Thursday, March 31, 2011

Greenridge Sec V SST @ 31 Mar

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
2. Explain your rating
3. What did you think you do well today?
4. What do you think should be improved?
5. What lesson did you learn today?
6.How can you help the team yo improve?
7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
9. Explain your answer in 8

1 to 5 also applies to spectators. 


  1. 1. 8

    2. I felt that i have done very well as a CB today. I also think I have done a good job in preventing some potential goals.

    3. I think I have done well to day as captain, motivating my team to give their all and also giving my best. My communication was also much better compared to the other times I was CB.

    4. I think I must work on my SA. A lot of times, I find Elgin Patt and Niklaus telling me about players behind me that I did not know of. Also, I have misjudged the flight of the ball many times and almost conceded goals because of that.

    5. I have learnt how to do a good job as a captain interms of motivating my team. I have learnt that I can averagely well as a CB, but not compared to ODS.

    6. I think I can help by constantly motivating the team and also communicating as those are crucial tips to win a game. Even though we didn't win, at least we played our best and left the field with our heads held high.

    7. I think when the team is in possession of the ball, we should apply what we learn in training and open up and play a passing game. As proven today, when we do start doing passes, we start to control the game.

    8. Everyone is my MOTM today, even those who came as subs.

    9. I can see that everyone has given their all and have played well. Ming En has done quite a good job in terms of dropping back to defend. And although Elgin Patt didn't play at his best today (to me), I felt he did give his opponents a tough time and has also made my job of covering him much easier. JQ has also improved in terms of SA and was great today.

    Also to Bryan and Elgin, if you see this, do not feel that we do better without you guys. If you guys played, we would have won that match.

    To the team: Keep up the great job you are doing. Let's repeat this against Chestnut Drive on Tuesday next week. But remember, do not be complacent.

    Darius Low, Captain

  2. 1. 7

    2. I felt that I have been able to save the shots from the opponent team and command the defense very well.

    3. I think I have done well today as I was much more communicative during this match and that the defense listened to me when I shouted at them.

    4. I think I must work on my drop kicks as a lot of times, even though I can kick the ball quite far, the ball goes out of play as the players aren't fast enough to chase the ball. So I think the team can push up higher when I'm in possession.

    5. I have learnt how to control and read the opponent's play as a goalkeeper. As I'm stationary most of the time, I'm able to spot out players out of position and tell them to get back and cover their man.

    6. I think I can help by doing some drills during training on how to position for a drop kick which is basically almost the same as how one should position oneself in the case of a goal kick.

    7. I think the team can play a more passing game compared to a dribbling game. Most of the time, the ball travels faster than the player, so we should pass instead of running around as it can help us save energy and improve our ability to open up the opponent defense as well.

    8. I think Niklaus is the MoTM today.

    9. Niklaus was pretty much in command of the defense when I wasn't actively asking Jia Le to cover him or vice versa. He also picked out the tallest striker to mark during a corner kick. Even though he made a mistake today, I still think he has played very well and the team can definitely learn from him.

  3. 0
    I didn't play >.<
    I had the courage to come and support?
    stop ijuring myself :P
    MOTM would be everyone
    Everyone did their best.
    This proves that the team IS better without me :D

  4. 1. I will rate myself 6.5.

    2. I thought I played fairly okay after the end of the first half, but still, I was not competent in headers.

    3. I feel that my stamina is better than previous game.

    4. I should not waste my stamina on running about so often, and instead, I should stay in my own position at times, so that I can start an attack immediately when I get the ball.

    5. When I am in possession of the ball, I must be situationally aware of my surroundings, and also be composed. I must also go towards the ball to get a header.

    6. I can encourage my team-mates and spur them on, even when the team is losing.

    7. We should pass more, instead of dribbling on our own. We should also communicate with each other to minimise the errors in the game.

    8. I feel that the MOTM is Jia Le.

    9. He was always there to clear the ball when I made a mistake and he also made several great through balls to me. His free kicks were a threat to the opposition, and one of his shots even crashed into the crossbar.

  5. 1.6
    2.Although i rarely touched the ball,my pressure and also coming back to mark players was good
    3.I think that my marking,communication and movement was good
    4.I think my ball control should be better
    5.I learnt that ball control is essential to holding the ball and thus having possesion
    6.I think that ball control and better control of playing high ball would be good
    7.I think that passing would be more helpful as people push with the ball so far they have no support and loss the ball to 2-3 players
    8.I think the man of the match is sean phua
    9.He saved many goals and constantly shouted for players to move to where he wanted

  6. 1) I would rate myself 7.8.

    2) I chipped in a freekick that crashed against the crossbar and made clearances using my head, lace, and side toes. I've used my left leg more than usual to fully utitlise the position and situation I'm in. However, on some occasions, I find myself not being able to track back quick enough and take a relatively far bit of time to push up after taking goalkicks.

    3) I fulfilled my role as a left back and pressured the attackers on the left-hand side. I also managed to pass some through balls mainly on the left.

    4) Making intelligent passes and moving towards it (applies to goalkicks)

    5) I learnt that being a defender is both mentally and physically taxing, especially when you have an attacking mindset like me. Also, I've learnt that you can frustrate attackers by playing with them in the defence by faking clears and dribbling past them. BUT I don't encourage anyone to do that if you don't have enough skills to match up...

    6) One person can't really help the team, because each and everyone of you have to be responsible of yourself. However, we can train receiving highballs, passes and support play.

    7) Learn how to play attacking football AFTER we've settled down our traits in defence.

    8) Ming En. He was constantly dropping back to cover me whenever I'm out of position. He chased down all through balls I supplied him and had that 'never give up' attitude all the way.

    ~Jia Le

  7. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    2. Explain your rating
    I did an on goal and also our defense at first was way out of formation
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    I think i managed to block out some balls from passing through the defences
    4. What do you think should be improved?
    I think that we have to retain the formation and be more alert as to what to do when the opponents are consistently changing. Also communication whether be it during a corner or a free kick.
    5. What lesson did you learn today?
    I learnt that i have to be more alert to notice the surrounding, also to instruct other team member to take their places in marking the opponent
    6.How can you help the team yo improve?
    I think i can do so by encouraging my team mates and praise them for playing well
    7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    The team can be more alert at times and also encourage one another
    8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    I think the man of the match is everybody
    9. Explain your answer in 8
    We all did a great job. Even though we were short of player we still managed to play well against Green ridge

  8. 8

    I did a good pass to matthias and I ran back more to defence

    I allowed a chance to let matthias try a shot at goal

    I think i can improve by moving to drop balls and getting the first ball

    I learnt that we can play better its just the mindset.

    I can make more good passes.

    The team has improved by looking at more and started communicating more.

    MOTM is Sean

    He did a great job saving the shots.

  9. im greg
    1. 4
    2. I did not have much opportunities this game, but still i believe i could have been in better positions to help the team.
    3. I did not feel disappointed though we conceded a goal i marked my man
    4. Positioning. I felt a could have been in better positions.
    5. Even though we lost, i learnt that as long as you did your best, losing does not matter. I also learn that if we play as a team, encourage each other, we can achieve way more this way.
    6. Improve on my positioning.
    7. We can train to play together, such as more of a passing game.
    8. Everyone
    9. Though not every one may not be as good as jia le, they did their best and that is all that matters, on top of encouraging one another. Good Job :))

  10. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    - 5
    2. Explain your rating
    - I improved from the previous 2 matches but I am still not doing my best.
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    - I helped to cover the left defence as much as possible and was communicative and worked together with the left defence.
    4. What do you think should be improved?
    - I think that I should improve on my mentally and my will to win.
    5. What lesson did you learn today?
    - I have learnt that winning or losing is not everything, what really matters is if we have played our best or not.
    6.How can you help the team your improve?
    - Communicate more, tell the defenders who to mark and what to do
    7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    - I think the team can communicate more and we should come together as a team to plan and practice our set pieces.
    8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    - Everyone, but I would like to highlight these few player whom I think did well: Jia Le, Nikalus, Mitchel, Sean & Elgin
    9. I think that the team did relatively well for this game and these few players did really well.

  11. 1. 7
    2. I did much better today compared to the other two matches.
    3. I managed to pull of some good tackles and a good header :P
    4. I have to improve on my situational awareness and ball control.
    5. Morale is an important thing, after the first goal was in, even though we were losing, we managed to keep on going, if we had lost morale at that moment, we would have been whacked.
    6. I should play my position more effectively and make sure the CB on duty does not have to cover so much for me.
    7. We have achieved the goal of moving as a unit, now we must work on chaining passes.
    8. EVERY1
    9. Erm, we played well, yes well, kinda well, ok fine, ok, we played... better(er) than last time.

  12. 1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10
    2. Explain your rating
    I can`t really compare as this was my first time playing, but i think i did alright, even if i made some mistakes that i would not in training.
    3. What did you think you do well today?
    Playing my position well and defending
    4. What do you think should be improved?
    My speed and ball control.
    5. What lesson did you learn today?
    I learnt that being on the field is a very interesting difference from watching. You have to quickly analyse the situation and know where to move, how to intercept the ball and how to muck.
    6.How can you help the team your improve?'
    I think i should be able to play all positions to improve my flexibility as a player.
    7. What do you think the team can do as a team to improve?
    We should all keep this standard for all future matches
    8. Who do you think is the man of the match today?
    No one but the team
    9. Explain your answer in 8
    Everyone was giving their 110% and never lost hope when the first goal was conceded.

  13. 8!!!!XD

    I was able to have two shots at goal.

    I was able to bring the ball forward:)

    I should improve my STAMINA!!MY FREAKING STAMINA!!;P


    I can help my team by encouraging and motivating as I did not do that much:(

    The team just have to keep up this good and AWESOME ATTITUDE.

    I feel that MOTM is SEAN PHUA!

    HE WAS AWESOME AT SKILL AND COMMUNICATION AND MOTIVATION.He was one of the main motivation source for me.