Monday, August 27, 2012

[C Div] [Friendly] Post Match Reflections SST V Zheng Hua Sec @ 27 Aug

1. Rate your performance today from 1 to 10 and justify your rating
What I do well today? 
What could have been better? 
Did I apply what I have learned in training? 
If yes, how? 2. What did you learn as a player/spectator from the match today?
3. Do you think the team did well today?
4. How can you help the team to improve?
5. What do you think the team can do together to improve?
6. Who do you think is the man of the match today and justify your selection


  1. 1. I would rate myself a 7 as i think i played pretty well...I attacked well and supported the defence. I think I could have passed more.No i do not think i applied what i learnt in training.

    2. I learnt that our defence needs alot of help as it is not efficient and cannot get the ball up the court and they are also playing the bal in dangerous areas.

    3. I think the team did wel in terms of attacking and putting pressure on the opponents, and keeping the game lively.

    4. I think what i can do is to continue encouraging the people that are not doing well and tell them where they need to improve on.

    5. The team can put in more effort in training and besides training, they can do more of their own training to build up fitness and other aspects.

    6. I think Timothy is the MOTM as he was running the defence solo and covered for almost all the defenders that is why i am voting for him as the MOTM.

  2. 1. I would rate my performance as a 4 because I did not manage to outrun the winger which is the most important part of being a full-back. I don't think I applied what I have learnt in training.

    2. I think I must practice my throw-ins as I am not able to do a throw-in properly. I learnt that communication is important as people were shouting orders to me and without them, I would not know what to do.

    3. I think that the team did well because the opposing team had a lot of attacking chances and most of the time, we managed to defend them successfully in some way.

    4. I think that I can help the team improve by being more aware of my opponents when they are attacking.

    5. I think that the team can apply what coach has thought us in training as I feel that they are beneficial to us.

    6. I think that Ryan is the man of the match because he was constantly trying to create chances for us to score and win.

  3. 1. I did not even play all thanks to the rain D:
    2. I learned that our defence need to have an understanding and need to communicate with each other. The defence did not communicate and three of the defenders marked one player, leaving another player unmarked in front, causing the first goal
    3. I think overall they did well other then the problem I mentioned above in 2.
    4. I think I can encourage the team and stick to the tactics, formation and plan that is settled.
    5. The team try to can put more effort in training (and talk less) and build up fitness and stamina. And we can try to stick to the formation in the match as some people seem to wander off their assigned position.
    6. I think Ryan is the MoM as he was the biggest attacking threat on our side but I think we rely on him too much.

  4. 1. -
    2. I learnt that communication between the players is vital. The communication between our defenders was lacking and I think we could have preventing their goal if the defenders communicated more.
    3. Yes, I think the team did quite well.
    4. I think I can remind the team that they need to communicate a lot more and I can also tell them if they are out of their position.
    5. I think the team can be more serious during training and try to apply what they have learnt in training onto the match.
    6. I think both Timothy and Ryan is the man of the match because Timothy tried to communicate with the defense, and he also helped to call back players who are out of their positions. Ryan displayed a terrific performance as he can control the ball really well and get past 1 or 2 people. But Ryan alone is not enough. The mid-fields must support him instead of just standing there watching him dribble past everyone.