Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reflections (WHY DID I DO WRONG)

I did not come for the soccer match on Thursday, against Greenridge, mainly because of 2 reasons. The first was that I knew that there is a match on Thursday, but the Sports and Wellness Leaders meeting on Wednesday kind of confused me out. Mr Lam said that there will be a soccer match on 5 April, and I thought the match against Greenridge will be on the 5th of April, followed by the Chestnut match on 7th of April, so that kinds of confuse me up. I did bring my gears, but I did not bring my jersey, which comes to my second point. I should have followed you guys but I guess at that time I did not realise what my actions will affect and bring to the team, and in terms of leadership aspect, it is negative, but however, on the results aspect, it is positive. Not to be ‘bad’ but, I think that the result will not be 0-1 if I came. I feel that my absence brought a sense of ‘revenge’ on you guys that you want to prove it to me that without me it is still possible to win and quitting soccer is my mistake.

I feel that I should have thought of more ways to curb both my hobbies, and I guess that Mr Lam was not helping at all by giving me a ton of reasons why should I stay. I feel that he should give me solutions on how I can represent the school in soccer, and also how I can play competitive basketball. I will talk more about it the the next paragraph. Anyway, I feel that I let the team down, by not making an effort to confirm if there is a match tomorrow. I also should not release news about my departure in the tournament, as it may let the team down.

Now, coming back, I researched online yesterday to see if there is an alternative to competitive basketball, and it turns out there was. The Satellite Development Programme for basketball is on a Sunday, and it does not clash with any of my competition or training. So, this is a good way to juggle between representing the school in soccer and playing competitive basketball!

I will try my best to convince the team I was sorry by keeping a clean sheet, if I get to play in the first place, and try to earn back their respect by helping them to improve in their soccer skills. However, as mentioned, this needs cooperation. Overall, I will improve my attitude, come early for training and work hard in training to set a good role model and also tell the team not to repeat my mistake again as I do not want them to get into the same trouble as me.

Lhu Wen Kai

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  1. You have not come up with your self-punishment.