Monday, August 27, 2012

[B Div] [Friendly] Post Match Reflections SST V Zheng Hua Sec @ 27 Aug

These are guiding questions and are meant to be non-exhaustive

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10 and justify your rating
What I do well today? 
What could have been better? 
Did I apply what I have learned in training? 
If yes, how? 2. What did you learn as a player/spectator from the match today?
3. Do you think the team did well today?
4. How can you help the team to improve?
5. What do you think the team can do together to improve?
6. Who do you think is the man of the match today and justify your selection


  1. 1&2. 7. I am glad that I managed to block quite a few balls today. However, I still need to be ready to take high balls with the left leg. I.E, push it off quicker. Attempted at practicing ball control today, but I had to let go of it due to approaching opponents. What I should have done, however, required a little more practice - Stunts & feints (taught during training) to get rid of the opponents. Doesn't come naturally, though.
    3. I think the team played generally better at quickly removing balls near our scoring area, to be played upfront (with the EXCLUSION of high-balls, of which most of us did not manage to receive)
    4. I need to get used to dropping back as a defensive midfield, something that is still largely unfamiliar due to my history of central defender. Communication with the defence also has to be remembered.
    5. As always, the team needs to communicate, not only with their quadrant (e.g. defence quadrant), but with the rest of the quadrants.
    6. Everyone (well, most). Most of us were trying hard to play.

  2. I would rate my performance as 3. I was at the right while looking at the opponent attack by the left. Though is i see no problem guarding the left mid of the opponent's team, its the center that I worry about. However, due to my position, I am unable to mark him down. I have tried to play by the flank and dribbling up to the right flank when the right mid was not there. As a defender, I did not apply much of any dribbling techniques into the match. I have learnt that we have to get the first touch of the ball and marking down the center of the playing field is very important.
    I find that the team had improved such that the ball is not always in our half and sometimes we had a chance to shoot. We had more corner kick than before as well.
    I think that we should cover the middle area of the playing field better as the middle is always open with little challenges.
    I think that the MOTM is Matthias, though he was confused over and over by instructions, he did not give up :)

  3. I learnt so much in this game that i could take away for the rest of my life. Firstly, I learnt that i should always pace myself. I should not over run for the winger to make a perfect pass infront of me as i know everyone makes mistakes. As coach said, i should pace and stride at my 70% and when the ball comes, i will then sprint for the ball. This would allow me to have more space and room to get the ball instead of only getting balls upfront and not ones behind. Iv also learnt that its so important to have confidence on the ball the take the shot when the space is there as without confidence, i can beat nobody and do nothing as a striker. Iv applied the faint technique on the ball beating my first official game defender with it. This helped be build my confidence and encouraged me to do better. I could hear the defence talking to each other and communicating but the other team was really efficient in communication. Iv ran from flanks to flanks and the centre back although it was annoying, he just kept reminding the left back and right back and asking one of them to push up and the other to cover. This is what we wan to see in OUR defence as we still although improved but lack communication among our teammates. I think we should work on our shooting and defending as our defense honestly only is niklaus and darius making the passes to the flanks and occasionally ODS. I think everyone should learn how to tclear t ball properly and attack the ball not allowing people to penetrate the defense not giving them ANY space at all. I dont think we have a MOTM today as everyone is still learning and we should give each other rooms for mistake.

  4. I would rate myself a 5. I felt that I have not been fully utilising the dribbling techniques that were taught in training and I think that the cause of that is my lack of composure. Why do I say so? Whenever I get the ball and a defender quickly closes me down, I start to panic which sometimes lead to me accidentally touching the ball and hitting it out for a throw-in in the opponents favour or sometimes wasting good opportunities for an attack. For example, Matthias switched flanks by delivering not one, but two delightful high passes and in both times, I lose possession. In both times, I failed to even beat the first defender which I feel is rather pathetic. Therefore, I feel that I should show my composure in matches.
    Now, defensive wise I feel that I did not too bad. I covered the right back whenever the 4 defenders shifted to the left side which left a big gap on the right. I also feel that I predicted the opponents quite well as I made quite a few vital interceptions and tackles.
    Next, the team. I feel that the team did okay but I think we could have done better. I feel that we need to close down the opponents quicker as they were allowed to run at the defence. I think that we should be a bit more aggressive when we challenge someone and not just back off when the opponent runs at you. I feel that this was what made us concede the second goal. The opponent just ran at the defence and the defenders backpedaled which allowed the opponent some time to think and by the time the defenders went to challenge him, the opponent picked his spot and made a wonderful shot which the goalkeeper would not have saved. What I am trying to say here is that if the opponent was not allowed that much time and space, he would have just taken a shot without aiming properly which would have made it harder for him to score. Therefore, I feel that this is very important as it decides how many goals we concede or whether we concede or not. To make sure that this does not happen, I think we should improve on our communication too. Maybe both defenders thought that the other would have gone in to challenge therefore staying back. If they had communicated and told the other to go in for the challenge, the opponent would not have the time and space.
    For the Man of the Match, I feel that Matthias should be the one. Although he did make some silly mistakes, he did sometimes make some wonderful passes therefore, I feel that he deserves it. But hey, lets not count the whole team out, everyone played a part right?

  5. I rate myself a 7 for the game. I had defended well and aggressively. I was constantly alert for any off-the-ball runs. I also felt that I read the game well and was able to predict where the ball would be played to next and react accordingly. I was also playing more confidently as CB, being able to hold on to the ball and dribble my way out even when I'm just outside the 6-yard box. Offensively, I did my part as well, bringing the ball up, opening up to the flanks and successfully made an overlapping run, although the cross was poor. I stayed up for the resulting corner, and I was proud of myself as I forced myself to sprint back to prevent the counter-attack, something which I've failed to do a lot so far.

    However, having said that, I feel that the first two goals were mainly due to my defensive mistake. I failed to close down the player with the ball, and form the edge of the box he lifted it over all of us to the striker, who lobbed it across goal and Sean for a simple tap-in at the other side of goal. The second goal was terribly defended on my part. I committed myself too early and allowed myself to be beaten easily, and the striker was able to convert a clear shot on goal.

    As a team, we've played relatively well, though it wasn't to the standard of our game against Yusof Ishak. We weren't able to pass as confidently, and I didn't see anyone apply anything sort of tricks taught in training. We all need more practice to make it a habit, an instinct to use those tricks during one-on-one situations. We could also practice more one-two passing to help improve our game, or train on more off-the-ball runs. Also, the gap between midfield and defense is still there, and we need to communicate more to prevent our opponents utilising that 'hole' agaisnt us. The sec 2s also a lot to improve on: man-marking, heading, tackling etc. Jovan was too easily beaten in the game IMO, and seemed very unsure of himself most of the time.

    My MOTM for the game is Niklaus. His performance throughout the game was consistent and constantly made it very difficult for the strikers to shoot. He was very decisive when going for the challenge, and even after he was beaten he never made it easy for the striker/winger to take a shot or send a cross.

  6. 4.

    I believed that as I went up to support the attack, I would immediately drop back into the defensive formation if we lost the ball. While I believed I tried to anticipate high balls this time, I still failed to control some high balls.

    Defensively, I think we are still leaving too big a gap between the midfield and defense. We were hit a lot from counter attacks. What is worse is that when the defenders go up to challenge the opponent, they would not be enough players to cover the defense

    Saying that, I believe I could see players running around for the whole match, putting a pressure on the opponent's defence. While we may not be successful, I believe that it's good that we had tried.

    I think what is,important for us now, is to train our attacking movement on and off the ball. We have always been let down in the opponent's half, due to our lack of proper passing.