE. For all the goals that the big guy scored, the defenders are freaking DODGING the freaking ball. Also, all the defenders who are marking the attackers during corners, amazingly just stood there and just let their attackers run (faster than them). WTF?

    5. I learned to take an extra step before diving.

    6. Learn to take goal kicks so that there would be an extra player down below to help in the offence. Other than that, I am flawless, but was made ugly by my teamates lack of 'running towards the ball' mentality, and people like JQ who are daydreaming and let a misspass slip pass him. WTH?

    7. You guys wanna play? If you don't want to play quit the team.

    8. Terrible performance. How in the world can we have a man of the match?

  11. 1. I would rate myself 0
    2.The one time i got the ball and i lost it....meh
    3.I think the only thing i did well was run
    4.I think that the team spirit should be improved
    5.The lesson learnt is that we must fully commit ourselves to the game and not lose hope
    6.I think that not losing the ball will help the team,alot.
    7.We all should ,again ,improve team spirit and not give up so easily
    8.Elgin Patt
    9.He never gave up under the constant pressure and being under the blazing hot sun for the whole game

  12. 1. I would rate myself 4/10

    2. I was unable to catch up with the attacking right midfielder (no. 7)

    3. I did play as hard as I could.

    4. Team spirit and morale should be improved.

    5. Do not commit to early. Even if all else seems to be failing, keep doing your best.

    6. Gaining possession is important and needs to be improved

    7. We are all in a team! It doesn't matter if we win or lose, staying as a team, encouraging each other and giving our all in the game is the most important.

    8. Elgin Patt

    9. He was the only one in the team that has a sense of belonging, he wants to play hard for the team no matter win or lose, he also encourages others and try to bring team spirit and morale up.

  13. 6/10

    I was tired(extremely) mainly becos of the HOT SUN!!

    I tried to hold in my tiredness till the end of the match.


    Don't just stay up..try to pull back at times to counter attack..

    Team spirit should rise and we should communicate again...

    MOTM Nik!!

    He was able encourage others and play with his best himself

  14. 3/10

    I am very disappointed as i let in a goal.

    I tried to make it to the end of the match

    My stamina and my ability to react under pressure

    We should try to defend to our best.

    Our team spirit should be higher as most of the people do no want to play after losing 8-0

    MOTM Mitchel

    He did alot of important clearance

  15. From 5 to 2
    When the game started, i was determined to do well, chasing the ball, as the game started to end, but eventually after conceding goals as well as i heat, i indeed felt like giving up, just waiting for the game to end
    3. I chased the ball at the start instead of waiting for it.
    4. My attitude and morale
    5. Even if you are losing, its not about the score but how hard we play, i think we should all improve on that as mr lam had said
    6. Play harder, encourage the team to keep the team morale up
    7. We should all encourage one another
    8. Elgin
    9. Simple, he was the only one who encouraged the team.

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  17. 1. Cancellation of previous statement. That one was for Jurongville.
    1. 3 Rating
    2. Improved a little since Jurongville
    3. Practice on receiving high-balls because most teams play high and my receiving is terrible.
    4. I need more practice to actually play even standard soccer.
    5. Analysis of weaknesses.
    7. Take drop kick & goal kick practice.
    8. MOTM be Mitchell. He was the one playing himself out in the match. Definitely not JL this time because of the requisition to sub-out during the last minutes of the match.

  18. @Elgin Low the reason for my requisition is because I had a muscle injury on my left calf. If I were to continue playing, I would not be able to run anymore for at least 3 months.

  19. 1. 7
    2.I managed to block a lot of shots and get the ball up to our attack.
    3.I motivated the team and played my best even though I got hit in the head a lot of times.
    4. I think that the defense should not depend a lot on me and be able to defend properly if I am not well.
    5. We need to have a strong defense to be able to play good football.
    6.Encourage them and help them train and as Mr Lam said, to teach them to not fear the ball.
    7. Know what to do when someone has the ball,support play.
    8. Those that played out their hearts and did not give up.
    9. These are the types of players we want even if we lose.